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    I wanted to try out a list that I felt was a good mixed arms/all-comers list against a nasty new variant of my usual opponents Saurian Ancients.

    I was looking forward to this game as we were trying out the new hotfix rules and I felt this build took a slight hit due to the becalming/hereditary nerfs. However, I did also try out the Sea Guard, checking to see if the points reduction had made them more playable.

    Sea Dragon Host-

    The Host of the Protean Frog:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Secondary Objective and Deployment Type:

    Spell Selection:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 4:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 5:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 5:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 6:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 6:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
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    • I had been ahead going into round 3, so with a 20 pt win I was in first place and won the tourney
    • I was a bit surprised with this outcome, but I think I got lucky on match ups.
      • Game 1 was a really bad match up for my opponent.
      • I was actually hoping for a 12-15 in Game 2, I thought that was a fairly good match up for me.
      • Game 3 I think I was better positioned against his magic than most opponents but the caimans and poison skink block were good counters for my AD, the result in Game 3 came down to deployment and dice.
    • Overall a really great way to spend a Saturday, I had a great time and had fun with a bit of an atypical single tourney list
    Thoughts on the List:
    I’ll go through unit by unit and give my thoughts, with the looming hotfix it will be interesting to see what happens:

    AD: Having played 5 games with the AD in 2.0 now I’ve had the following data points/takeaways:
    • The MoCT is absolutely critical to make the AD playable. In 3 out of 5 games the AD would have died without the healing from the MoCT. I’m not sure if the cosmology master can achieve the same outcome with Touch the Heart and Hereditary combo keeping the AD alive, but then I’d be without a BSB
    • I didn’t invest very heavily in the damage output of the rider, but the damage output on the AD overall underwhelmed generally. I think I need to invest in either rod of battle and/or a better weapon set up on this guy. His damage output is nowhere near as reliable as the other big bads out there, ex. scourge of wrath
    • I’ve got at least one perfect example of the huge base’s impact, and I’m sure if I’d faced more cannons I would have more examples. I think the march rate increase this model saw was a good add but this base is a clear cut cost in the upgrade from dragon to AD, the upgrade needs to be repriced.
    MoCT: I’ve used this model in 9 out of 10 games in 2.0 BETA, but I used it in 90%+ of my games in 1.3, so I’m a long-term believer.
    • I really love the flexibility of the magic phase, but the MoCT struggles as a solo caster, the lack of magic missiles makes early phases a bit bleh. If it’s a solo caster it requires the magical heirloom as a bare minimum to make it functional, which means the model is no longer a viable combat character as it can’t be properly defended with only 60 pts of enchantment allowance left.
    • I think in its current iteration it could be considered too cheap. I think a 20-40 pt cost increase would be appropriate.
    • I’m working on lists that combine the MoCT with another caster so that I can put more pressure on in early magic phases
    Flame Wardens w Rending Banner: I haven’t changed my build on these guys since 8th edition, the rending banner makes them a good all-around unit. I really made an effort to NOT overestimate these guys during this tournament and it paid off as I didn’t lose them even once.
    • I can see the combo of the hereditary on Flame Wardens as being really frustrating for opponents. I’m not supportive of the multi-layer nerfs to the hereditary that have been forecast but this particular unit has enormous synergy with the hereditary in its current form.
    Lion Guard w Navigator’s Banner: This was actually my first time trying out this unit, I think it’s fairly good but at the end of the day they are just t3 elves. They really need the distracting banner and the MoCT to keep them alive. They went down in one game, pretty much went down in another. I do like the threat they bring to a lot of scary units (knights, monsters, etc) but they have some super hard match ups (anything with parry, lots of other elves, horde armies) so they’re not all-comers like some suggest. I’d like to work a foot prince into my list to take advantage of stubborn.

    GW: These guys look better on paper than they actually are on the board. They’re super expensive and your opponent has to have relevant targets for them. That said, they’re great against lots of hard counters to the AD and they can occasionally come up huge like in game 3 with the -1 to hit on the caimans. Swingy choice, but I see myself using them in any dragon list.

    Shooting Units: I thought I’d finally found the sweet spot for shooting. As any who follow my blog know, I don’t like to take a lot of shooting but I have struggled to find the goldilocks point (not too much not too little). The combo of a decent amount of shooting from core and the SGRs was enough to help me win the chaff war and put shooting pressure on opponents with little shooting. I’ll need to think about this build now as the loss of becalming banner in core definitely changes the calculus on the archer unit.

    Lancers: I really struggle with Lancers, the block of 10 is unwieldy and doesn’t usually earn its points back. The darts of 5 really don’t belong in any combats and I found myself using them as expensive chaff sometimes. That being said, I didn’t find myself in a place where I needed the champ dart mechanic with the AD so they didn’t have an opportunity to fully fit their role.… [Read More]
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    Hey to everyone who follows our podcast!

    Just want to take the time to provide a quick update to explain our slower release of content over the past few months.

    Obviously over the holiday period we were all fairly busy and have been waiting to get back on track since the start of the new year. We also provide a Warhmmer 40k podcast every 2 weeks (interchanging with the 9th age cast) and due to club events this has taken a front row seat in our releases.

    We appreciate the patience of you that enjoy (or tolerate) the ramblings of some lower tier players, we aim to provide a different outlook on the 9th Age to some of our bigger brother podcasts. Our club consists of active and competitive players but we do not hold the coveted top spots in the rankings so we appreciate that our insight might not be what you are looking for if you are trying to break the current UK meta.

    The main reason for this blog update is just to let you know that we are still here and will still be releasing 9th Age podcasts. We have recently gained sponsorship from our local gaming haven Firestorm Games (The South Wales Gaming Centre) and have been able to reinvest into the podcast we love doing.

    Starting Monday 19th February (Episode 16k of our 40k series) we are able to offer giveaway prizes that will hopefully end with you 9th Age lovers having a chance at some sweet fantasy models to use on your table top.

    We have also invested in some new equipment, addressing some of the quality issues we had in previous episodes (this is only for the main hosts i'm afraid! Guests are stuck dealing with their own audio for now!)

    We hope to hear from you all over the next year, please send any questions and comments to and leave us a review on iTunes, Twitter (@RenegadesRamble) or any android podcast service you use!


    Many thanks for all the support, we could not do this without this great community behind us!

    Much love

    Craig, Andy and Chud x

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  • So low and behold, I end up on Table 1 against my usual opponent, the albino frog himself. The frog had come off of two solid medium wins and was just 1 point behind me on battle score. He had also brought a very interesting list which was a departure from what I’d faced in the past.

    The Host of the Ghostly Frog:

    Thoughts on his list:

    Sea Dragon Host:

    Spell Selection:

    Deployment and Secondary Objective:

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 3

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    Rest of the game:

    Thoughts on the game:
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  • Our final opponents for the tournament were the players from Normandy (team Hot n’ Bash).They had brought a super-fast super-hitty WoDG list, a Change-Wrath DL gunline,Von Karnstein VC with double shrieking horror and my final adversary with Orcs and Goblins.

    Gaspard @gaspacho is a veteran of many a tournament, and was the team’s captain. He had brought the following combat list, which I had rated as a good matchup for my dwarves:

    gaspacho wrote:

    So a list with very few ranged threats, but instead relatively cheap monsters that synergize quite well with the solid infantry core, and backed up by good combat buffs.

    We got Secure Target as secondary objective, and the Marching Columns deployment type.We alternated deployments for a while, and once I was sure of where his main combat block could go I deployed the rest of my army and forced my opponent to play first.
    The Hold Guardians got +1S/+1AP, and I picked double Rune of Gleaming, Resilience and Revocation for my spells. The orc shaman opted for the OnG Hereditary spell,Beast Awakens, Insect Swarm, Totemic Summon and Chilling Howl.
    This is how the game looked before vanguards:

    And a shot after my Forge Wardens and Seekers moved up. My plan was to secure the objective on the left flank (Where I had my shooting units and a flame cannon)and tempt the feral orcs to charge in the middle against my Warriors and Hold Guardians. The seekers had the task of keeping my flank protected and keeping the monsters relatively honest.

    TURN 1 –Orcs and Goblins

    The trolls failed their stupidity test and stumbled 6” forward. The orcs in the middle held their ground, wary of the 24”threat range of the flame cannons. The goblin raider cavalry backed up, and the giant on the left decided to move towards the center. The Great Green Idol moved more to the east, so as to cover the trolls for next turn’s stupidity check.
    The magic phase started with the Insect Swarm going off, dealing 4 unsaved wounds to my rightmost flame cannon. The totemic summon was then dispelled.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s retinue used the Banner of Relentless company to move up, with the Hold Guardians close by protecting their flank. The seekers angled themselves to prevent the trolls, cave gnashers and giant from outflanking my army. The Forgewardens moved up on top of the leftmost objective. The runic smith managed tocast -1 to hit and -1 to wound on my king’s unit. In the shooting phase the Forge Wardens and crossbows opened up against the orc archers, killing 4 of them.

    TURN 2 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed a shaky Ld7 to avoid charging due to frenzy, and moved back a bit instead. The archers moved up a bit to be able to take pot shots at my flame cannon. On the right flank,the trolls wheeled past the building , dangerously close to my lines. One giant and two cave gnashers were also in close support.In the magic phase I dispelled the Insect Swarm this time, letting the chilling howl go on the leftmost Flame Cannon. Shooting put a wound on the same warmachine.

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    This turn the dwarves declared some charges: the King’s unit charged into the Orc Bowmen, who were 8” away. They chose to hold, and I promptly got snake eyes formy charge distance, failing. The seeekers charged into the giant right next to them, who fled through the trolls. The seekers then redirected into the Cave Trolls and made it in.
    In the magic phase I managed to cast the Rune of Gleaming on the charging seekers, to help stack the combat in their favor. The rune of revocation was also cast on the savages, to prevent any augment spells getting cast on the following turn. Shooting was yet again aimed at the orc bowmen, dropping 7 of them. They did not panic,though.
    In combat,things didn’t go as planned: The seekers attacked first with paired weapons,and despite Hatred rerolls and having s5 on the charge they only managed to sneak two wounds past the armour and regeneration of the trolls. The trolls retaliated and killed a whopping 9 seekers back! Their deathblows were also regenerated without breaking a sweat. The dwarves held their ground and reformed to a wider formation, preparing for the grind.

    TURN 3 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed yet another Frenzy check to not charge my king’s retinue. They moved further back from the king’s unit. The fleeing giant rallied, the Gnashers repositioned slightly and the rest of the army held back for now. In the magic phase the Insect Swarm was cast on a… [Read More]