Ammertime Podcast: A Tale of Many Gamers Part 8

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  • Firstly an apology from me for the long hiatus. I actually forgot to make a blog post for last month. The last few months have been a bit crazy for me and this is also why we havent made a podcast in a while. Its coming. Soon.

    For now you FFB's will have to make do with a small hobby update.


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    Although I have been busy, the last two months has not been without hobby.

    I have a new HBE model...


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    Some pics of my pyro shaman close to being finished. Loved painting the model, but flames were tricky!

    I have also been tasked with looking after the Team Ammertime mascot, Woolrik the sheep. Woolrik had a great time at the ETC warm up in Denmark...

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    The Dread elves project.

    For the last 6 months, I have been working a little on my DE army. It needed a lot of love and now its almost ready for paint. I have reassembled most of the miniatures, converted a lot, custom made bases and a made some homemade banners for the army.

    The last month I have been trying out a color theme for the army and I am going for the classic purple theme. The plan is that the army will be base coated with my airbrush (black, gray & white) and then a purple layer also with the airbrush. The first model I tried was one of my oracles and I like the result. For the next models I have to use more white for the base coat and the blonde hair has to be a little better but otherwise its going to be very similar.

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    Yes Its happening to me as Well! There were There When i posted! Will take a look tomorrow

  • Sir_Joker -

    Seems like you have some issues with the embedding of pictures Henry (I can't see them at least) - is this problem showing only on my end?