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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

It is not only the T9A tea which prepared something to release for you starting tomorrow.
At the same time, several companies have told us about their ongoing works.

Some has been revealed in the T9A Advent Day 12: There's something Rotten in Santa's Factory!
Here are the other ones.

"last day 17th for kickstarter on Highborn Elves and scenery"

Hi guys.

This thelast two days of our Kickstarter. I would like if you can post something about it.

This is the picture link:…Elven-9th-Adver-small.jpg

Kickstarter link:

Thank you!



"Reduction in movement trays - actually same size - only cost reduced 25% - starts now"

Official Beginning -25% all Trays! 7,5 euro per tray


Full offer here:

el Victor`s Magnetic Trays

Questions? or PM

"Vampire grave yard terrain for sale starting 19 Dec - everything must go"

This is something we prepared for the VC campaign, but it was a little too late to include it in the actual campaign. Since then we cast a few terrain every know and then..... in result we have hundreds of pieces, and running out of room to store them, so decided to make small campaign out of it.

Edit - Store

"more movement trays - limited time"

To celebrate the release of 2.0 we offer 25% discount for 3 days (end 20 december). Make your order today!

At checkout, just use the following coupon: "2.0 is here!"

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