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    The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
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The 9th Age

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age

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Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models.

The game and all of its rules are completely free to download and use, and consist of a main rulebook and over fifteen army documents, ranging from stoic men and noble elves to the feral orcs and dread worshipers of the dark gods. You can easily assemble your own army using appropriate 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age has been created by a group of experienced wargamers, a large supportive staff and continuous input from the wargaming community. We aim to provide a competitive, balanced and fun game, with updates and new rules to be released regularly.

We’ve created 16 unique armies from the Dread Elves in the west to the Ogre Khans in the east. Each army has different units and playstyles and can be represented by models from any 28mm model company. People said it was impossible, but we have created a game that is both balanced and fun. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves.

Happy wargaming.

The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Newest News

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Well, it would have come to english either through Angles or Saxons if proper German, or possibly through some Norse tongue if taking the scenic route

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    It's not really from German (much less modern German) so much as something Germanic

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    I'm not finding Mane though, but OE Mona from proto-germanic *menon, related: Old Frisian (Mona) or Old High German (Mano), Old Norse (Mani)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Up north it was the 'eavy metal variant (tung = heavy, to pun).

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Old Swedish (Tungel = celestial body), Old Norse (Tungl = moon) proto-Germanic (*Tungl of unsure origin.)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Dialectal, of course

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Is that where the metal Tungsten gets its name?

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    No. It's just tung+sten = heavy stone

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Similar sounds but different content. :)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Just came upon dwarven metal on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=-qF1EQXIG1c

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman


  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Nice, more like dwarven folk though ;)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Russian has kept both Indo-European words for moon : « Luna » (derived from the same word as « Licht » in German) and « Miesiats » (which mostly today means a « Month », not the « Moon » per se).

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Happy Aspid

    Small addition - miesiats is also a word for NOT full moon.

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Two words are better than one. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Switzerland is boring in that regard. It's just "Mond". The only interesting thing we have and the Germans don't is that we call the new moon "empty moon" (Leermond)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Poland has interesting one. There are miesiąc (no longer used in this meaning) and księżyc

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Księżyc - heir of ksiądz (chief)

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Karak Norn Clansman

    Nice one!

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    do you actually pronounce that « Kshyenjyts » ?

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  • Helmut -

    Liked Squirrelloid’s post in the thread Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook.

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    2 Cults was the limit for sensible cult mechanics/lists. We really just need to go back to Nabh/Yema. Cadaron can just be a unit rule for select units that pre-empts cult membership (or those units simply can't join cults), without itself being a cult…
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    Replied to the thread WDG 2.0 Beta and suggested changes.

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    Replied to the thread ID General Chat.

    Anyway, I think we are getting a little off-topic. We had a good thing going with the whole "What is the problem with our infantry?" bit. So lets have a little brainstorm, what would you say are ID's problems that the FAB should look to fix? And just a…
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    Liked Ok@mi’s post in the thread WotDG Pride Army: The Lidless Watchers - Painting an army with washes.

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    Quote from Casas: “I'm planing on buying some wodg things from mom, but I'm slightly worried about the casting quality. The guy on thing is oneof them. What would you say of the casting of it? Bubbles, mold lines, pieces that get twisted in the mold,…
  • JimMorr -

    Liked Eisenhans’s post in the thread The 9th AGE - Meme Thread.

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    Really? b1SrQOf.jpg
  • Scylla -

    Replied to the thread Book idea (variant book?) - Cultists.

    Brilliant! I've also been working on such a book since I'm collecting cultists miniatures. Here are my notes, enriched with some great ideas from this thread. Miniatures Frostgrave's cultists: store.warlordgames.com/products/frostgrave-cultists
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    Replied to the thread Book idea (variant book?) - Cultists.

    Quote from nightwun: “I like storming ideas, and ofc got some ideas from your ideas ;) We have actually some different concepts we could think. A more active and brute force oriented cult activity. Or we can have more covert ops cult with ability to…
  • cedar -

    Posted the thread Utilité des morveux.

    Salut à tous, je n'ai pas d'unité de morveux dans mon armée peaux vertes, mise à part le chariot. Mais je me demande quand même à quoi ils peuvent servir, où on peut en acheter et comment les jouer. Si quelqu'un a un avis... Merci pour vos réponses
  • Cam -

    Liked pripz’s post in the thread The 9th AGE - Meme Thread.

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    men are pigs....faction.