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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Most of you are properly waiting for all the army books to just dig straight in, but that's going to take just a few more days.
What we do have are the new Beta Army books for the BH, DH and DL for you to play with for now.

Keep in mind that these books are still in the Beta phase, and will properly change during the Beta Period with the help of your feedback. I have added a link to each sub-forum where you can find a feedback topic for the Army Community Support guys who will gather your feedback and move it back to the design teams.

Beast Herds
Feedback Topic

Daemon Legions
Feedback Topic

Dread Elves
Feedback Topic

For those that like a handy link to the earlier releases, just open the spoiler tag:
Display Spoiler

We also have a series of sneak previews for tomorrows releases from the guys from our Community Engagement Team:

Display Spoiler

Special thanks to @BustaMoovee, @Spacegoblin and @LostCause

There was a problem with the DH preview, giving some incorrect information, so to save Dwarven Honor we decided to not release it.
Since it was recorded by a certain famous Infernal Dwarf player, that's properly not an accident but direct sabotage by their dark cousins :love: .
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