'Ammertime Podcast! 9th Age Podcast from Denmark. 69

We are a group of people in Copenhagen mainly playing the new game The 9th Age. The podcast will be mainly focussed around our gaming experience with 9th Age, rules, game, release reviews and some tournament reports. 'Ammertime Team

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Welcome back to Ammertime podcast! Episode 14 will bring you a 2 Part tournament report from this years Giant Fanatic. Giant Fanatic is the biggest tournament in Scandinavia with over 100 people signed up. The majority of the Ammertime team was in attendance and Henry and Jonas will take you through the happenings of the tournament.

    #sheepdice #stag #meatgrinder

    The Danish ETC team is recruiting!
    You can find them on Powerfist here:

    TourneyKeeper link to Giant Fanatic:


    Part 1: Some news and rumours. Find out how the Ammertime team did and hear their thoughts on their lists.

    Part 2: Listen to the full tournament report.

    Prologue of useful info about things we just talked about.

    Henry's list:

    +++ Shadow list 2 (2500pts) +++

    ++ Sylvan Elves (Standard (1501-3999pts)) (2500pts) ++

    + Lords (318pts) +

    Forest Prince (318pts) [Army General, Blessed Sword, Elven Cloak, Great Elk, Light Armour, Potion of Strength, SE - Fire Blight Pendant, SE - Helm of the Wild Hunt, Shield, Sylvan Blades, Wild Hunter]

    + Heroes (450pts) +

    Chieftain (175pts) [Battle Standard Bearer, Forest Guardian, Hardened Shield, Light Armour, SE - Sacred Spear of Cadaron, War Standard]

    Druid (130pts) [Dispel Scroll, Level 2 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Shadows]

    Druid (145pts) [Level 2 Wizard Apprentice, Path of Shadows, SE - Bow of Wyscan, Tome of Arcane Lore]

    + Core (627pts) +

    Dryads (122pts) [9x Dryad, Skirmish]

    Heath Riders (130pts) [Champion, Exchange Fast Cavalry for Elven Cloak, Exchange Longbow for Shield, 5x Heath Rider, Musician, Standard Bearer]

    Sylvan Archers (201pts) [Musician]
    Standard Bearer [Icon of the Relentless Company]
    13x Sylvan Archer [13x Black Arrows]

    Sylvan Archers (174pts) [Musician, Standard Bearer]
    12x Sylvan Archer [12x Black Arrows]

    + Special (855pts) +

    Blade Dancers (75pts) [5x Blade Dancer]

    Blade Dancers (75pts) [5x Blade Dancer]

    Forest Rangers (365pts) [Champion, Musician]
    25x Forest Ranger [25x Elven Cloak]
    Standard Bearer [SE - Amryl’s Banner]

    Wild Huntsmen (190pts) [Champion, Sylvan Blades, 5x Wild Huntsman]
    Standard Bearer [Flaming Standard]

    Wild Huntsmen (150pts) [Sylvan Blades, 5x Wild Huntsman]

    + Rare (250pts) +

    Sylvan Sentinels (117pts)
    8x Sylvan Sentinel [8x Hawthorn Points]

    Sylvan Sentinels (133pts) [Scout]
    8x Sylvan Sentinel [8x Hawthorn Points, 8x Paired Weapons]

    Jonas list:

    +++ Giant fanatic 1.2 (2500pts) +++

    ++ The Vermin Swarm (Standard (1501-3999pts)) (2500pts) ++

    + Lords (280pts) +

    Magister (280pts) [Army General]
    ····Magic Items [Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fire]
    ····Two Dark Shards [2x Dark Shard]
    ····Wizard Level 4 Master [Path of Shadows]

    + Heroes (565pts) +

    Apprentice Magister (125pts)
    ····Level 2 Wizard Apprentice [Path of Ruin]
    ····Magic Items [Eye of the Storm, Tome of Arcane Lore]

    Chief (115pts) [Light Armour]
    ····Battle Standard Bearer [The Lightning Rod]

    Plague Prophet (325pts)
    ····Magic Items [Armlet of Power, Blade of the swarm]
    ····Mount [Plague Pendulum]

    + Core (636pts) +

    Giant Rats (40pts) [10x Giant Rat]

    Plague Brotherhood (202pts) [Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer]
    ····26x Plague Brother [26x Plague Ridden]

    Rats-at-Arms (155pts) [Champion, Musician, 24x Rat-at-Arms]
    ····Standard Bearer [Banner of Discipline, Veteran Standar Bearer]

    Rats-at-Arms (135pts) [Champion, Musician, 25x Rat-at-Arms, Standard Bearer]

    Slaves (104pts) [Musician, 47x Slave]

    + Special (504pts) +

    Gutter Blades (149pts)
    ····9x Gutter Blade [9x Poison Attacks, 9x Scout and Ambush]

    Jezails (120pts) [6x Jezail Team]

    Rat Swarm (40pts) [2x Rat Swarm]

    Weapon Team (65pts) [Meat Grinder]

    Weapon Team (65pts) [Meat Grinder]

    Weapon Team (65pts) [Naphtha Thrower]

    + Rare (515pts) +

    Dreadmill (140pts)

    Dreadmill (140pts)

    Thunder Hulks (150pts) [2x Thunder Hulk]

    Verminous artillery (85pts) [Plague Catapult]

    Some pictures of the armys nominated for best painted:

    Morten Riber's best painted army: (played vs Henry game 4)

    Some other armies that were nominated

    [Read More]

  • Episode 12 - Giant Fanatic

    On todays episode we Interview special guest Thomas Kyrsting about the up coming 100 person event: Giant Fanatic.

    We discuss the rules pack along with our current lists and how they will change now that we have seen the full pack.

    You can find the full rules pack here:

    Info for Giant Fanantic:

    Info for Giant Fanatic T9A tournament:

    If you would like to get in touch with us:
    ammertimedk@gmai.com [Read More]
  • Hello all.

    We are back after a bit of a holiday-hiatus with some hobby ramblings.

    We are super organised and have a few regular segments. News and campaign stuff - which will now be a feature on the show (moving up in the world).

    Our home made rules:


    We also talk in depth about Kristoffers Assassins Creed themed Dread Elves army. You can find pictures here:

    If you are interested in seeing the Raging Heros models for yourself, you can find them here:


    Henry talks about his Vampire Coven army. Its fluff and the thinking behind the conversions. You can find pictures on his army blog:

    The Von Karlsteins

    We briefly discuss Kristoffers success at the ETC and his list.

    A special shout out goes to the Thundercocks who are certainly not the #1 The 9th Age podcast.

    Hope you enjoy the show. You can get in touch with us at ammertimedk@gmail.com [Read More]
  • Hello all!

    Sorry for the hiatus. We have been very busy. From Ammerhammer to ETC warm up and various other 9th age goodness we have finally gotten round to bringing you AMMERHAMMERRRRR!!! (Ammerhammer)

    For those who dont know, we ran a tournament on the 5th of June in Copenhagen. We love you 9th age peeps and we always want to give you something back. Therefore we did a live stream of table 1 at our tournament (well table 1 for the first two rounds and table 2 for the last round). If you missed the live stream (we assume that people have more interesting things to do), we recorded it and now you have ammerhammer on demand! Well, we actually lost game 2, however this wasnt the most interesting game (it was really long and it was mostly just Henry talking to himself and tommy tucker for 3 hours).

    But with no further ado. We give you Ammerhammer!

    Game 1

    Game 3

    We would really like some feedbackso that if we choose to do this again, we can make the experience better for everyone who is watching! So please give us some feedback, both positive and negative is appreciated!

    You can email us at ammertimedk@gmail.com

    Also here are some photos of Mads Ingvars winning Demon Legion army, and his army list.

    575 Scourge of Wrath
    General, Eternal fury, Eternal sword, Iron hide

    275 Harbinger of Pestilence
    Bloated Putrefaction, Lvl2 [Disease], Seventh seal, Blight Fly

    415 30x Tallymen
    Full Command, Parry

    210 15x Horrors
    Full Command

    105 3x Plaguelings

    70 5x Furies

    360 6x Clawed Fiends
    Barbed claws

    325 5x Blight Flies
    Standard, Gleaming Icon

    165 Blood Chariot


    Ammertime team x [Read More]
  • Hey Guys and Girls,

    Tomorrow we are hoping to stream Ammerhammer live across the globe.

    We will be recoding table 1 of our tournament here in copenhagen.

    You can tune in tomorrow from around 9:30 CET here:


    Please be patient with the stream. We have no idea how good the connection will be, how good the quality will be or if it will even work.

    Regardless we will be recording the stream so you can view it posthumusly.

    We will be answering comments live on twitch so stay tuned and enjoy the show :)

    Ammertime team. [Read More]
  • Ammertime Podcast Episode 10: Ammer Hammer Preview

    On this episode Henry is Joined by Kristoffer and Ulrik to talk about the up-coming tournament "Ammer-Hammer" in Copenhagen.

    News and Rumours:

    Warhammer Total war is out. We have a quick discussion about it and some of the new GW models.
    Kristoffer drools about the new Raging Heroes Kickstarter:


    We do the pairings live on air including the coverted podcast grudge match!

    Ammertime VS Thundercocks!

    We discuss each match up in depth and how much we think the Thundercocks are going to loose by.

    We talk about some of the other lists and match ups.

    For those involved or interested, you can find the rest of the lists here:


    Ammerhammer will be held in Faros Cigar (Copenhagen) on the 5th of June 2016. We will be trying to live stream it if the internet connection is good enough (not looking hopeful at the moment) but hopefully there will be some good content coming your way.

    Ammertime team X [Read More]
  • Welcome to Ammertime Podcast, Episode 9: The Gunline of Death.

    In this episode we discus Rasmus's "groin bashing" Empire of Sonnstahl list.

    We challenge you, the listener to come up with a list that can reliably defeat this army! The list can be seen below:

    Rasmus "the groin-punisher" list

    Prelate, Altar of Battle, Armour of Volund, Locket of Sunna, barded, sheild, dusk stone, great weapon

    Captain, bsb, lucky sheild
    wizard, scroll, light, lvl 2
    wizard, lvl 2, Book of arcane lore, light

    50 Heavy Infantry, fc, Banner of speed, swap shield for helbards
    20 Heavy Infantry, standard, musician
    10 militia, skirmish, bows
    10 militia, skirmish, bows
    10 militia, skirmish

    30 Flaggelants, champion
    24 Flaggelants, champion

    Steam tank
    Arcane Engine, Foresight
    2496 [Read More]
  • Hello All,

    As many of you know, we have recently had the pleasure of having had a preview of the New Sylvan Elves army book. The book is released today, the 17th of May. I decided to make a "podcast edition" of the youtube video for those who prefer to listen rather than watch. You won't get the full-force of the release with the images, but it might be easier for some people.

    This special episode of the podcast is an interview with the head of the Background and arts team @Scottish Knight. We discuss a few of the topics and stories in the new book and also some of the general Background of the 9th age.

    Ammertime team. X

    "P.S. Upon consulting our linguistics team we have received the correct pronunciation for Trewi.

    "Trewi is natively pronounced with short vowels. This is something English speakers will always struggle with, since English doesn't allow short rounded vowels, only short unrounded or long rounded, which is a distinction most language don't make."

    So for those familiar with the phonetic alphabeth we have included how the Sylvan Elves name is spoken - /tre'wi/

    For those not familiar with phonetic transcription, the best approximation for English speakers is "tre" as in "trek" followed by "we", like the pronoun. This will vary a little by dialect, but should be close enough for most people. Those whose native language is not English will probably have an easier time figuring it out - but the specifics will differ by language. For most Europeans, "Tre-ui" might be a better approximation." [Read More]