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Von Calisson,

Great news from our main Administrator:
After an exhausting search, @Iluvatar finally managed to amend the automatic lexicon feature, which is super-useful... until it believes to be acronyms what are just plain words.

Previously, each time we typed "etc", for et caetera, the lexicon would point us at ETC, for European Team Championship. And other examples.
This is solved.

In his own words:

Iluvatar wrote:

Yay, it works! :D :D :D

So, quick summary:
- the detection of lexicon entries that have at most 4 characters (included) is case sensitive. Examples: no lexicon link for se, de, fear, asaw. On the other hand: SE, DE, Fear, ASAW.
- the detection of longer lexicon entries is case insensitive. Example: dread elves, Dread Elves, DREad ElVes.

This should respond to both requirements of having those short, frequent words not hyperlinked all the time, and make the lexicon still relevant (because most people won't type rules such as Unstable with a capital letter...).

Note: for some reason, lexicon links are not detected within bullets... :huh:
  • dread elves, Dread Elves, DREad ElVes

A big thank you to Illuvatar!
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