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The 9th Age

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age

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Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models.

The game and all of its rules are completely free to download and use, and consist of a main rulebook and over fifteen army documents, ranging from stoic men and noble elves to the feral orcs and dread worshipers of the dark gods. You can easily assemble your own army using appropriate 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age has been created by a group of experienced wargamers, a large supportive staff and continuous input from the wargaming community. We aim to provide a competitive, balanced and fun game, with updates and new rules to be released regularly.

We’ve created 16 unique armies from the Dread Elves in the west to the Ogre Khans in the east. Each army has different units and playstyles and can be represented by models from any 28mm model company. People said it was impossible, but we have created a game that is both balanced and fun. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves.

Happy wargaming.

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    Hi all, we are looking for playtesters for the new Koghi Empire homebrew : drive.google.com/open?id=1YMh7IQTZ413bKZ_GLHXvOl6Ipj1fXcMX

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    The Koghi Empire of Gold

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    First army report, Koghi vs WDG

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    i meant battle report lol, it's getting late ^^'

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    unstaible child

    is it me or is 9th age becoming more like the old 3rd edition and previous editions of fantasy now?

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    unstaible child

    weve come full circle with now being able to select your spells now

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    unstaible child

    i thaught the point was to get away from 8th edition?

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    3rd edition isn't 8th edition ;)

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    unstaible child


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    unstaible child

    i never mentioned 8th edition...

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    unstaible child

    well outside of saying i thaught we should get away from it

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    Ya, and going towards 3rd IS going away from 8th edition :P

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    unstaible child

    i did mention going in circles too....do you know what a circle is?

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    Hey! A while ago I found a tool where you could make a card which detailed a units rule with the new format, and even choose a background for it. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Any news on updated Army Builder files?

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    @mishagi Is this what you are looking for ?https://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php?thread/29718-unit-card-concept/

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    ub game anyone?

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  • New

    Hi team

    Well I know I promised battle reports... and I haven't delivered...
    A brief run down,
    • I got half way through my first game and then realised I hadn't taken any photos.
    • I was the umpire, and with it being the first tournament using 2.0 - well i was very busy.
    • I realised early on, I didn't understand VC as well as I thought and had to do a lot of rules checking. I sadly played a few rules incorrectly too, this rather spoiled one game.
    • I had 3 kids and the wife playing as well. This kept me rather busy...
    All up sorry folks, the tournament was crazy and i didn't record anything to make battle reports.

    A quick run down based on what I can remember
    Game 1 vs BH
    He ran a fast and heavy hitting list, he pushed too hard and bounced off my VC. i got lucky with some terror checks late in the game to scare off his scoring units and won comfortably in the end 17-3 (i think)

    Game 2 vs Dwarves
    He ran an army entirely of combat blocks that vanguarded and tripled marched onto my side of the board turn 1. So I combo charged and ground him down. MVP was the wraiths which managed to sweep attack an entire unit of slayers dead. End result 20-0

    Game 3 vs WotDG
    A tense stand off kind of a game, little really happened until turn 5. Then it got brutal with us both giving up some soft points, he out played me throughout the game but made a careless error on turn 6 failing to move into the deployment area for breakthrough, handing me an 11-9 win

    Game 4 vs HBE
    He brought the entire reason HBE got hit so hard with the nerf bat. This was the list I wanted to avoid, infantry blocks all tooled up with the banners, nasty characters and magic. He surprisingly was stand offish and we basically stood and looked at each other all game. he ground down a block of skeletons, my dark coach caused a spearmen unit to flee and ran them down, and that was about all that happened. I ended up losing 9-11 which I was more than happy with. If he had pushed at me I was expecting a huge loss.

    Game 5 vs SA
    Well this was vs my Team NZ etc co-captain, I only had 2 raise spells and turn one I miscast and lost 1 of those spells. Some more bad luck on his turn 1 with my wraiths being slaughtered (he rolled high for damage, I failed a lot of 3+ saves). I took a punt and charged my vampire and barrow guard into his temple guard. I slaughtered all but 2, but that was enough as I was stuck and his alpha carno flanked charged me and it was over fast with me conceeding on turn 3.

    Despite going reasonably well in the tournament I didn't really enjoy the experience of VC as much as the previous event. This co-incided with the hotfix and well I have to say I love what has been done to my beloved SE. While in my opinion there is a lot more to be done, things are on the right track. I am for the first time in several years excited about building SE lists, and feel I have almost an overwhelming range of builds available and can't wait to try them out.

    So hopefully starting very, very soon you will start to see a flood of battle reports of me trying to figure out how SE play - I am excited and really looking forward to giving you some new content from the forests - and just quietly I am releaved to not need to paint the several hundred VC models sitting beside me just yet.

    See you on the battlefield
    Cas [Read More]
  • New

    I wanted to try out a list that I felt was a good mixed arms/all-comers list against a nasty new variant of my usual opponents Saurian Ancients.

    I was looking forward to this game as we were trying out the new hotfix rules and I felt this build took a slight hit due to the becalming/hereditary nerfs. However, I did also try out the Sea Guard, checking to see if the points reduction had made them more playable.

    Sea Dragon Host-

    The Host of the Protean Frog:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Secondary Objective and Deployment Type:

    Spell Selection:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 4:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 5:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 5:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 6:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 6:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    [Read More]
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    Replied to the thread Future of T9A hotfixes.

    Quote from Nicreap: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Casp: “Quote from Nicreap: “but it will require a TON of extra work just to throw most of it away. ” I am not so sure.First of all, those "let the community choose an option" should be used…
  • akniles -

    Liked Glonojad’s post in the thread Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook.

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    Once again - if the fear was for Monster Spam, then the 3rd monster should cost extra, not the first two. It's not rocket science.
  • Xeonic -

    Replied to the thread Xeonic - Painting League '18.

    Quote from Dahnasj: “Love it. What model is it? ” It's a Lord celestant on a dracoth or some such. Got it in the age of sigmar starter box so I figured I'd make it into a chosen Lord and the dracoth fits really well as a karkadan I think!
  • rolan -

    Liked Nicreap’s post in the thread Future of T9A hotfixes.

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    Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “And how is that not inevitable considering what a beta is and what its purpose is? Can you make some concrete suggestions of what the T9A Project even could do not to, as you say, consign those who play 1.3 into second…
  • Lakson -

    Liked Runemaster’s post in the thread Alex's Underworld.

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    Hoping to get a game in tomorrow at a new club, so here are the massed ranks of my vanguarding Dwai host ready for the imminent battle.. the-ninth-age.com/index.php?at…d6f69867e1d732c4d39a62490
  • Myrkul -

    Liked smashthedean’s post in the thread Feedback Cadaver Wagon: Community input.

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    For the points, it has to be better to take a Cadaver Wagon in a unit than to just take 25 more Skeletons or 50 more Zombies in the unit, which is a tough goal as those points spent in Core are more valuable than points spent in Special due to using up…
  • kisanis -

    Liked zqn365’s post in the thread .0202 Hotfix Thread.

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    For cheaper is the keyword here. That is, same dmg output unit as similar units in other armies, at a lower cost, with more risk to them. As we are more expendable and our rat generals are more than willing to sacrifice troops for killing the enemy. The…
  • Teowulff -

    Liked Adam’s post in the thread HE General and News - Discussion.

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    Quote from Herminard: “I completely agree. MSU (thats units in the multientity meaning - not Loads of Single Dudes (LSD)) - MMU - FLU - bricks and blocks are all deeply underrepresented in the game - and there is a quite strong anti-brick/MMU bias. Take…
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    Liked Konrad von Richtmark’s post in the thread Feedback HBE - 0.202 BETA hotfix - ACS response and AMA.

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    Quote from cptcosmic: “Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “Quote from cptcosmic: “Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “Care to actually answer and try to refute the post out of which you took that little snippet out of context? Or, for that matter,…
  • greentide -

    Liked cyrus’s post in the thread OnG Urgent Hotfix.

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    Quote from fjugin: “Born to fight is a tricky situation.. We don't want to buff it too much, because we like to see this still be a horde army, where large units are promoted over single models and cowboys characters. Born to fight should reflect this.…
  • akniles -

    Liked Fthunder’s post in the thread Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook.

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    Quote from MThundercock: “He played 3 people where this was there first tournament. His day two results are where he played more seasoned players. And Mikey was uk master last year so he can pilot a boat and make it fly. ” :sleeping: Quote from ferda: “Quote…