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Von Calisson,

This week, we have a preview on three models with great character.
AOW releases - a female Dwarf - a Shaman - an Elven Princess

Our January 2018 new releases.

Avatars of War: January 2018 new releases
Get ready for a 2018 full of new releases!
Here are the first three new releases of 2018: A female Dwarf, a Shaman and an Elven Princess , with a lot of different assembly options!
Make sure to click on the link to see full details of each figure and 360º views of all assembly options.…=53&armycode=New+releases
There's till one more thing!
If you’d like to get the new release together with other AoW figures for your army, now’s the perfect chance: For the whole AOW NEW RELEASES WEEK (from today until Wednesday 24), 15% off on all miniatures from armies that get reinforcements with the new releases!

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