2.0 BETA Games- Local Tourney

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  • Set of three reports for a local tourney I attended this past weekend with 12 players. Armies present were BH, OK, SA, SE, HBE, EoS, ID.

    I took the following and challenged the current leader in our region to a Round 1 game (we have a points tracking system to determine who currently leads the standings based on the year’s tournament results).

    Sea Dragon Host:

    Display Spoiler

    MoCT BSB- HA- Basalt Infusion, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Spear, Book of Arcane Power

    OotFH Adept (Alchemy) General, Young Dragon, DA- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection

    20 Spears, FC- Flaming Std
    8 Lancers, Muso/Std- Ryma Std
    2x5 Reavers

    2x20 Flame Wardens, FC- Flaming Std
    3x 1 Sea Guard Reaper
    Frost Phoenix

    My opponent surprised me and took Sylvan elves:

    Hunt of the Gnarled Tree:

    Match up Thoughts/ Spell Selection:

    Display Spoiler
    Deployment was going to be crucial here. With the BoD Rangers I knew the gimmick would be to vanguard fast and try to swarm my lines. If he could neutralize the bolt throwers/lancers/phoenix I’d get surrounded and end up turning in circles.

    Spell Selection:
    Treefather: Spirit of the Woods, Stone Skin, Summer Growth, Healing Waters

    MoCT: Quicksilver Lash, Ravenswing, Awaken the Beast
    OotFH: Molten Copper, Glory of Gold

    Display Spoiler

    We had counterthrust and capture the flags.


    (after vanguards)

    Terrain was fairly self explanatory, I got to pick sides so I took the side with the hill, he dropped his first 3 pushing me back on the flanks, while I was able to push him back in the center. Then he dropped everything for first turn.

    From my left to right he had: Heath Shooters, Kestrels hiding behind small hill, archers, Treefather Ancient, Treefather, Eagle, Pathfinder with Chieftan hiding in the woods, Heath shooters, Kestrels, Rangers (half out of frame)

    From my left to right I had: OotFH, Flame Wardens, Spears with MoCT, SGRs hiding behind the infantry line, Frosty, Reavers, Flame Wardens (straddling the fence), SGR hiding behind them, Reavers, Lancers down in corner out of frame past the hill

    The general’s faced each other down and away we went:

    Hunt of the Gnarled Tree- Turn 1:
    Display Spoiler

    I had made a critical error in vanguards and forgot that vanguards can get up to 6” away from a unit that had already vanguarded. The move on my right with the reavers was a total waste as it hardly slowed his vanguard at all

    His fast movers move quickly towards my flanks but weren’t able to position themselves in my backfield without danger.
    The Rangers marched forward and penned the Lancers into the corner
    Treefathers moved forward cautiously, staying out of range of the fliers and Wardens

    Magic: My opponent got off Oaken Throne and Stone Skin on the Rangers. There wasn’t much I cared about in this phase.

    My central reavers are wiped out and I take a wound on my two leftmost bolt throwers from Heath shooters on either flank
    Crucially, my right reavers have one survivor after a hail of arrows who passes his panic check

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    Top priorities are opening up shooting lanes to wipe out the fast movers and saving the Lancers
    After a bit of marking and measuring we determine that the Lancers can swift reform and move just far enough out of the way for the remaining reaver to chaff them successfully. He passes his Dis 4 morale check and sacrifices himself for the greater good.
    My wardens push up on either flank, confident they can take pretty much anything in combat, or at least hold against treefathers
    The Spears and MoCT reform to open up firing lanes, keep BSB bubble and threaten lines of advance for the Kestrels and Treefathers
    The phoenix wakes the Heath shooters on my right and positions to threaten the pathfinders next turn
    OotFH positions for molten copper range on left Kestrels and breath weapon on Heath shooters

    My opponent stops quicksilver lash on his treefather and lets through molten copper on the kestrels after a big roll. I kill 2 birds. Awaken the beast goes through on right flame wardens and I heal a SGR.

    I wiped out both Heath shooter units and did a wound to the archers on my left

    Hunt of the Gnarled Tree- Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent tried a fairly average charge with the kestrels into my nearest SGR but failed and bumped into the frosty.
    Rangers charge chaffing reaver and spoiler, clean him up and reform at the end of the turn

    Geagle chaffs right Wardens
    Treefathers reposition a bit
    Pathfinders bail out of forest to target frosty

    Magic: My opponent got through spirit of the woods on my right flame wardens

    Shooting: Devastating phase, he kills 4 Flame Wardens on the right with impaling roots (the combo with Spirit of the Woods is excellent there) and manages to kill the frosty in one round using his hail shot, the pathfinders and sylvan archer unit (I made like no saves here).

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    Due to his failed charge, his kestrels on my right were in a bad position and my lancers charged them. He fled and I caught him. Spoiler, I should have reformed into ranks here.
    For the first time ever, my phoenix was reborn, amazing! He repositions to get back into healing range of the BSB.
    My right wardens chose not to charge the Geagle and reformed to push towards the exposed pathfinders.
    My left wardens and OotFH positioned to pincer the archers on my left and flush the remaining kestrel out of hiding.

    Magic: I had some poor rolls here and ended up just getting strength awaken the beast off on the right flame wardens and healed a wound on the frosty

    I vaporized the Geagle and put a wound through on the treefather ancient (rolled a 1 for the multiwound)

    Hunt of the Gnarled Tree- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler

    In a move that surprised me, he brought his pathfinders into my lancers. I had forgotten he had a great weapon on the character, I had no choice but to stand.
    He finally brought his heath ambushers on, in the pic it looks like they’re on my left, but ultimately he just hid them behind the temple on his side of the board to protect them.
    The treefathers skirted the flame wardens and moved to threaten the spear unit w/ BSB.
    He marches his rangers up onto the hill.
    His archers on the left moved as far as they could from my OotFH, just elongating charges.

    The only thing I cared about was stone skin on the pathfinders, so I saved all my dice for it and failed to stop it with a 6 to 4 dispel.
    He moved the central forests around a bit

    Poor rolling meant only one spearelf died to the treefather’s shooting

    Combat: He only managed to kill one lancer, I killed none so I lost by 2, failed my 6 leadership and fled off the board. Drat.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler

    I had some tough choices to make this turn. His rangers were threatening my right flame wardens and my spears/frosty were not in a good place to handle two fully healthy treefathers. I was also down on the objective with the stupid loss of my lancers. I had done the math on the flame warden vs rangers combat and it was roughly a push, but they outnumbered me by 50% having taken a few casualties in earlier turns. It’s also worth noting that our game had been very slow (my opponents movement phases took quite a long time) and we’d agreed that Turn 4 would be the last turn, so I decided to do the following:

    I charged the archers on my left with the wardens. They got a big flee roll, but I rolled exactly what I needed (by a mm) and caught them, whew!
    I reformed the right flame wardens and moved them as far as I could from the rangers, leaving an 11 inch charge.
    My frosty and OotFH moved centrally setting up counter charges on the treefathers. Had we had 6 turns, I would have sent the fliers towards the rangers/remaining archers to focus on the objective, as it was I would have to settle for a tie.
    I repositioned the spears to lengthen the charges for the treefathers while keeping the phoenix within 12 inch range

    Magic: I get off a low level molten copper on the pathfinders and kill one. Poor rolls from me and good rolls from my opponent shuts down the rest of my phase.

    Shooting: I managed to kill a couple more pathfinders. I probably should have shot the treefathers, but I remember thinking I wanted him to charge the spears.

    Hunt of the Gnarled Tree- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    He charged my spears with his treefather, I fled, he redirected into the right most bolt thrower and failed.
    He charged the rear of my OotFH with his one kestrel that had been hiding all game. I didn’t see this coming and frankly didn’t think much of it.
    His pathfinders attempt a charge on my right SGR and fail.
    His rangers attempt the charge on the flame wardens, needing an 11 rerollable, but fail, whew.
    He turns his treefather ancient to shoot at my frosty

    Magic: Once again, the only spell I care about is stone skin on the kestrel, I save all my dice for it and fail on a 6 vs 4 dice cast. He also gets summer growth up on the kestrels. So all of a sudden they have two models and they are toughness 7, awesome…

    Shooting: His treefather ancient goes lights out and manages to take the last two wounds off the frosty. Sad.

    Combat: My opponent manages to sneak a wound through on my OotFH and of course wounding on 6s, I manage no wounds. He beats me by 4 and I flee and thankfully he doesn’t catch me.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler
    So, Turn 4 was pretty disastrous need to try to salvage things here

    The BSB/Spears rallies, the OotFH does not…

    I manage to lash off one of the kestrels.

    I manage to wipe out the pathfinders and BSB

    And with that we called it.

    End of Game Thoughts:

    Display Spoiler

    I feel like I played a fairly tight game through deployment and Turns 1 and 2 but things fell apart a little in Turns 3 & 4. I think I made two major mistakes:
    • I honestly didn’t think about the pathfinder charge into my lancers. That move alone cost me the objective.
    • I forgot the new vanguarding distance rule with my reavers on the right. I could have easily blocked the rangers vanguard move with them
    I caught a bit of bad luck with those two dice advantage dispel fails on the stone skin and failing the OotFH rally check but I think it was balanced out with a couple positive rolls for me.
    As it was, I had a fairly decisive points advantage as I’d picked up both his heath shooters, one kestrel, one archer unit and 50% of the other kestrels, the pathfinders and the BSB.
    He’d gotten the frosty, both reavers and the lancers.
    So all up it was a 13-7 to me with a tied objective. I was surprised to hear that the highest score from the other games was a 13 as well, so I ended up on one of the top tables for Round 2.

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