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Von Blonde Beer,

Attention 9th Age Hobbyists!

Recently, on our Dwarven Holds forums, beloved visionary @Omarcomin brought to the bearded lads and equally bearded ladies an idea. To get the community to paint a unit was the goal, and the method ingenious. All participants would paint and possibly convert a dwarf. It could be as outlandish, ostentatious and unconventional as its creator wished. On the 30th of October, a draw was to be held, with all those who crafted a model to be entered. The winner would become the proud owner of a brand new unit painted by T9A hobbyists from all across the world. And so a legend was born, with dwarf models coming from far and wide to take part. We had a dwarf raised in a nunnery, unfortunately by nuns who had never met a dwarf and could only rely on 'questionable' literature for guidance. One who had spent his whole life as a KoE knight, only to see his true calling being with this band. And even one who was definitely not a goblin. Definitely not. No waythere was a goblin in a beard hanging amidst the crew. We're at least 30% sure... Uh, anyway, Omarcomin's Pride Rangers of Renown were born.

"But guys!" We hear you lament, "Why would you tell me this when I have clearly missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime?!" Well you're in luck. This venture has, naturally, inspired others. The noble @mr.carloff has opened up an opportunity for all the devoted of Sunna to bring together a party of flaggelants to make the knees of all the heathens shake. To strike fear into the heart of any who doesn't particularly like being smacked in the face with a flail. So get in on the ground floor of this momentous event. We have heard the Dwarven Holds players giggling about how feeble the determination of Empire of Sonnestahl hobbyists is. "Their warmachines aren't even stubborn" they laugh, "how could they possibly have a Community Painting Project as successful as ours?". Well prove them wrong, chosen of Sunna. Make this the best darn flaggelant unit that has ever graced the table!

Not to be outdone, @Remus of the Vampire Covenant has brought his forces to muster. An crack squadron of elite warriors is to be assembled. The bravest of the brave, the toughest of the tough, the rotting fleshiest of the rotting flesh. Wait what? Oh, its a zombie unit. NEVERTHELESS, this is sure to be the most impressive zombie unit ever to slowly grind its opponent down through a war of attrition. This one is particularly easy, because anything can be made into a zombie if you try hard enough. And by try, we clearly mean hack pieces off at random and paint it those disgusting colours you would never dream of letting touch your beautiful Highborn Elves (or rugged, manly, handsome as anything Orcs). AND, Remus has been so kind as to let you paint THREE zombies models to enter your name in the draw THREE times! That's triple the odds! Really, there is absolutely no reason not to sign up to help create the zombie unit of the century.

After all, who could turn down an opportunity to add a model like this to your army:

(You'll have to read the fluff to find out what Zarduk's model's story is...)
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