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Von Blonde Beer,

Do you know that feeling when you have the urge to experience an epic tale full of fantasy events?
When you want something more than just one battle of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age?
We certainly feel it from time to time and because of that T9A has started its campaign team.

Our goal is to provide you with an experience, and one in which you can enjoy your miniature army and live through an adventure of possibly epic proportions! Now we have been brainstorming and talked about the different possibilities, and identified a variety of options to actually run a campaign.
Now we could go puffin and steaming trying to think what you, the community want most, but as this a fan-driven game, we thought we'd ask you directly!
Note that our first publications is one-of-many and as such you can ventilate your first and more emotional preferences.

You can start the survey here.
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