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Von Calisson,

Hi there, fellow fans of Fantasy Battles!

As many of you reminded us (4500 vs 5000 thread), we have'nt released yet the results of a survey we held last summer - The Second Full Scale Survey is here! - about the gaming size for the incoming versions of the game.
Thank you for reminding us that the community is curious about the results of that survey. Frankly, as we did not find revolutionary results, we moved on to work on 2nd edition, and the task to publish the results slipped out of our minds.
But you're right, we owe you these results, and here they are, along with apologizes for the delay.

We are glad today to publish the results of the survey, and some analysis which can be made from it.
As usual, the community overall answered massively, with 1189 replies in 20 days.


The main issue of the survey was to determine how the reduction in recommended size from 5000 pts to 4500 pts was implemented and appreciated by the community.

The most important impact of the survey will be: no change.

The main focus for the balance of the game will stay at 4500 pts, as it is today.

Points sizes around this (4000-5000) should be playable with decent balance, but might not be on focus right now as we aim to get 4500 right first.


Now, le'ts analyze a bit further some of the most meaningful results.


We start with language statistics, which is useful to remind us of the multinational nature of the community.

60% of the answers resulted for English, with the Spanish as second language hitting more than 12%, followed by French, German, Italian and Polish. Last, but someone has to be, Serbian. We hope for the future to see more registered languages (and translations) as we know there are important communities outside the English one - and the UN team will hopefully help to develop them.

Now, let's examine the core issue of he poll: how 4500 pts is perceived by the community.

The game is massively played at the recommended size of 4500 pts, as told us 73,9% of the answers.
This is a huge relief, as we were anxious to see how the community would accept the change of format.
Nonetheless, 14,2% of the people told us they still play at 5000 pts, while 10,3% play a smaller size.

The wished size is more a mixed issue: 44,3% are happy to stay at 4500 pts. Meanwhile, 38,4% regret the 5000 pts, with 2,8% suggesting even a bigger size. On the opposite direction, 14,8% would have preferred even smaller than 4500 pts games.
Overall, despite a signficant regret for larger games, the current size fits best the median wish of the players.
Remember anyway, the recommended size is only a recommendation, and a size at which we try to optimize the various settings of the game. A mere 10% difference will not change the fundamentals, the greatest impact will be mostly felt on the duration of the game.

Finally, the opinion on the move to 4500 pts shows an overwhelming majority of people who either find it positive or seem not to notice much difference. For us, this reply is a great comfort, and shows that the decision was a good one.

It is always nice to learn how often people play T9A games.
"Games frequency"

Here, the standards is somewhere between 1 and 6 games per month.
Interestingly, some people play less than once per month but nevertheless cared to reply to the survey. This effort is appreciated!
Also, there are some addicted players who exceed 9 games a month. Really impressive!

Finally, we took the advantage of being able to correlate some of the results with others. It helps to bring up some unexpected nuances.
Note that most of the data shows no specific link between one or another aspect. Hereafter are shown the most salient correlations.
"Correlations with language"

Are there significant national preferences? Some are perceiveable.
The graph Language / size shows that 5000 pts survives mostly in Spain and in English-speaking countries (UK, USA, Australia but also many countries which national language was not included). Spaniards were also the only ones to recommend 5000 pts more often than 4500 pts; habits seem hard to change there. For the largest games, they are more played in France than in all English-speaking countries!
The reverse graph, size / language, shows that 4500 dominates everywhere, no surprise there. Non-standard games are commonplace in English, French and Spanish, less so in other languages. Finally, Italians seem not interested in larger games.

The two graphs, Language / frequency and its reverse, show that there is a Spanish significant group with a true T9A addiction, while Italians and Poles are nationally more frequent players than anywhere else. On the opposite side of the scale, unfrequent players are more found among those speaking French or English.
"Correlaton size and frequency"
Fairly simple: the more you play, the more you drop smaller games for the benefit of 4500 pts.
Reversely, small games are mostly appreciated by those who play rarely.

We hope you enjoyed to learn a bit more about your T9A community.
Here is the link to the usual comment thread.

Team T9A.
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