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It's a kind of magic... Finally! The Behind The Scenes blog tells you more about the coming rules for the magic phase. We hope you will enjoy the read!

Von Blonde Beer,

Straight from the digital presses, we have Issue 6 of the 9th Scroll here for everyone to read... but we also added 2 versions for everyone's enjoyment.

Version 1 is the high-res version for either printing or for using on your PC.

Version 2 is the low-res version for use on your smartphone, or on older computers.

This issue has among other things:

A big battle report, more background material. a painting tutorial, how to choose an army and a lot more. Unfortunately the TMS kickstarter mentioned inside has been cancelled, and our editor is on vacation at the moment, making it tricky to remove.

We also have a sneak preview of this scroll on our official T9A youtube channel for everyone to look at:

Please share the 9th Scroll with your gaming friends, the more people read it, the more the hobby love gets spread :D .
If you have any feedback or suggestions please leave them in this topic!
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