2.0 BETA Games- Local Tourney Game 2

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  • Game Details and Format:
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    This was a fairly one-sided battle so I’ve decided to do it in narrative format because it’s more interesting that way!

    We got diagonal deployment and King of the Hill

    I chose the forest centered in his deployment zone (has the two razorbacks in the picture)

    He chose the ruins in the rear of my deployment zone (bottom right of the picture)

    After a few drops he placed his temple guard and I dropped everything and took first turn

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

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    …As her forces arrayed for battle Yvraine couldn’t help but feel impatient. She’d received word from her spymasters that their scouts had news of a potential tear in the Veil in Virentia but had been held up by a force of Saurians blocking their egress from the jungles.

    She knew her forces would need to enter the edges of the jungle to extract her clandestine troops and she’d left her artillery emplacements to the rear to discourage the saurians from cutting off her access to the sea via a set of ruins.

    She moved forward cautiously in the center preventing her lines from being enveloped and kept her Lancers at a distance from the Saurian infantry, helping to cover their lines of retreat.

    Well familiar with the tricks of the albino frog Yvraine began flinging bolts of flaming force across the battlefield. Joined by a fusillade from her artillery they managed to kill or maim two of the weapons beasts, sending one on the left fleeing.

    Saurians- Turn 1:
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    …Yvraine was surprised as the Saurians moved very little, she was used to the aggressive flanking maneuvers the albino frog employed. However, these tentative moves worked to her advantage and the magical and ranged efforts of the saurians were similarly lack-luster only downing three of her Wardens…

    Both Turns 2:
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    …Yvraine did not feel the same restraint as her foe and took decisive action sending both her Warden blocks into reptilian beasts on the left and center. With a thought Eingana leapt forward towards the treeline and closer to her scouts hidden location, she could feel their presence and shouted orders to them to begin evacuating to the beach.

    As the camouflaged scouts sprinted from the treeline her brother strengthened their infantry to better cut through the thick hides of the cold-blooded monsters. Meanwhile her lancers, Breag and her brother’s spear guard threatened the advance and counter charges of the saurian infantry in the center and right.

    The beasts in the center were cut to pieces and the huge monster on the left was sent running, barely alive.

    Despite these set backs the Saurians maneuvered very little, their infantry lines confused and tangled amongst themselves. Yvraine did notice that the wounded beasts on their left flank recovered their will and repositioned to threaten her forces…

    Both Turns 3:
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    …With the scouts safely retreating Yvraine knew it was time to see off the saurian forces before they could recover. She and one of her Warden units smashed into the bodyguard of the toad caster as the rest of her forces closed in on the saurian infantry taking advantage of their confused lines of charge to take better positions.

    Yvraine enchanted the Warden’s blades with dancing green flames even as she weakened the hulking bodyguard’s defenses. They cut down a dozen of the monsters before they could strike even as her artillery reaped a bloody tally amongst the supporting infantry regiments.

    The initial sluggishness of the saurian’s wore off with the frog magic-user in danger and they sprang into action. The wounded beasts on the left moved forward to threaten her center and the diminutive infantry and monster on the right moved to protect the supporting infantry from her cavalry.

    Distracted by the saurian’s counter maneuvers Yvraine failed to feel the build up of magic energy beneath her and streams of liquid rock flowed up the legs of the frog’s bodyguards, sheathing their scaled bodies with inches of solid stone within moments. Eingana and her Wardens dealt titanic blows to the stone-encased warriors, but only a handful fell this time.

    Turns 4 and end of Game:
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    …Yvraine knew the battle had reached a decisive point and that the frog could not be allowed to live much longer. With a gesture she guided her brother to reform and defend their flank from the returning beasts and with a thought Breag took wing and flung himself at the frog’s bodyguard.

    Her brother and the artillery finished off the wounded beasts on the flank as her light cavalry disrupted the supporting saurian block’s line of advance. With no relief the toad’s bodyguard stood resolute and another handful were smashed to the ground, however, their stone armor was beginning to liquefy and fall away...

    The supporting reptilian infantry saw off the light cavalry, desperate to rescue their shaman-leader but it was too late. Breag and the Wardens slaughtered the remaining bodyguards as their enchantment wore off and Eingana smashed the stone palanquin the magic-user had been resting upon to the ground. As the awkward bulky toad-like form flew through the air it shimmered and disappeared.

    Caught out of position and with their leader gone Chaynal directed the clean up of the reptilian infantry and they were surrounded on all sides by Wardens, Breag and the Lancer cavalry. The Wardens which had dispatched the frog’s bodyguard fought a brave rear-action against one of the hulking monsters which had hung back the entire battle and was now enraged by its master's demise.

    Yvraine took the opportunity to turn Eingana to the beach where the scouts were waiting and they covered the mile distance in seconds Eingana kicking up a sandstorm as she hit the dunes mere feet away from the spies. Yvraine leapt to the ground and beckoned the leader forward even as the elf removed the green cowl of his hood. As the elf opened his mouth to speak Yvraine interrupted him, “Your information had best be accurate, do not waste my time!”

    End of Game:
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    So needless to say it was a 20-0, I had nearly wiped the Saurians from the table (one wound left on a Taurosaur) at the cost of a reaver unit and a Flame Warden unit.
    My opponent was plagued by poor dice and got caught up with the big infantry blocks around that central impassable. With that I was on table 1 facing a very interesting list…

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