2.0 BETA Games- Narrative Report

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  • The Sea Dragon Host vs the Horde of the Rat Demon

    Yvraine could sense the rat demon’s mind from across the field and knew she had met more than her match in magic. Only when facing the reptilian spell casters had she encountered such a skilled manipulator of the Veil. She had deployed her forces in a refused flank, to keep as much distance between her troops and the hulking mechanical and organic monstrosities the vermin had goaded into battle.

    VS Turn 1:

    Her careful defensive posture had yielded initiative to the rats and they swarmed forward across the field, apparently unafraid of glittering ranks of elves.

    The demon stood triumphant in the center of the field of battle its burning green eyes pinned to Yvraine. With casual arrogance the huge rat demon pummeled Yvraine with magic force, between Eingana’s formidable defenses, her potent magic wards and her protective cantrips she only suffered a glancing blow. The typically potent vermin ranged devices caused scattered damage amongst her infantry, just the beginning of the onslaught.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    Knowing her forces needed to secure the left flank she ordered the advance with both of her Flame Warden blocks clearing the verminous slingers. Her cavalry and Breag sheltered behind the rock formations on their left, while she took position for countercharges along with Chaynal’s spear phalanx.

    Her magic was largely contained while her brother’s healing magic restored her strength and brought back some wounded infantry. Her reaper batteries inflicted a decisive blow to the rat demon, glowing green ichor fountained from the beast’s torso as it tore the sapling-sized barb from its chest.

    VS Turn 2:

    Hissing its rage the wounded rat flew forward into the ranks of Flame Wardens facing it down. Following their leader the wheels and rats surged forward again, pinning the elves into their formation and bringing their devastating weaponry to bear in the center.

    The demon wrapped itself in defensive enchantments and battered a handful of her Flame Wardens to the ground. With Yvraine focused on the demon she had drifted too close to the wheel, with great arcs of power flying from the machine she and Eingana were smashed to the ground, their muscles spasming uncontrollably. As she drifted from consciousness, she heard the rat demons gurgling laugh punctuated by another hiss as one of her Wardens dealt a blow to the creature’s knee, shattering it.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Chaynal could feel his sister’s presence flickering but remaining strong and proceeded to marshall their forces, the only way to save her would be to win this fight. The elves surged forward, desperate to overwhelm the left flank and the rat infantry before the hulking brutes on their right joined the fray. With the demon’s attention focused on the Wardens Chaynal was able to force through several augmentations on the holy warriors circling him restoring one to the fight and unleashing their inner strength. As the reaper bolt throwers continued peppering the incoming rat constructs the battle in the center reached a crescendo.

    Limping and bellowing in rage, the rat demon lashed out indiscriminately at the Wardens surrounding it, knocking a few to the ground. The beast was met with a veritable whirlwind of blades, their strength reinforced by Chaynal’s magics, the holy warriors smashed the demon’s corporeal form to the ground where it shimmered and evaporated in acrid green smoke. Without the force of the demon’s will pushing them forward the slaughter of the rat infantry began. Dozens of the mutated beasts met their end and the larger unit of slaves fled the battlefield. Exultant, Chaynal ordered the infantry to reform and face the right flank, giving his Lancers and Warden time to grind through the remaining rat infantry.

    VS Turn 3:

    Despite losing their leader all of the rat constructs still remained largely unhurt and, with a sense of desperation, they swarmed forward eager to get to grips with the elves. The two wheels flung themselves into combat against the lancers and spears on each flank.

    The verminous artillery continued flinging toxic missiles at the elves downing a handful in the center.

    The wheels, so devastating at range, seemed to have expended their energy earlier in the battle and failed to break through their elvish opponents. The wheel on the left reversed and fled, on the right the spears reformed their phalanx to hold the wheel in place.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    Sensing the opportunity to break the rat center Chaynal ordered the reavers on the right to disrupt the line of advance of the rat hulks and monstrous beast, giving his forces in the center time to finish off the infernal wheels and infantry.

    The Wardens who had subdued the rat demon crashed into the flank of the wheel engaged with the Spears and dismantled it. The Wardens and Lancers in the center continued dispatching the few rat at arms that remained. Breag repositioned to threaten the verminous artillery emplacements in the forest and ruins opposite the elven position.

    Rest of the Game/Conclusion:

    Chaynal allowed himself a small smile as his forces embarked at the shore. The retreat to their waiting fleet had been largely uncontested by the vermin, with their infantry and artillery destroyed and the elven prisoners freed the creature’s true nature took over and they had melted away into the dusk.

    As the last of the elven troops marched onto the ships and the gangways raised, Chaynal looked back at his sister, wrapped in blankets on the bridge. A frown marred his expression, she was not usually so careless in battle, their year-long quest had begun to take its toll on his younger sibling. He supposed all of their family had felt the strain of their quest, seemingly no closer to resolution, despite…

    …Chaynal shook off his dark thoughts, they had just won a great victory. The prisoners were safe, they’d took few casualties and it would be some time before the vermin were brave enough to make themselves known on this trade route. It was time to celebrate, he turned to the captain of his guard and gestured for wine, “Open a barrel of the coastal red, you know the vintage" Cheers rose up all over the ship, today had been a good day!

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