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Von Bugman,

Hello All,

The weekend is upon us and nothing beats getting together with a few of your gaming mates and having a game, but did you know that not only is there a huge team developing an amazing fantasy game (And V2.0 is starting to shape up nicely!), there is also a growing crowd out there brewing something new up!

That's right, in our homebrew area, there are many creative minds at work, creating new armies, new units or even something quite technologically different! Here are just a few highlights:
  • Celestial Sons
  • Albiann - The misted isles (Celtic)
  • Nippon
  • EoS War Wagon
  • HTML 5 Online RulebooK
It's worth pointing out another snippet seen this week, "homebrew" just doesn't have to mean at home! Oh no, some tournament organisers may allow you to bring your own custom made monster, so why not bring a bring a megazoid along with your halfing empire? That's right and it can, I'll let you enjoy the link

So what are you waiting for, go to our homebrew section, take a dive in and try something new this weekend!
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