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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Hello There!

As you may well be aware, the team is hard at work putting together v2.0. This includes a lot of community feedback and suggestions that we have taken on board. For instance there is the new magic phase that incorporates many, many pages of suggestions from our community.

Furthermore, we are still soliciting feedback and suggestions on Terrain, so if you haven't suggested buildings burning down or witches drowning in lakes go there now (or just click the following link )

One question that we have seen raised more than a few times is how the new and old books will work and dovetail into v2.0, so here goes...

All army books (whether new or old) will get facelifts to match v2.0 so whether you're reading the new WoTDG or the older DH books, rest assured that they will be consistent in appearance.

Whilst we touch on this subject, for older books there will be no new units, only minor point adjustments to reflect the changes that v2.0 will bring.
Lastly, to assure those who believe we are "powering up" these new army books: we are not. They are being designed so that their powerlevels remain the same as everyone else's

So, hopefully that settles a few worried players out there.

The T9A Team
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