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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von Blonde Beer,

Like the days before, we have another batch of Beta books for everyone to dig in too. But before that, don't forget we are very close to our upcoming full reworked Warriors of the Dark Gods book, and since I love the trailer so much, I'm going to show it again!

But now,for the new Beta Books:

Orcs and Goblins
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Saurian Ancients
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Sylvan Elves
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Supporting Companies Update:

But there is more news to gather around for Christmas!
From our supporting companies we heard the following as well:

Avatars of War are showing some Dwarf Love, and has a nice deal to get some more Dwarf Fury for your army:

We also have increasing their product range to account for the new main rules, here is the news straight from @ 'Lasse' himself:
Display Spoiler


I'm happy to announce that we just added a lot of new sizes to the already huge collection of trays.
This time the focus have been on the new horde formation:

  • 8x2
  • 8x3
  • 8x4
  • 8x5
  • 8x6
Get them here:
  • 8x2
  • 8x3
  • 8x4
  • 8x5
Get them here: the best,

Lasse, Company Owner

CET updates:
But that's not everything yet. We also have the latest news from our Community Engangement Team.
First up we have @SkavenInAZ with his biggest love, the Vermin Swarm:

Besides that we have @SadlerCPII with another Empire Review:|
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