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Von Bugman,

Hello and welcome to the third global survey for the 9th Age: Fantasy Battles game.

The purpose of the surveys is to inform us of your preferences on internally discussed topics.

The topic of the current survey is the use of Round vs Square bases for War Machines. This topic has been debated over the past three years, and we want to know of your preference so that we may reach a final conclusion.

We know that many of you have already rebased your War Machines once to fit the official base sizes of the 9th Age: Fantasy Battles. We are aware that any further change will most likely require another round of rebasing for many. However, we are also aware of the complexity introduced by having round bases in a game system designed for square bases.

We, therefore, want to involve anyone that may be potentially affected by it. The more people that state their mind, the greater the impact of the survey will have. The results of the survey will provide non-binding guidance for the Rules Team to reach a decision.

The Survey will run from Aug 24th to Sep 14th

See you on the battlefield!

T9A Team
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