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Von Blonde Beer,

Dear community,
we would like to share with a wider audience some setback we encounter in North America, and the solution we are pursuing.

What is Adepticon?
For those who live on the East side of the Atlantic, here is a quick presentation of what is Adepticon, courtesy of Nicreap:
North America Adepticon is considered one of the premier gaming events during the year.
In the past, T9A was allowed to hold different tournaments at Adepticon. Last year saw 44 people at the GT, 18 teams in the 4 player event (each person brings half an army), 12 at the 6K event, and there was also a warbands event. The GT had far more than 44 people interested, but we exceed our initial space allotment.
See also their website,

What happened?
Very unfortunately, our T9A fans who wanted to register to Adepticon 2018 were extremely disappointed to learn that T9A is being removed from the show.
The reason provided by the organisation was the following:
Display Spoiler
Thanks for reaching out to us. Glad to hear that you have been considering joining us at AdeptiCon. While you are one potential attendee we value all our feedback past, present and future.
Please see the below reasoning behind our decision. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions and hope you make it to AdeptiCon some year.
It was recently communicated to the ‘9th Age’ community that AdeptiCon would be unable to provide space to host ‘9th Age’ events at the 2018 convention. This was not a decision made lightly and, while we do our best to accommodate as many game systems as possible, space remains a finite resource. We understand that there are many questions and strong opinions about this decision and in an attempt to be as transparent as possible, we’ve tried to address them here.
First, if anyone has made hotel reservations and paid hotel deposits based on the expectation of playing ‘9th Age’ events at AdeptiCon 2018, we are committed to working with you to see your deposits refunded as soon as possible.
Second, this situation is not exclusively linked to the ‘9th Age’ events. Based on thorough review, we have decided to forgo open event submissions for the 2018 show. Again, this determination was not taken lightly. Due to significant and necessary cuts, AdeptiCon has decided to directly contact event organizers. Game systems that are being retained will also face tighter restrictions on space and table counts based on previous event performance. These steps were taken as part of a larger compromise between the availability of gaming space and the growth in many events, along with the interest in new game systems coming to market, including, but not limited to, ‘Song of Fire and Ice’, ‘Shadespire’, and ‘Star Wars: Legion.’
Additionally, AdeptiCon has an obligation to maintain its gaming “philosophy”, if you will. It has been a priority of the convention to see more space used for non-tournament, less competitive/structured gaming and experiences. This focus on more casual activities, from the popular Board Game hall, to the Hobby area, to the Open Gaming space, has been an important feature of AdeptiCon in recent years. AdeptiCon, once perceived mainly as a tournament event, has become a much more diversified gaming experience and it has taken a lot of work to make that possible. So while we still try and support everything we can, these more recent additions to AdeptiCon deserve as much consideration and attention as the hundreds of attendees that make use of them.
In speaking with Brian, we have offered our help and support in any way we possibly can, including providing introductions to other regional conventions as alternate venues for ‘9th Age’ events. We also wanted to thank the organizers and judges involved with the ‘9th Age’ events. We understand that there will be some hurt feelings and that some ‘9th Age’ fans will be, justifiably, upset at losing access to their system at AdeptiCon. Again, this was not a decision we made in haste and no one person made it unilaterally. However, our priority is always what’s best for the future of the show and our course in this matter was clear. Thanks for your understanding.
Thank you

The T9A management shares with its North American community the deep disappointment about the loss of an opportunity to show our game to a wide audience.
We were happy that they had the space to accomodate T9A for the past 2 years as a free to play game with no company backing.
We are sorry that they cannot host us anymore despite T9A having shown a very significant attendance, even compared to business companies.
However, as we do not pay for space, we have no say about the choices Adepticon make.
Our understanding is that Adepticon is a private, commercial event. They have every right to select or disallow a game.

Replacement T9A event.
Great news! Our super-reactive American Members already organized a replacement event for the T9A Community:

bubafett wrote:
We have made a replacement tournament the same weekend and only about 5mins away from Adepticon.
We are proud to announce CornerHammer GT! March 24-25 in Schaumburg, IL At the moment we have a capacity for 60 players.

We will have more info on price and such to come within the next week!
Any questions can be forwarded to me or @LenTheTyrant

Considered reaction.
We would like to take advantage of the offer made by Adepticon to alleviate our grief.
This could work out well for everyone, and result into a win-win solution.
We are very happy to see the North American community organizing an independent T9A event, located in Chicago, not too far from Adepticon, at the same date, 22-25 March 2018. If we could arrange with Adepticon a mutual advertising on each location, this could turn out to be beneficial to the two parties.

Not only it would solve their space issue, but it would allow our fans to have the T9A event as expected, and to use spare time to visit Adepticon, while Adepticon visitors would still get a chance to learn about T9A.

We hope that, by showing a true spirit of caring about the community above the sake of any game system, we will build with them mutual respect between gaming systems.
This is what we wish to see from our community, and from the entire Wargaming Community.
As soon as everything is setup for Cornerhammer we will contact the Adepticon staff for their offer to help out.

We are also looking at having a few from our non American staff members to make the trip to Cornerhammer, to support our American brothers and sisters in their efforts.

Thank you,
Keep Calm and Play T9A!
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