2.0 BETA Games- Local Tourney Game 3

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  • Local Tourney Game 3:

    So after two rounds I was in a very solid first position, however, I needed to keep the pressure on as a big win from the second or third placed person would potentially see me knocked off.

    So I walked up to the table facing a mirror match against another HBE player, but in a funny twist I was actually facing my exact list, the ultimate mirror match! My opponent hadn’t had time to list-build and had picked a list he liked off the forum…my list. Combined with the fact that my opponent is one of the stronger players in my region, I knew I’d be in for a tough fight.

    As a reminder, here’s both lists:

    Display Spoiler

    MoCT BSB- HA- Basalt Infusion, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Spear, Book of Arcane Power

    OotFH Adept (Alchemy) General, Young Dragon, DA- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection

    20 Spears, FC- Flaming Std
    8 Lancers, Muso/Std- Ryma Std
    2x5 Reavers

    2x20 Flame Wardens, FC- Flaming Std
    3x 1 Sea Guard Reaper
    Frost Phoenix

    Thoughts on the match:
    What to say here…I felt like a few things would be critical: deployment, spell selection and first turn.

    Deployment/Objective/Spell Selection:

    Display Spoiler
    Spell Selection:
    I chose:
    MoCT- Awaken the Beast, Ravenswing and Altered Sight
    OotFH- Molten Copper, Word of Iron

    He chose:
    MoCT- Awaken the Beast, Ravenswing and Quicksilver Lash
    OotFH- Molten Copper, Word of Iron

    I felt it was a miss he didn’t take Altered Sight for the identical unit match ups

    We got Battle Line and Hold the Center

    Terrain: There was a big piece of impassable in the center that would play a big role. He chose sides and chose the one with the hill.

    We alternated drops as I wanted to see where he put things, after he was 5-6 drops in I dropped everything for first turn.

    His deployment (from my left to right): Frosty, reavers, SGR, Flame Wardens, Spears, SGR, Flame Wardens w BSB, OotFH, Lancers, SGR on hill, Reavers behind hill

    My deployment (from my left to right): Reavers, Frosty, Reavers behind impassable, Flame Wardens, OotFH behind, Spears with BSB, SGRs along the back line, Flame Wardens, Lancers

    Thoughts on deployment: I used my reavers, lancers and SGRs to pull his drops out, once he placed an infantry block I dropped everything. I liked that I could target his SGRs turn 1 with mine and I was hopeful that I could use my lancers on the left to zone his lancers/OotFH and then maybe clean up the hill later in the game.

    I took first turn and away we went

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    No charges
    I wanted to threaten his advance on the center and position 2 units within the objective range
    I saw an opportunity, I was able to get my frosty out of arc of his blocks and an above average charge from his frosty
    The Wardens on my right moved up cautiously, threatening any flanking actions by his cavalry and dragon on the center

    This ended up being a big phase, my opponent understandably prioritized stopping a boosted molten copper on his nearest SGR.
    This let me get through a boosted ravenswing on my frosty which waked and killed the reavers but crucially put the frosty into the rear of his forces and out of LOS of his frosty

    I chipped 3 wounds off his central SGR, had hoped to kill it, which I should have on average

    Faux Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler
    No charges
    He moved forward fairly aggressively in the center with his infantry and brought his frosty in to support
    His cavalry and dragon moved forward somewhat timidly, but overall he kept a somewhat cohesive battle line

    I stopped buff spells on his central infantry and let through quicksilver lash on my cavalry, he killed 3

    Shooting: He focused on my cavalry with two SGRs and killed 1 and pinged a wound or two from the frosty

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler
    A few things happened here that are worth recapping, I thought he’d really made an error pushing his infantry so far forward as it gave me a lot of charge options.

    I declared a charge with my left Wardens at his Spears, when I declared it he questioned whether I could make the wheel. We marked it and I mapped it out and it looked close but good (the central impassable had a favorable curve to it that let the tail end of my Wardens make a wheel, slide along the front of his wardens and connect with the spears). He said at the end of the game that he still wasn’t sure if it was a legal charge, but we played it that way.

    Looking back, I wish I’d just charged the Wardens into the Wardens directly in front of them…

    Left wardens charge spears who hold
    Frosty and OotFH charge rear and front of Wardens on my left who have to hold
    Lancers march forward out of arc of opposing lancers to threaten the hill
    Spears and BSB position to protect the flank of my engaged troops and lengthen the charge for his unengaged Wardens
    Wardens on my right scoot back to lengthen charges
    Reavers reposition for use in later turns

    I got through molten copper on the flame wardens making them flammable

    Shooting: I finished off the central SGR and killed a couple lancers

    My Wardens crushed the spears taking a couple of casualties and killing 10-11. They fled, I pursued and failed to catch
    My OotFH got challenged out, killed the champion of the Wardens and the frosty killed3-4, he did a wound to the frosty, they stuck on steadfast rerollable 9.

    Faux Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler
    The mighty countercharge thunders home and the OotFH and the lancers hit my Wardens on the right, he’d tried to bring his BSB/Wardens in as well, but failed with them
    The frosty hits the flank of my OotFH
    The reavers charge my lancers threatening the hill (I didn’t see that coming as they were in single file)
    The spears rally and turn to face my pursuing Wardens

    Magic: I stop his combat buffs and let him ravenswing his spears out of my Flame Wardens line of sight

    Shooting: With almost everything engaged he had no good targets and couldn’t see my SGRs with his on my left, nothing significant happened

    My frosty and OotFH continue the beat down on his Flame Wardens killing another 6-7. His frosty manages nothing and my frosty takes another wound (I believe he only had 2 left at this stage)

    His OotFH gets challenged out by my Warden champion and smokes him. He manages to kill 5 more Wardens. In a spectacular phase of saves he manages to save 8/9 wounds on a 3+. My Wardens hold on steadfast rerollable 9.

    His reavers manage nothing and I kill one, so with kill/banner to charge he holds on a 7

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler
    The last turn was where my experience with the list was telling I think. His Wardens had an unlikely charge into my Wardens and there was no way his OotFH and Lancers would break my steadfast, so I knew I’d hold.
    I also think bringing his frosty into my OotFH was a mistake, he would have been better off hitting my frosty and trying to take it down.

    With a flank, big flank, 3 ranks, banner, BSB, charge (8 res) bringing my spears into the flank of his OotFH was a no brainer, so they went in with a unit of reavers (for swift stride pursuit help)

    My unengaged Wardens reform to face the flank of his BSB’s unit and the spears

    Magic: I got small word of iron off on my wardens in combat with his dragon and used the attribute to make the ones with my dragon flammable. I needed to get rid of that unit

    Shooting: I do 3 wounds to his SGR on the hill

    My OotFH and Frosty start to really tear through his Wardens, they’re still barely steadfast and hold but his frosty flees

    The lancer reaver combat is an ongoing fluff fest

    I challenge out his OotFH with my spear champ, who gets splattered. My wardens do some work on the lancers bringing them down to 3. He’s autobreak, I pursue the dragon with the reavers and my Wardens away from my Wardens. I catch the dragon, the lancers make it through his Wardens/BSB to safety and my spears/BSB reform

    Faux Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler
    That last turn was pretty devastating, but my opponent wasn’t done yet.
    He brings his BSB’s unit into my depleted wardens
    He rallies both the frosty and the lancers
    He backs his wounded SGR off the back side of the hill to give it cover

    Magic: Here’s where not having altered sight really hurt him. I only cared about awaken the beast so I stopped that and let off ravenswing on the spears, which I didn’t care about

    Shooting: He manages a wound on my reavers


    My OotFH/Frosty finally finished off the Flame Wardens (4 rounds of combat against two stomping monsters, those Wardens are tough!) and the frosty turned to face the spears and the OotFH to face the Warden scrum

    The Warden on Warden action was a push, he had the BSB’s extra attacks and the charge so he was striking first. But mine had the extra pip of armor, giving me a 5+/4++ vs his 6+/4++. That extra armor made the difference and I stood on a rerollable 7 or 8

    The reavers lost another to the lancers, but stood and reformed to bring in more attacks

    Sea Dragon Host-Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    Worth noting that we were running out of time and decided this would be the last turn

    I bring the OotFH and the Flame Wardens into the flank of the Warden on Warden combat
    I bring the frosty into the spears
    I reform the Spears/BSB and back them up away from the frosty
    I move my reavers around to protect flees on the big combats

    Magic: I get altered sight debuff off on his Warden block and awaken the beast strength on my flanking Wardens

    Shooting: I finish off his lancers and his wounded SGR on the hill

    The frosty manages to bring the spears below steadfast, breaks them and runs them down and goes off the board

    With almost half my army into them and with the buffs/debuffs going my way the big Warden combat was a blowout, I crushed them and ran them down

    The lancer combat finally ran its course, and I wiped the Reaver unit out.

    Faux Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    There wasn’t much to do in this turn, his biggest opportunity was to bring the frosty into my spears and try to kill my BSB. I didn’t want to flee with the spears as I’d lose half points for the unit/BSB anyways. So I stood and he killed my BSB

    End of Game Recap:

    Display Spoiler

    So with he had only a frosty and an SGR on the board, I’d lost my BSB… and that was it. I hadn’t mentioned it, but after turn 3 I held the objective, so it was a decisive victory for the true Sea Dragon Host!

    I think the whole game boiled back to him making an overly aggressive advance in his Turn 1. After I positioned around the center pushing forward and giving me my choice of charges was a mistake. After that I felt pretty in control of the game and I don’t think my opponent had a lot of choices (he could have backed off and given up a medium win).

    Tournament Recap:

    Display Spoiler
    So with another 20-0 the Sea Dragon Host took the top spot! An interesting tourney, I don’t think I got any bad match ups, didn’t face any cannons/artillery for example.

    I really need to test my list against some of those bad match ups (DH/ID/OK) but feeling pretty happy with it clearly.

    So now onto some final background to launch a new chapter for the Sea Dragon Host and introduce a new player...

    Post Tourney Fluff:

    Display Spoiler
    …Yvraine raised her sword to signal a halt to her forces allowing a trickle of power to send the jade flames dancing up the blade in a pulse of light. She had no wish to kill her brethren, despite their opposition, the political will of Celeda Ablan was against her cause, but that did not mean she bore them ill will. If her quest was a success she would liberate the elven race and there would be plenty of time for apologies then.

    Her expeditionary force had been pursuing another rumored tear in the Veil, her spymasters constantly had their ears open for tales of demonic incursions and heavy magic use. So far their quest had been in vain, though their encounters with demons had been numerous and they had saved many a city and region from a fate worse than death, her quarry had eluded her. Though her family’s resources were vast, they were not limitless and she knew that she would need to slow or stop her quest eventually.

    With the inexperienced Highborn commander sent running, her forces penetrated further inland towards their goal, a circle of ancient stones which had been the site of a religious community of humans until recently. As her force approach she could see what remained of the humans adorning the standing stones, their mossy grey surface stained black with the blood of countless sacrifices. The object of the sacrifices could be seen only too clearly, a horde of gibbering demons had gathered within the stone circle and at their center stood a towering bipedal creature.

    Yvraine had to bend her will to the task of locking her gaze on the creature, so violently did its mere presence distort reality. Enormous feathered wings sprouted from its back and it gesticulated with wicked clawed appendages which bore a gnarled staff. The object of its attention was a tear in the Veil, slowly widening at the monsters ministrations and disgorging a tide of lesser demons as it grew.

    At the rate the demons were passing through the Veil she knew her forces would stand no chance in minutes, so Yvraine raised her sword even as Eingana gathered herself beneath her. A great blast of wind smashed her down into her saddle and even Eingana strained in an effort to stand upright while all around her infantry were knocked sprawling. Yvraine cast her gaze about frantically, had she led her forces into a trap? As she looked up another blast of wind caught her full force and a huge shimmering blue shape flashed past her in the direction of the demon’s ritual.

    Blue scaled with bronzed ivory flesh, the drake was huge, easily twice Eingana’s weight and wingspan. The monstrosity covered the gap to the bird demon in seconds and snapped its wings out wide, it’s massive hind legs grasped the beast at nearly full speed and bulled it through the tear in the Veil. Both creatures disappeared in a flash of green light as the tear vanished. Even as, with a moaning and wailing, the gibbering horde of lesser demons ceased to be.

    The whole event had taken less than a minute and Yvraine’s mind was left reeling, burned into her mind was the image of the huge dragon’s back so alike and yet unlike Jormungandr’s familiar bulk. And small against the beast’s back she had the impression of a great dragon-winged helm in gold and a burning emerald lance tip…

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  • Vespacian -

    It is a new AD model, watch out for my next blog article with some background fluff on it and the model itself.

  • SmithF -

    Is that a new Ancient Dragon? It looks great!
    Well done on the tournament win, the mirror match is indeed often decided by who has better knowledge of the army and its limitations.