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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

It might be day 20 of the Advent Calendar already, but only the second day for the Beta Army Books release schedule. That means we still have a way to go, so let me keep this update short, and get straight to the point.
Today we have the Dwarfs, Empire and Highborn Elves beta books ready for download.

Keep in mind though that these books are still in the Beta phase, and will properly change during the Beta Period with the help of your feedback. I have added a link to each sub-forum where you can find a feedback topic for the Army Community Support guys who will gather your feedback and move it back to the design teams.

Dwarven Holds
Feedback Topic

Empire of Sonnstahl
Feedback topic

Highborn Elves
Feedback Topic

For those that like a handy link to the earlier releases, just open the spoiler tag:
Display Spoiler

We also have a very special update from our Dark Wizard, talking about the new Ogre Book:

A quick look at the ID changes:

And... the Gamers from the Balcony are still working through the entire main rulebook, video per video:
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