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  • Another great Infernal Zoo in Davis, CA. Kudos to Alex for throwing a consistently great tournament. I really liked that we had a pairings video to get the hype going an with the strongest turnout since the death of the game that was our local community feels like we have a lot of momentum. So, how did the intrepid egg hunters do?

    Final Results:
    ·I finished with 64 battle points in core rules terms, but did quite well on the special objectives bringing me up to a total of 78
    ·This placed me at 4th overall with 3rd best battle out of 36 players
    ·My goal was to podium overall, so I fell just short. Looking back at Turn 5 of Game 5, I left the points on the table right there to achieve my goal.

    Thoughts on the List:
    MoCT BSB, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Heavy Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Talisman of the Void, Spear
    Rating: A-
    He did the job I needed him to do and I actually really like the build being able to fit in a 2+ and the Talisman. In contrast to my Buckeye list, his role as a magic user was much more subdued with the Master on Div/Pyro hogging most of the dice.

    High Prince, Destiny’s Call, Spear- Blazing Dawn
    Rating: B
    I actually think this is a pretty points efficient complement to the list and I liked that he turned the Wardens into a real blender unit. However, he suffers from being infantry and is actually not that well defended. I don’t think I made a single 4++ save all tourney with him, but he only died once. I’m not sure you’ll see him again, but combining him with the MoCT prince seems fairly cost efficient.

    Master Mage, Dragon, Essence of a Free Mind (Pyro/Divination)
    Rating: B+
    I liked this model a lot, I haven’t played much with Pyro or Divination and they were huge in many games. I took Pyro 4 times and Divination once.
    However, the combat ability of the dragon did not play a huge role (did not see combat in 3/5 games). I think I can achieve the same role for almost 200 pts less by putting him on a YD w Death Cheater.

    Core Set Up:
    ·22 Spears, Champ/Std-Rending
    ·23 Spears, Champ/Std- Rending
    ·2x5 Reavers
    Rating: A-
    I’m giving this core set up an A- because I found it to be extremely points efficient, good scoring, plenty of bodies, the chaff I needed…I liked it a lot. Backed with flaming swords/awaken combo and rending banner they have the flexibility to fight up and down the spectrum of opponents and deliver solid output.

    5 Ryma Knights- Musician
    Rating: A
    I was really impressed with these guys. They took on some tough opponents and ended up killing two demigryphs, a blood chariot, two raptor chariots, two gyrocopters, a unit of marksmen and a kraken and I only lost them once. I will likely go for 2 units of these in future lists when able to.

    Shooting Set up:
    ·2 SGRs
    ·Sky Sloop
    Rating: B
    A relatively good set up, it ended up feeling a bit light as compared to 3 SGRs and its more expensive by 85 points. I liked the sloop, but it’s fairly fragile and (partially due to poor rolling) I felt it’s combat/zoning threat is more of a bluff than anything else and it died frequently.
    That being said these units did crucial damage against the Empire artillery/Knight Commander on YG, Scourge and DP of Wrath, Dread Knights, Chariots and elf fast cav which were their intended target. I’m thinking about changing the sloop out for Grey Watchers/Queens Guard

    20 Flame Wardens, FC- Rending Banner
    Rating: A
    What can I say, I feel this unit is a fixture in my lists. Synergizes great with my magic, loved the addition of the Spear Prince to dial their damage output up. I really wish they synergized better with the hereditary, but it’s a small price to pay for their durability.

    Rating: B+
    I really liked this as a step in the evolution of the OotFH list I’d been playing for the first 9 months of the year. Not all of the new elements are must-haves for me and I’ve already moved onto a new list that I’ve been working on. I’m not upset with the overall outcome, my strength of schedule was very high, after the first game all 4 of my remaining opponents ended up in the top 8 and more importantly I got 5 great games in against some high quality opposition.

    However, I’m really excited about the .205 updates for the HBE book, I haven’t gotten a game in yet, will likely wait a couple weeks to finish out the last of the .204 games I have planned. I’ve built a couple of lists and I’m seeing some really cool core and character set ups that I want to take for a spin, should be a fun holiday season of gaming (fortunately my wife doesn’t read this!).

    As an aside, feedback is always welcome if you have anything you'd like to see in the blog going forward, feel free to reply here or PM me. [Read More]
  • With a medium win in Game 4 I was within striking distance of the top spots and with a feeling of déjà vu stepped up to the same table from Game 4 fighting an army that was virtually identical to the one I faced in Game 3 generaled by my clubmate Drew.

    Chariot/Kraken Spam:
    Oracle Adept- Alchemy (General)
    Cult Priest BSB on Divine Altar, Basalt Infusion, Moraec's Reaping

    10 Blades of Nabh
    11 Blades of Nabh
    10 Corsairs
    2x6 Dark Riders- crossbows

    2x5 Acolytes of Yema
    2 Medusas
    3 Chariots
    2 Kraken

    Sea Dragon Host:

    Thoughts on the match up:
    I felt like I had the tools to deal with this list, pyro was going to be huge as there was circa 1k points in 25 wounds of low save fast cav.
    However, the kraken and Divine Altar BSB were a real threat to my dragon along with the acolytes breath weapon so he had the tools to deal with some of my critical elements. I felt like this was a yellow/green match up for me.

    Objective and Deployment:
    We got refused flank and secure target. I can’t remember exactly what my special objectives were

    Spell Selection:
    MoCT: Healing Waters, Lash, Ravenswing
    Pyro Master: Scorching Salvo, Pyro Flow, Hereditary, Cascading Fire

    Alchemy Adept: Glory of Gold and Lash
    He took the magic missiles on his acolyte units

    Terrain and Deployment:
    Hill on the left, Forest upper left (Krakens are behind it, hard to see), Tower impassable centrally, Forest center right, hill at the top corner and bottom right corner

    Looking at the board and how I could use the impassable in the center I decided to drop everything for first turn (from my left to right I had):
    Reavers, Ryma Knights and SGRs on the hill, Green Spears, Dragon Mage, Wardens w Spear Prince and MoCT, Blue Spears to the right of the tower, Reavers and Sloop (the sloop suffered a terrible blow between Game 4 and 5)

    His deployment from my left to right:
    Dark Riders, Acolytes, Kraken, Kraken, Medusa, Medusa, Chariot, Chariot, Chariot, Corsairs with Adept Mage behind, Divine Altar, Witches, Witches, Acolytes, Dark Riders barely in shot on the right

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    Movement: I saw no reason to be aggressive, I had a good defensive position I moved up slightly on both flanks and threatened charges.

    Magic/Shooting: I manage to kill off the left acolytes and damage a medusa and dark rider unit

    Chariot/Kraken Spam Turn 1:

    Movement: My opponent moves up giving me long charges, trying to tempt me out of my defensive position.
    He brings his dark raiders up on the right and left to threaten my shooters

    Magic/Shooting: He pings a wound off the sloop and the Ryma Knights

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    I make a charge into the dark riders on my right with the sloop
    My dragon mage swings around the tower to support my right flank
    Green Spears move up into my line setting up combo charges with the Ryma Knights

    Magic/Shooting: I get the hereditary up and kill the dark riders on my left in addition to pinging wounds on the chariots, acolytes and krakens

    Combat: My sloop kills a few dark riders who flee off the board and reforms to face the center

    Looking back I had set myself up for a really bad time on the right of the tower with my movement here

    Chariot/Kraken Spam- Turn 2:

    He announced charges with the witches, two chariots and the altar and made all but one chariot into the Blue Spears, I think I didn’t think of the likelihood of getting all of these at once
    The rest of his line consolidated in the center threatening plenty of countercharges for my units

    Magic/Shooting: He managed to vaporize the sloop with the acolytes

    Combat: Hereditary helped the Blue Spears stand up to a heck of a beating but took 12 wounds, but did enough wounds to the witches to keep their steadfast

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    I take the dragon mage into the Witches on the right
    I use a unit of reavers to chaff up the kraken on the left so I can make an aggressive move forward with my Flame Wardens

    Magic/Shooting: I continue to ping wounds off his acolytes, chariots and krakens finishing off one chariot

    Combat: The spears get beat up pretty bad, but the dragon beats the witches up badly killing almost all of them and we win this one sending the chariot running

    Chariot/Kraken Spam- Turn 3:

    The second unit of witches charges the dragon mage
    A medusa chaffs up my Wardens
    The krakens back off

    The dragon kills about half the witches from the fresh unit and the spears kill the last witches from the first unit before getting wiped out by the Divine Altar. The combat is split now and the Altar doesn’t have much flexibility to reform

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Wardens charge medusa
    Reavers chaff the divine altar on the right
    Ryma Knights swing out wide to start penning in the kraken with the help of the Green Spears

    I’ve been trying to take down the acolyte champion and am again unsuccessful.
    I start picking on… [Read More]
  • Yvraine felt the customary shivers run up and down her spine as Eingana swept through the Veil, banking they circled the clearing at the base of the mountain as her troops continued to pass through the Veil and form up into defensive posture.

    With all in order and a moment to collect her thoughts Yvraine reflected on the events of the past three days. Their easy victory over the humans had allowed her forces to arrive at the nest before any other corporeal egg hunters…but not before the scions of Vanaadra. The Wrath demons had absconded with the precious eggs and were already withdrawing their forces with their prize when the Sea Dragon Host arrived.

    Deep in the volcanic underbelly of the mountain her forces had matched blades with the hellish hosts. Her magics had carried the day blasting a fearsome Scourge from the sky as her bolt throwers skewered a foul winged Prince. Leaderless, the hordes of Wrath had lost their advantage giving Yvraine time to effect a withdrawl, the dragon eggs safely in her saddle bags.

    As the last of her Spearelves emerged from the Veil a dust plume on the horizon caught her eye, with an unspoken word Eingana strove higher into the air, eyes narrowed on the growing cloud. The sun glinted off wickedly curved scythes as a squadron of chariots crested the rise…Dread Elves! Yvraine examined her options and crystalized a plan as she guided Eingana back to the mountainside, she knew her forces could not face a third army in as many days.

    They would have to withdraw into the mountain and take their chances with whatever inhabitants it held, after quick council with her brother they agreed. Yvraine would wipe out the fast moving elements of the Dread Elf force while her forces withdrew into the rock. Her brother and his Wardens would hold the tunnel entrance while she scorched the Dread Elves and cover her escape into the mountain. At that point the entrance would be collapsed to protect their retreat.

    Eingana took to the sky again with a massive down sweep of her wings, Yvraine could already feeling the flames returning to her, in the back of her mind a distant memory floated up of the dwarves who inhabited these mountains millennia ago…a problem for tomorrow…

    Game 4:
    Alright, so after two big wins and a stinging loss on Day 1, I had dropped down the tables to table 4/5 and was hoping for a bit of an easier match up. Originally, I had been matched against a very similar EoS list to my first opponent, but when Day 2 dawned it turned out I was up against Joe and his Dwarven Holds.

    Double Organ Gun Dwarves:
    Rune Smith (General): 2 runes of Lightning, Rune of Devouring, 1+ armor
    Thane (BSB): 1xMight and 1xLightning, Rending Banner, Shield Bearers,1+ armor
    2x Engineers w Crossbows
    2x10 Clan Marksmen with Crossbows and Shields
    28 Grey Beards, HW/Shield, FC- Rending Banner
    16 Deep Watch, FC- Standard of Shielding
    8 Hold Guardians, FC
    2x Steam Copters (in one unit)
    2x Rune Crafted Organ Guns (both were entrenched)

    Sea Dragon Host:

    Thoughts on the Match Up:
    Whew, double entrenched rune crafted organ guns with Engineers. These machines were going to be almost impossible to kill from ranged with my shooting and could give pretty much any unit in my army a really bad time.
    Fortunately, they make up almost 25% of his army so the rest is not super scary, the Deep Watch block is small, there is no killer King, etc. Though the 8 Hold Guardians outmatch my combat units/dragon, they are slow and hard to maneuver.
    I needed to decide at the deployment phase whether I was going to push and try to take down the organ guns…after looking at the terrain and the scenario, I decided to push.

    Deployment/Scenario/Special Objectives:
    Attacker Defender
    I got points if my monsters came within one inch of the tallest terrain feature
    I got points if I killed all my opponents towering presence creatures, in this case, he didn’t have any so I got these points automatically (intended to incentivize people to bring monsters)

    Spell Selection:
    Pyro Master: Pyrochastic Flow, Hereditary, Flaming Swords, Scorching Salvo
    MoCT BSB: Ravenswing, Awaken the Beast, Healing Waters
    Runesmith: Shattering, Gleaming and -1 to Wound

    Terrain and Deployment:
    Terrain from my left to right was: Hill in the middle, impassable tower, forest, hard to see behind the tower, forest bottom right, and hills in top and bottom right corners

    He let me drop first and I dropped everything for first turn, I had from my left to right:
    Ryma Knights, Dragon Mage, Reavers behind tower, Green Spears, Wardens w MoCT and Spear Prince, Sky Sloop, Blue Spears, SGRs along the back line, the second is out of shot on the right on the hill

    He had from my left to right:
    Steam Copters, Hold Guardians, Crossbows, Engineer, Organ Gun, Crossbows, Engineer, Organ Gun, Deep Watch w BSB and Runesmith, Greybeards

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:
    So, after seeing the centrally located forest and tower and how my opponent… [Read More]
  • So after two games I was sitting at the top of the pack and landed on Table 1 for a game against a good friend and his nasty ETC Dread Elf List. Hugo is one of the better players in our region and we have very consistently close games, so I was looking forward to it.

    Here’s his list for reference:

    Dread Elf Chariot/Hydra Spam:

    Sea Dragon Host:

    Thoughts on the Match up:

    Scenario/Deployment/Special Objectives:

    Spell Selection:

    Terrain and Deployment:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Dread Elf Chariot/Hydra Spam- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Dread Elf Chariot/Hydra Spam- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Dread Elf Chariot/Hydra Spam- Turn 3:

    Rest of the Game:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
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  • With a number of people at max points after Round 1 the no intra-club games rule had a big impact and I got paired with Joel and his Mono-Wrath List, I’ve nicknamed it the bash brothers with a Scourge and a Flying Demon Prince:

    Mono-Wrath Bash Brothers:

    As a reminder I had:
    Sea Dragon Host:

    Objective/Deployment/Special Objectives:

    Spell Selection:


    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Bash Brothers- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Bash Brothers- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Bash Brothers- Turn 3:

    Rest of the Game:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:

    [Read More]
  • Finally, the Zoo has arrived, I was looking forward to an awesome weekend of gaming. After seeing all the lists and participating in the pairings/review show on @SkavenInAZ s channel I was interested to see how my match ups would unfold.

    My first game I came up against Alex and his EoS list, see below:

    Double Cannon Empire:

    For convenience, here’s my list:
    The Sea Dragon Host:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Scenario and Deployment:

    Spell Selection:


    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 3

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:

    Rest of Game:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
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  • Getting excited for the Infernal Zoo in Davis, California this week. This is the largest GT in the Western United States with a record-breaking year it looks like we'll have 36 players this year.

    The Zoo is a monster-themed tournament, there are some extra objectives cards which usually have to do with monsters (ex. if your monster kills an opposing monster you get 2 battle points). So I've got some background fluff below, along with pics of my full army and my first round match up.


    My List:

    Thoughts on my List:

    1stRound Match up:

    [Read More]
  • Going into Round 5 I knew I’d be facing a tough opponent, sitting at 63 points a win could put me in contention to podium. Additionally, I had my eye on best HBE, but with another HBE general sitting at about the same battle points as me I would really need a win to have a shot at it.
    So I ended up matched with Brandon and his Demon Legions led by a Scourge of Wrath, he had:

    Scourge Legions:

    The Sea Dragon Host:

    Thoughts on the Match Up:

    Spell Selection:


    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Scourge Legions- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Scourge Legions- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Scourge Legions- Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Scourge Legions- Turn 4:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 5:

    Scourge Legions- Turn 5:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:

    Tourney Wrap Up/List Assessment/Next Steps:

    So I hope you’ve all enjoyed this tournament report, the 2018 tourney season has been good to me so far and I’ll keep at it.

    Fight On!
    Vesp [Read More]
  • Day 2 of Buckeye and I had a bit of a Icarus-type Day 1; soaring to huge heights in Games 1 and 2 and tumbling back to earth a bit in Game 3. I began day 2 with 44 points finding myself in a very respectable position and ended up against VC. There were many VC lists at Buckeye that I was a bit nervous about facing (SkaveninAZ’s would be a nightmare for me) but O’Bryan’s actually felt like a good match up for me, he had:

    Brotherhood of the Dragon Triplets:

    Sea Dragon Host Army List:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Spell Selection:

    Deployment Type/Objective:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    BotD Triplets- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    BotD Triplets- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    BotD Triplets Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:

    BotD Triplets Turn 4:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 5:

    BotD Triplets (only 1 left now) Turn 5:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:

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  • So after a big first two games I was sitting on 38 points and the gods of Buckeye Battles felt it was time to bring me back down to earth, I drew the one match up that I knew going into Buckeye was going to be RPS for my list…Infernal Dwarves.

    As you can tell from its construction my list relies heavily on flaming/flammable combo and 90% of my opponents army had wards against flaming attacks, great! This was a tough game and I didn’t get many pictures, unfortunately. Fortunately Max was a great guy and he had a mean list, see below:

    Max’s Infernal Dwarf Fireborn Bonanza:

    As a reminder, I had:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Spell Selection:


    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    Infernal Dwarves Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Infernal Dwarves Turn 2:

    Mid-game (Turns 3 & 4):

    End of Game:

    Results/Thoughts on the Game:

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