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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Hi, all!

Well, we expected yesterday's beta rulebook to be an instant success, and we were not disappointed!
Fortunately, the servers did not crash (... yet).
We hope that you will recover soon from the whole night spent reading that rulebook.
Because... we are now in a position to let you find out about the Paths of Magic.

This part is special in our hearts. Because it was more inspired by you, the community, than any other part of our releases.
Remember, we asked you all to provide some suggestions for a new magic phase: see A fantastic community involvement for the future magic phase, and you blessed us with a fantastic return.
Now is time to see who is the winner of the coolest suggestion for the magic phase that even if no suggestion was adopted as such, many indicated us the trend that the community was looking for. We picked up some great ideas in many suggestions here and there. Of course, not all of them could be implemented and we had to make choices among plenty and, more often than not, to build on the inspiration you provided to create the rules that you can read now.
Even our initial take had to be amended after internal playtesting, no matter how cool it was, the game had to remain easily playable.
And we are quite happy with the result, as the playtesters told us!

We gave away lots of information in the news Its a kind of magic...
Now is the time to see the real thing.

Here is the new Path of Magic (PoM) for you to download <link>.

Aaand...available for you to download and print: the updated Magic Spell Cards with an improved layout design and the brand new Magic Flux Cards.

They look amazing and will make you gaming experience of 2nd Edition smoother and cooler, so make sure you don’t miss them out!

Spell cards, colored:

And the Coloured Flux Cards:

Display Spoiler

For those of you who may prefer the variations without spell descriptions and greyscale version on the magic cards, here you have the files versions

Spell cards, greyscale, with description:

Spell cards, greyscale:

Spell cards, colored, no spell description :

For your questions, you're welcome to use this thread and for signalling the unavoidable typos, here is the place to go.
Remember to be reasonable: do not try any of this magic for real, this is designed for your games only!
Have a good reading (and don't forget to sleep, this time).

Tomorrow we have the first releases for the Army Books. Here are some (p)reviews for the books for tomorrow:

Display Spoiler

Beast Herd:


Dread Elves:

And a cool video explaining the differences between 1.3 and 2.0!

Team T9A.
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