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Von Bugman,

Hello All,

As part of the complete overhaul of the rules for Second Edition Ninth Age, our Rules Team (RT) have requested community feedback on the round bases currently found on warmachines in the game.

Specifically, the RT would like to know what the community thinks are the pros and cons to having these models on round bases in the game, compared to having warmachines on square/rectangular bases. A general topic can be found here, and each race forum will also have the same where we hope more racial pro and cons will be discussed including what people would think about having to rebase war machines back to square bases should such a decision be made.

All of this will conclude in a simple short survey to take place in about a month's time on this topic, at which point we shall forward the data to the RT for a final decision.

So, please, make your voices heard!

See you on the Battlefield

T9A Team
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