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We are a group of people in Copenhagen mainly playing the new game The 9th Age. The podcast will be mainly focussed around our gaming experience with 9th Age, rules, game, release reviews and some tournament reports. 'Ammertime Team

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Hello All,

    As many of you know, we have recently had the pleasure of having had a preview of the New Sylvan Elves army book. The book is released today, the 17th of May. I decided to make a "podcast edition" of the youtube video for those who prefer to listen rather than watch. You won't get the full-force of the release with the images, but it might be easier for some people.

    This special episode of the podcast is an interview with the head of the Background and arts team @Scottish Knight. We discuss a few of the topics and stories in the new book and also some of the general Background of the 9th age.

    Ammertime team. X

    "P.S. Upon consulting our linguistics team we have received the correct pronunciation for Trewi.

    "Trewi is natively pronounced with short vowels. This is something English speakers will always struggle with, since English doesn't allow short rounded vowels, only short unrounded or long rounded, which is a distinction most language don't make."

    So for those familiar with the phonetic alphabeth we have included how the Sylvan Elves name is spoken - /tre'wi/

    For those not familiar with phonetic transcription, the best approximation for English speakers is "tre" as in "trek" followed by "we", like the pronoun. This will vary a little by dialect, but should be close enough for most people. Those whose native language is not English will probably have an easier time figuring it out - but the specifics will differ by language. For most Europeans, "Tre-ui" might be a better approximation." [Read More]
  • Hello All,

    Ammertime has had the pleasure of having had a preview of the New Sylvan Elves army book. The book is released tomorrow, the 17th of May.

    This special episode of the podcast is an interview with the head of the Background and arts team @Scottish Knight. We discuss a few of the topics and stories in the new book and also some of the general Background of the 9th age.

    Bit of a different format to the usual show and i hope the video and sound quality os good enough!

    Ammertime team. X [Read More]

  • Ammertime Podcast Presents: Highborn Elves v1.0 Review

    Lasse and Henry talk about the Highborn Elves release.

    What they like and what they don't from the new book.
    Synergies within the list are discussed throughout as well as a brief look at the path of White Magic.

    Lasse also talks about his new venture - Magnetic Movement Trays (.com). Top quality movement trays to help make your gaming experience smoother, easier and more fun. You can find his company - Magnetic, on facebook here:


    And in a few weeks time his website will be live at movementtray.com

    If you would like to get in contact with the show (or with Lasse) you can reach us at:

    ammertimeDK@gmail.com [Read More]

  • Welcome to the new and reborn Ammertime Podcast!

    We have gone pro, bringing you a new and sexy podcast right into your RSS feed!

    This episode we talk a bit about the new fluff and background for the 9th age as well as what our expectations and wishes for version 1.0

    We talk about "Ammer-Hammer" our tournament we are running on the 5th of June! All the info can be found here:

    And you are also welcome to get in touch with us at ammertimedk@gmail.com

    We also discuss Henry's most recent list which will be used as a stand in for the tournament. Oliver gets anxey about his Rock Aurochs (moo).

    The new edition hit pretty much as we were recording and we give our inititial thoughts about the armies we play.

    Hope you like the new format! Feedback would be appreciated.

    Ammertime Team. [Read More]
  • Ammertime Podcast Episode 7: Some Casual Chit Chat

    In this Episode Henry and Rasmus have a chit chat about what is going on in the 9th age hobby at the moment.

    Part 1 -

    We talk a little about Rasmus new project (pestilence Warriors of the Dark Gods) and some general hobby chat. We get excited (or as excited as possible after a 3 day binge) about the new up coming fluff.
    We have also invented a 9th age drinking game....

    The competitions we mentioned can be found here under "Awesome Model/Unit Contest":

    User Blogs

    Part 2 -

    We discuss our most recent lists and some general discussion about list construction with regards to Warriors of the Dark Gods and Highborn Elves.

    This episode was a bit of a filler, so sorry for lack of content and also being super tired.

    Next episode will come with some ETC warm up chat. We will likely be discussing our lists for the up coming Danish ETC warm up. We are going full-potato and having an Ammertime team!

    There is also a tournament in the works. Watch this space! [Read More]
  • Ammertime Podcast: Episode 6 - Highborn Elves Pre-Review

    This week we were lucky enough to have been given the next iteration of the Highborn Elves book to review. We played a game with the new army (highborn elves vs highborn elves) to try out the new stuff and we share our thoughts.

    Part 1:

    Henry , Patrick an Kristoffer talk about the major changes in the book.

    Part 2:

    The guys discuss the path of white magic and how it synergises with the units.
    We discuss how the book fits the "identity" of the army.
    We talk about what we took in our lists, how they performed and which are the strong/weak choices.

    This part was not so focussed (probably down to the number of "rich man's Cuba Libres" that were being consumed). Nevertheless I think that we make a few good points.

    Hope you enjoy the podcast. As always we encourage comments :)

    P.s. Many people have been contacting us about an RSS feed. This is something we would love to do. However we do not currently have the financial means to set up a website.

    Therefore I would like to encourage listeners to subscribe to the channel, share and promote our podcast. if we have enough viewers, it will make it easier for us to generate revenue through advertising which we can then use to fund a website and RSS feed!

    Hope you all enjoy the new book! [Read More]
  • Guys! I am literally so exited.

    I was handed a copy of the new Highborn Elves book today with the provision that we release a sneak preview of it.

    We will be podcasting this weekend and giving our listeners a full army book review in advance!

    We will release our show on the 7th!

    Get excited....

    Ammertime team x

    P.S you can find all our previous episodes here:

    youtube.com/channel/UCUM6k2s5RI0_u0yTlexnmAA [Read More]
  • Hi Guys,

    Here is a link to our latest episode


    Ammertime Podcast Episode 5: Happenings in the Hobby

    Part 1

    We apologise for our absence and get into the last tournament we attended - gentlemen and dolls. We smashed face.
    1st place: Rasmus and Ulrik (both Ammertime podcasters)
    2nd place: Jonas and Henry (both Ammertime podcasters)
    3rd place: Lasse (Ammertime) and Simon

    Part 2

    We talk hobby. Jonas talks a bit about what he has been doing in Skaven and Henry describes what he has been doing with his new Vampire Covenant army.
    Lasse discusses his new 9th age business: magnetic movement trays. They are great so be sure to check his blog out on facebook:

    Part 3

    We talk about the upcoming 9th age tournament "Aroscon" in Jutland (they also play lots of toher games). Aroscon is the biggest tabletop tournament in mainland Denmark. You can find all the information here:
    We discuss a few lists and what we think is going to appear and be good.

    Part 4

    We have a sneak peak for the next episode!

    Thanks for listening! Hopefully we will be a bit more regular going forward. Feedback is always welcome. [Read More]