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Von Bugman,

Good Evening T9A Community!,

(News post updated 0700 BST 27/Sept, sorry for the cut off!)

In the past weeks we have had our 3rd Comprehensive Community Survey with a special focus to gauge the preference of the wider community on the subject of Round vs Square bases for the Warmachines in the 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, before the shape gets "set in stone" for years to come. The Rules Team was interested in finding out how strong was public preference for Round bases compared to Square bases.

As has been observed during the public discussion earlier this year those who participated showed a diversity of opinions. The situation is the same within the Rules Team so it was hoped the results of the survey would help the team come to a conclusion that would result in a unified decision. And indeed the results have helped the Rules Team to come to a conclusion.

Before we delve deeper into the results themselves and announce the decision we would like to extend our thanks to the 897 participants of the survey. Especially the 390 who encountered the survey beyond the confines of the 9th Age media and took the time to help us out by providing feedback from beyond what could be called the 9th Age information bubble.

Understanding how curious everyone is about finding out the results without further ado here they are:

A) 43% of participants have stated they prefer or would prefer their Warmachines to be on Square Bases

B) 35% of participants have stated they prefer or would prefer their Warmachines to be on Round Bases

C) 21% of participants have stated they prefer or would prefer their Warmachines to be on whichever base shape RT decides as long as the shape will not change in the future.

So how does one interpret the above gathered results?

It is clear that neither Square nor Round bases have an exclusive majority preference among the participants of the survey even though those who stated preference for Square Bases form a plurality.

As the Rules Team generally avoids and dislikes creating situations where large portions of our users have to rebase their miniatures a requirement was set in order for a change from the current situation to be further discussed. It was agreed a change from the current situation would require an overwhelming majority preference for a base shape different than what is now.

Thus we can conclude this discussion and announce the current Round base shape for Warmachines will be used in the 2nd Edition of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, meaning your lovely models will not have to be rebased to be rules compliant. This decision will most definitely stand throughout the 2nd Edition and probably longer. Therefore you can look to years of stable base shape for your Warmachines.

Edit: To be clear, Due to the lack of “clear majority”, Round Bases are the winner (For warmachines only”

In addition to the main point of interest of the survey we have gathered quite a lot of interesting data which is currently being analysed by our Data Analysis Team. We hope to share our findings with you as soon as the team finishes their work.

Once more we thank everyone who took time to fill out the Survey and we hope everyone can finally enjoy gluing their Warmachines to proper basis without the risk of change looming ahead. Matter of fact that is what I will be doing this very weekend.

Thank you and see you on the Battlefield

T9A Team
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