Luxembourg Bash Masters - Game 4

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  • On the fourth game of the weekend, we got to play another Belgian team, Les Rieurs Sangliers (you could translate it as “the merry boars”). They are essentially the second half of the Belgian ETC team for this year, and they’d done quite well for themselves thus far.

    I got paired against Loick, on the basis that nobody else wanted to play my list. Some of you may remember Loick from last year’s tournament reports; he is a very experienced tournament player, but so far we’ve had some very one-sided games due -in part- to his dice. There always seems to be an occurrence of bad luck when he least needs it, and the game goes downhill from there.

    Loick had brought the following KoE list:

    So essentially three big lances, mobile scoring and chaff, a Shamanism master and a duke that can take on my hold guardians on his own. We got to play Marching Columns and Breakthrough. I went for a central deployment, while my adversary opted for a weighted flank to my left, with only some chaff and a small scoring unit of realm knights to my right. The KoE won the roll for the first turn.

    TURN 1
    My adversary moved up cautiously, keeping his chaff hidden behind his lines. In the magic phase, a 4-dice casting of the Totemic Summon was cast with triple 6’s: the Damsel took 3 unsaved wounds from the backlash and died instantly, denying the Equitaine forces their magic support!
    The totemic beast appeared right behind my lines and in range of the anvil.

    Turn 1’s miscast meant that I now had the upper hand: I turned the Hold Guardians around to help deal with the totemic beast, and suffled the rest of my forces to deter any aggressive movement from the knights. The marksmen charged a unit of yeomen right in front of them, and caught them in pursuit when they fled. The flame cannons and crossbows all opened fire and dealt considerable damage to the knights: four questing knights, a grail knight and three realm knights from the rightmost unit died.

    TURN 2

    The totemic beast tried to kill the anvil but failed, and would get killed on the following turn by the Hold Guardians. The Duke joined the outflanking realm knights, ready to charge the flame cannon on the following turn. The main bulk of the knights remained hidden behind a yeoman screen.
    On my turn I used said screen to advance aggressively towards the main knight units, safe from charges. Shooting still put some wounds on the knights, but not as many as on the previous turn.

    TURN 3

    Loick went in point conservation mode here: he silenced one flame cannon with the lord and realm knights, pushed the yeomen screen right on top of my troops and performed a swift reform with the Grail Knights and the Questing Knights that allowed him to move past my charge arcs and in safety.
    The big realm unit was not that lucky, though: by combo charging the yeoman conga line I created a favorable overrun path for my Rangers, boxing them in. A failed march test on the following turn would seal their fate.

    TURN 4 - Endgame

    The Handgunners got charged by the small realm knight unit and managed to not only hold their ground, but also grind the knights down. The Rangers charged the Realm Knights and forced them to flee out of the table. The Seekers and Warriors reformed to threaten the Duke and his retinue.
    The two big knight units moved into my deployment zone and out of charge range of my units, conserving their points.

    The Duke went solo and would charge the Hold Guardians in the closing steps of the game: several S6 D3w hits later, the Hold Guardians disappeared in a single round of combat! The Seekers took revenge of sorts by killing the three remaining knights from the small Realm unit.
    By the end of the game, both of my shooting units and the king’s warriors were sitting into the deployment zone, giving me the objective and a solid 16-4 win.


    True to tradition, Loick managed to make this easy for me by blowing up his mage on turn 1. The game was a favorable matchup to begin with (turns out that knights do not like Flame Cannons, and the same applies for Seekers), so it is understandable why he’d try to conserve points once he lost the Damsel. While I applaud the elven sneaky tactics employed to save the lances, I can’t help but think that the yeoman screen was a mistake that gave me the necessary cover for pushing against the knights.

    Other than that, the Duke on horse is the reason why every subsequent iteration of my list includes a Hold Guardian champion. The rest of the team did well, and we managed a relatively big win! That would propel us up to table 1 and some familiar faces.

    Stay tuned for the final battle against the Parisian team!


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  • Tofic -

    Shamanism spells are a key to handle such match-up. Pity, that Damsel went down so quickly. Really good and clear batreports. Wish you goodluck onto battlefield.