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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von ForsetisMuse,

Hi again everyone! :D

The 9th age is growing and we need volunteers like you to make this game a reality! We have several positions below that we are currently recruiting for. If one or more of these interest you please send your application to @HRBP for consideration. In the application please identify which role(s) you’re applying for along with a few sentences about yourself and why you want to volunteer for these positions. We'll get back to you within 24h with some follow up questions and once we receive the responses will pass your application along to the appropriate team leads.

Here are the roles we’re trying to fill and a little bit about their different tasks:

Art team
- Develop artistic styles and visual representations for the world and each faction
- Prepare art ready to be published in each Army Book
- Provide artworks for alternative portrayals of units, banners and cultural variations
- Prepare additional art to be released with the 9th Scroll - concept art or sketches
- Provide art support for any further games/projects

- Treat all users as important guests
- Move, merge, or create new threads as needed
- Remove inappropriate language and content
- Remove personal attacks and help resolve disputes between users
- Encourage a positive atmosphere throughout the forums

ACS (army community support)
Please indicate which armies you’re interested in (BH, DH and OK are extra welcome!)
- Engage the Community concerns directly, and provide productive channels for their passion & creativity.
- Ensure that new information from news or blog posts are actively discussed in the army specific sub-forums.
- Forward Community concerns, potential issues, longstanding issues in a concise and constructive manner to Production Teams
- Maintain an easy to navigate sub-forum for new & experienced users.
- Nurture & encourage new users to post, and reign in intimidating language from the 'louder', more experienced users.
- Tag relevant staff when additional information is required.
- Manage informative discussions regarding strengths/weaknesses, army identity, and balance (internal & external).

- Grammatical Correctness
- Simplicity of the text
- Consistency in tense, punctuation, acronyms, headings, etc.
- Clarity of the text
- Continuity of the text (that it flows, and is organized logically for ease of use and access
- Copy editing

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best
Your HR department
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