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Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A fans.
This week, we have a news which could be of high interest for all those tournament nerds who carry half of their collection across the world - and hope to bring it back home intact.
Here is it. Enjoy!

ShapeShift Evo trays
Okay, remember how last year we posted some news about a new system for carrying miniatures to games?

Of course you don't! It's been a year.

Back then, we received a rather favourable youtube review from community member Oncebitten360. Later on, we made a big bag, also available in red with the 9th Age logo in the front:

So, let's quickly remind everyone what this is all about before jumping into the big news that you might find exciting. ShapeShift is a user-adjustable system for transporting miniatures to games. No matter how crazy your model is, you can adjust our trays to make it fit in our bags and cases. You get the functionality of magnets without actually having to use magnets (but you still can!).

And, once you've finished a game with one army you can use the exact same trays to carry completely different models. In other words, you can keep using the exact same bag for all your miniatures - which is pretty cool if you have a lot of them and don't want to worry about getting your collection safely to games.

For more info, check out Oncebitten360's review or visit our homepage which has more material on our products than you'll ever want to read.

So, what's the actual news? We've redesigned the ShapeShift tray and, as a result, it's better than before while also being over 25% cheaper. This is a permanent change - the product has evolved to fit your needs better. At the same time, we now manufacture the trays in house and we've optimized production to drastically drive down material costs and labour.

These savings are passed on to you. Over a quarter off the price of the original tray, with expanded functionality to boot. You can equip the trays with support for magnetized minis. Easier handling and improved clamping. If you actually read the old reviews, you'll see that we've addressed pretty much every issue that was raised (from wing nuts no longer banging against models to the greatly increased capacity of the Overlord bag).

If you have an army that combines miniatures from various manufacturers, gaming systems and decades (which is part of the beauty of this community-developed ruleset), don't pass up on this. If you have several such armies, don't pass up on this (like, even more).

Check out our store page!

And if you have any questions or issues, I'm here to talk to you (you can also contact me via email or skype - details available on our store page).

PS. The new ShapeShift Evo trays are also available in other colours as well.

Phobos Foundry
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