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Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A fans from over the world!

This news is about all the nice things done in various national communities - and how to make that better known.

Since its inception, when its 6 Founders gathered from 5 different nations, T9A has been a project marked by an exceptional international character. Today, the team belongs to some 30 nationalities, and the community covers almost every nation on the planet!

The international aspect of T9A has been presented in one “About us” page: The United Nations of T9A

After two years, where are we?
Forums dedicated to national or linguistic communities have been developed. Some of them seem very active, while some others seem limited to a mere link.
Is it satisfying? Probably yes, as the activity is not a goal. The actual goal is to deliver the service which you, the community, need and want. Where the need is high and the national community is active, many initiatives are taken and developed. Where the need is more modest, a simple service provides the desired outcome.

Let’s review broadly what is done already by the most active nations. The analysis is based principally on click numbers and thread counting, as my linguistic skills have their limits:
"the Top 10 most active nations on T9A"
Spain, which hosts the largest population of T9A website fans worldwide, comes obviously first. Spaniards maintain the most active non-English part of the forum here, for the needs of translation, of course, but also for many various discussions in Spanish. In addition, they provide links from here to no less than 3 websites, which show an impressive T9A activity as well (those who attend ETC do not wonder why).

France took a different path: the French part of T9A forum, as active as the Spanish one, looks like a (much) smaller replica of our comprehensive T9A forum, with sub-forums well organized according to the topic, including translation of course. This may explain why there is no need for a link to a national website, which nevertheless exists and has also some activity about T9A.

Italy follows another distinct model. Despite a fairly decent number of Italians browsing the forum, there is little visible Italian activity in T9A forum besides the needs of translation. Most of the activity occurs in their independent national forum, which is one of the most active in the world about T9A. Besides, many nice initiatives were taken in Italy to promote T9A.

Germany is another large T9A nation, given the number of the sessions. But strangely, neither the German national forum on T9A nor the forum linked from here seem to have developed up to their potential. The German specific activity is respectable nevertheless, not forgetting the needs of translation. Also, don’t forget to record among salient achievements the organization in Germany of last year’s first T9A official tournament, in Herford.

Russia emerges as one of the nations where T9A seems to become very popular. Their sub-forum here is fairly active, and their national website is even more active with many discussions about T9A. Strangely, they show a rather small number of logging sessions, which is hard to interpret, given that they do not have a translated version of T9A.

Poland is more active in the Polish national website, but Poles have their own translation and the associated sub-forum.

The USA is very particular: Americans log nearly as much as Spaniards, however they enjoy the whole website in their mother tongue, and furthermore they do not have national T9A websites at home. This explains why their use of T9A national forum is limited to the organization of tournaments and events.

Denmark may look smaller than the nations mentioned above, but it is actually the nation in the world which shows the largest number of connections to T9A website per capita. Denmark could therefore claim to be the most T9A-friendly nation. It has no specific activity here on our website, only a link to the Danish website which displays a very decent T9A activity.

Sweden is quite similar, with the second highest log number on T9A website per capita, and a link to the Swedish website which has an active T9A part.

Australia could have followed the same model as the USA, albeit upside down of course. But the event organization is made instead on Aussie websites.

Then there are many other nations, some of them having a link to a national website, some having their own national sub-forum here, some having a decent activity at home or on this forum. I did not list them all here because their activity is less perceivable than the achievements listed above.

Overall, each nation has its own way of involving its community on T9A issues. It is made of a unique combination of:
  • a link to a national forum which deals with T9A, in the national language - sometimes also a FB discussion forum - in this national forum, discussions in the national language deal with all or some among: 1) the national ETC team, 2) local tournaments, 3) army lists, 4) Q&A, 5) T9A news translated, etc.
  • discussions in the national subforum within T9A Forum, about all or some among: 1) translation issues, 2) the organisation of local tournaments, 3) Army lists and tactical discussions, 4) miniatures trade, 5) general discussions reflecting the main forum and the latest News, but in the national language and targeting the national community.
  • animation at home of national events about T9A, such as tournaments, competitions, promotion activities, support to local shops, etc.
  • discussions about brilliant initatives which would deserve to reach the whole T9A audience, but suffer from the author's lack of English skills.

Sharing experience?
What is striking is that many national communities seem to be somehow cut-off from the English-speaking main forum.
That means that the national communities may not benefit from the same information than those who speak fluently English, but reversely, many nice initiatives do not find the greater success they should get beyond their own national community of origin. OK, that may be a good thing for the preparation of ETC. But what about the KoE comics made in French? Why limit it to those who can read that language?

It would be nice to have a more integrated United Nations of T9A.

The first step could be simply to identify yourself.

Are you doing anything at all about T9A for your national community? Let me know!
No need for any additional work: you all, who make already a great job at animating your national part of forum here, or animating your wargame national forum about T9A, you only need to identify yourself. The result will be a nice tag next to your name, so that people know that you are doing something for them.

This is easy: for the 10 nations I already mentioned, you just need to apply to the User Group to which you already belong by your activity:
  • UN-AU for Australia,
  • UN-DK for Denmark,
  • UN-FR for France,
  • UN-DE for Germany,
  • UN-IT for Italy,
  • UN-PL for Poland,
  • UN-RU for Russia,
  • UN-ES for Spain,
  • UN-SE for Sweden
  • UN-US for the USA.
There could be other national communities, but so far, I failed to identify a very intense activity. Please prove me wrong, and we will set up your user group!

To apply, click on your avatar, click on “User Groups”, and go to page 7 or 8. :handshake:

Please, in your application, indicate what you are already doing forT9A in your national community. You can take the opportunity and update your personal profile with the same information.

Once I collected all your applications, it will be easy to start to share the experience that you will have mentioned.

Thank you for your reading.
And thanks for participating!
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