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Von Blonde Beer,

Hey everyone,

A while back we asked you to fill in our survey to help out the new Campaign Team. We had a lot of responses, but I also know a lot of people are curious about the results... so lets show them to you!
This week I will also explain to you how the campaign team has taken the feedback, and translated it to our Mission Statement... so stay tuned for more Campaign Goodness!

Question 1 Do you prefer...

Question 2 Before writing the main target of the first book, we would like to know how many players the community wants to use the campaign book for in a campaign

Question 3 Having a preferred target for the length of the campaign by the community is something we are very interested in to know, so we can adjust the first campaign book to fit.

Question 4 Do you want to play with very strong focus on scenario's as the main target of the campaign, or do you prefer a more straight battle system?

Question 5 One of the things we are curious about is, if the players want to just play games of T9A in the campaign structure, or have a wider range of gaming options, by including Siege Rules or a naval battle system in the campaign as examples.

Question 6 One of the most important things in any campaign, is the overall story.
We can either go very specific with just 2 armies in the first campaign book, or have a more varied setup, where you can play with any army you want.

Question 7 Should we add new units or potential upgrades, like an experience system, or mercenary options?

So, as said before we will discuss how the Campaign Team has translated these results in their mission for the team. Stay tuned!
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