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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

First up, if you missed it, we recently released the latest issue of the 9th Scroll.. check it out!

Besides that, we had a weekend with a lot of tournaments for T9A all over the world, in all kind of different ways.

Let's start with a small casual local event, called Brunch and Battle 5, Masters of the Universe, that was run by everyone's least favorite PR member, Blonde Beer.
26 players joined for a tournament with a heavy twist, focusing on 80s nostalgia by combining T9A with He-Man where 13 Evil Players, taking the roll of Skeletor and his minions, took on 13 players with He-Man and his amazing friends.
You can see some off the Armies that joined up here, or check the Orange Road video talking about them in depth.

In the end, the "Evil" Players won the Event, and finally defeated He-Man and his friends for once!

Then we have an event that is already quite a big bigger.. Buckeye Battles, over in America. They had 52 players on Friday evening for the Doubles Event, and then had 94 players for the GT over the weekend, after some last minute drops.
Jeff has a album with a ton of pictures right here.. and with many Youtube T9A channels attending like Chihammer, Bizarrohammer, SkaveninAZ, Wargaming from the balcony and podcasters likeJames Plante and Ryan Staudle, we will properly get a lot more content from there soon enough in our blog section!

Then we had a MASSIVE tournament in Poland, called the Polish Team Championship, with 300 players from all over the world joining the fun.

You can find their live stream of table 1 right here.
We also have some pictures taken by Babnik:

The overall results:
Display Spoiler

2Jeźdźcy Hardkoru 132432018305305
3Team Denmark33324748295295
4Rogaty Szczur "Pięćset kilo skilla"31222716288288
5Ósma Bila 130720661288288
6Team Sweden32819593287287
7Nemezis 132118650284284
8Ordin 128215007278277
9Croissant z nadzieniem kakaowym + Pepsi'29011906276276
11Sweet Reform2688233270269
12Drobne Wałeczki 125312515267267
13Team Russia 12814912264263
14FBJ Foreign Legion27211062263262
15Team Ukraine 12844563261261
16Animosity "Rzułde Mordy"258-375261261
17Silesia United28815500260260
18Szybki Szpil2524155258258
19Team Czech A2681866256256
20Team Denmark "Teenage mutant ninthage fanboys"268-5352255255
21Animosity "Mediocre Orc Warboyz"2637716255255
22Ośmiornica 2252-4554252252
23Jeźdźcy Hardkoru 2241-7657252250
24Lewa Flanka2553596250250
25Reservoir Dogs (Ukraine 2)248-4747250250
26Drobne Wałeczki 22351084250250
28Team Germany2725311248248
29Nemezis 2221-7812244244
30Ad Astra "Ryneczek Lidla"218-7816243243
31RyK Medaliki "Medalik Horror Squad"242-3426242242
32Ósma Bila 2219-14342242242
33Make Way2361149239239
34OKF Miscast 1234-5724237237
35Recycle Squad238-225238236
36Czarne Wrony 2220-5673236236
38Schwarze Pferd216-2773233233
39Ósma Bila 3211-10252233231
40Legion 1216-15722231231
41Team Czech C246-3655230229
42Orando Wrocław220-20141229229
43OKF Miscast 2178-20050229229
44Rogaty Szczur "Zjedz mięsko, zostaw ziemniaczki"219-8665222222
45Team Swissland209-20560220219
46Legion 2179-21381215215
47Ordin 2176-20177207207
48Ośmiornica 1196-20279205205

Update: Even more pictures!

If you have an event that took place, and you want to share some pictures or stories, send a pm @Blonde Beer and we will be happy to share it with the rest of the world.
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