2.0 BETA Games- Buckeye Battles Game 1

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  • Initial Thoughts and Intro:

    Was really looking forward to making it out for Buckeye Battles for the first time this year. I’ve heard nothing but good things and it is the largest tournament in the US by a fair margin (96 players this year). Big shoutout to Jeff and the other TOs for running a very smooth tournament.

    My list:

    Display Spoiler
    You have seen me play this list with slight variations since basically 2.02, here’s the final version I took to the tourney:

    Order of the Fiery Heart Mage Adept on Young Dragon- Alchemy, Dragon Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection [General]
    Master of Canreig Tower Adept- Dragon Armor- Essence of Mithril, Great Weapon, Scepter of Power, Longbow [BSB]
    Royal Huntsmen Commander on Lion Chariot- Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Shield, Talisman of Shielding, Great Weapon, Potion of Speed
    29 Citizen Spears- FC- Flaming Standard
    2x 5 Reavers w Bows
    5 Lancers- Champ
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    3 Sea Guard Reapers
    Looking forward to working through the battle reports in the coming days and seeing how the list did.

    Game 1: Sea Dragon Host vs The Blue Demon Legions

    So a familiar face, those who have read my blog for over a year will remember this opponent as my first round match at Adepticon 2017. That was an unsatisfying 10-10 draw so I was looking forward settling the score!

    My opponent had:

    Display Spoiler
    Harbinger of Change Adept- Thaumaturgy, Firebolt (3+) [General]
    Demon Prince of Change Apprentice- Witchcraft, Eternal Sword, Iron Hide
    14 Horrors- FC, Wizard Conclave
    25 Slaughterers- FC, Hellblades
    4 Pestilent Beasts
    4 Crusher Cavalry, FC
    2x 5 Hellhounds (did not have ambush)
    5 Furies
    Blazing Chariot
    Demon Engine of Lust- Paired Weapons

    Thoughts on the Match Up:

    Display Spoiler

    Luke had a lot of tough stuff coming my way. However, he didn’t have much shooting and I had the ranged threats to really scare his demon prince between three bolt throwers and Lash. I also liked the Flame Wardens in pretty much any match up except the demon prince. Overall, I felt it was a pretty even match up, but I’d been unanimously voted to lose on the pairings YouTube show.

    Deployment and Objective:

    Display Spoiler
    Battle Line and Hold the Ground with the one wrinkle that it was blind deployment with a straight dice off for first turn.

    Spell Selection:

    Display Spoiler
    He took:
    Horrors: Hand of Heaven, Cleansing Fire
    Harbinger: Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever
    DP: Hereditary
    I took:
    OotFH: Word of Iron, Glory of Gold
    MoCT: Lash, Awaken the Beast, Altered Sight

    Terrain and Deployment:

    Display Spoiler
    Take a look down at the Turn 1 picture for reference
    Terrain (from my left to right):
    Top Hill, Bottom Forest, Field, Top Forest, Hill

    His Deployment (from my left to right):
    Hell Hounds on the hill, Pestilent Beasts, Blazing Chariot Behind, Slaughterers, Demon Engine behind, DP behind that, Horrors w Harbinger in forest, furies behind, Crushers, Hell Hounds

    My Deployment (from my left to right):
    Lancers, Chariot Commander, Wardens, Reavers, 3 SGRs along the back, Spears w MoCT BSB central, Wardens, Reavers behind the hill, Dragon Mage on the hill
    I got first turn and away we went:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler
    I advanced my Warden blocks up to zone the objective and used the Dragon Mage and Chariot Commander to do the same on each flank. Spears hung back while reavers and lancers kept themselves in relevant positions

    He let me get off Word of Iron on the Spears and stopped everything else

    With everything I wanted to shoot at in cover, I took off 3 slaughterers and did a wound to the dogs on my left

    Blue Demon Legions- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    No charges, but my opponent moved forward with some caution in the middle, keeping long charges for my wardens. His dogs on my left shuffled up a bit uncertain, while those on my right marched full forward unopposed.

    He managed to do a wound to both the spears and the Wardens on my left while getting a wound off on my Dragon Mage with a boosted hand of heaven.

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    I thought about this a lot and ultimately decided I liked the match up with the slaughterers, so I charged the Chariot Commander and the Wardens on my left into the Slaughterers. Both charges failed and we shuffled forward a few inches.
    I pulled both of my fast cav units back and brought the dragon mage back to my center so she could get healed up. The spears just adjusted a bit to ensure BSB and spell range.

    I had a pretty weak phase but managed to get Glory of Gold up on the left Flame Wardens with flammable on the slaughterers (opponent stopped both altered sight and awaken the beast)

    Not a great phase, I killed 1-2 slaughterers and pinged a wound off of the blazing chariot.

    Blue Demon Legions- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler

    My opponent really thought about this a lot and despite the buffs decided to take the Slaughterers and the blazing chariot into the Flame Wardens, both made it in with the blazing chariot clipping the left corner (from my perspective)
    His entire line surged forward on either side of the combat looking to press the advantage, though his dogs on my left held back (trying to stay out of arc of the lancers which are out of frame on my bottom left)

    My opponent had an unlucky phase here and failed a smite the unbeliever on the Wardens strength allowing me to dispel cleansing fire.

    Not a lot of great targets, I think his horrors killed a spearmen or two

    I had calculated the outcome of pretty much every variation of this combat between Wardens and Slaughterers and with the current buffs I had up it was solidly in my favor. The big swing would be the impact hits from the chariot, I held my breath and my opponent rolled a…1! To add insult to injury, he failed to wound.
    The Wardens performed pretty much dead on expectations killing 5 slaughterers, between the crew and the slaughterers they took 4 Wardens in return. Adding up the combat bonuses we were either even or I’d lost by one, either way I stuck.

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler
    If this was a Chihammer episode this is the part where I’d tell you to turn down your speakers in 3,2,1…CHARGE!
    My opponent told me afterwards he hadn’t really developed a mitigation plan as he’d expected the slaughterers/blazing chariot to blow through the Wardens, as a result:
    • The chariot commander went into the blazing chariot
    • The dragon mage went into the flank of the slaughterers
    • My wardens on the right went into the crushers
    Because my opponent had presented an almost unbroken line of units, I was able to easily chaff the demon engine with my reavers which chaffed the demon prince behind it (you can see his yellow top knot above the demon engine). The reavers were just able to angle to prevent an overrun by the demon engine into the flank of my Wardens who had just charged on my right.
    I was able to march my lancers forward behind the pestilent beasts and just out of arc of the hounds on the hill.
    As a last sneaky move, I moved my rightmost bolt thrower just out of charge range of the hounds on my right.

    This is the type of phase where my magic really shines, both Wardens were in combat, both combats are important. How does my opponent manage dispel priority when 3 spells (both alchemy spells and awaken the beast) are must stops and 1 (altered sight) is a nice to stop?
    Not particularly well, as was the case here, ultimately he decided to prioritize stopping Glory of Gold and Altered Sight which let me get off word of iron on the Wardens in combat with the slaughterers (making them flammable) and awaken the beast on the right Wardens (healing the wound on my dragon mage).

    With one of my bolt throwers moved, I didn’t have a big phase, I think I plinked a wound or two off the demon engine

    On my right, the Wardens had a strong round removing two crushers taking only 3 casualties in return.
    On my left, the Wardens, chariot commander and dragon mage crushed the blazing chariot and the slaughterers. To my dismay, the dragon mage didn’t make an 8 overrun into the flank of the pestilent beasts, so the chariot commander pivoted to block up the beasts and the Wardens pivoted to face the center.

    Blue Demon Legions- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler
    After a devastating round of combat my opponent had a big decision to make, should he push back and take some risks to try to salvage the game, or pull back and take a middling loss. He decided to go all in.

    The pestilent beasts charge the chariot commander, the hounds on my right charged the flank of my spear unit with BSB (I measured this out and determined that the flee was riskless) and I fled. The horrors and general charged the Wardens on my left. Lastly the demon engine hit my chaffing reavers.
    Beyond that, the hounds on my left moved up to be helpful in the center next turn, the demon prince moved out into the open to threaten my spear unit/BSB next turn and the hounds on the right failed their charge and stumbled forward.

    With all of his magic in combat, dispel priority was pretty easy. Unfortunately for my opponent he failed a cleansing fire cast which allowed me to put all my dispel dice on stopping his hereditary.

    The beast / chariot commander combat was fairly even, I killed a beast and he pushed a wound through. All stick.
    The horror flame warden combat was fairly uneventful, I killed 3-5, he killed 1. Everyone stuck.
    The Warden crusher combat was a big disappointment, I managed 1 wound and took 3 in return. All stick.
    The demon engine kills two reavers, who flee and he chooses to post combat pivot to face the flank of my Wardens engaged with the crushers.

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    We realized at the beginning of this turn that it would be the last turn.

    My dragon mage went into the flank of the pestilent beasts, my lancers went into the horrors engaged with my Wardens.
    My spears/BSB rallied (reforming to face the DP) and so did my fleeing reavers, who reformed to block up the hounds.

    I had two priorities this turn, I wanted to activate the OotFH boost on my dragon mage and hit the DP with Lash. I managed to do both as my opponent prioritized stopping awaken the beast on my Wardens engaged with the crushers. Lash managed 1 wound on the DP (healed the wound on the chariot commander) and I got Glory of Gold up on the chariot commander. I got a bit greedy and used the flammable attribute on the crushers.

    All bolt throwers single shot at the DP and manage to do the three wounds needed to kill it. A big points swing.

    In what I perceived as an epic fail, my chariot commander/dragon mage with flaming attacks all around only managed to do a total of 6 wounds (after crumble) to the pestilent beasts (that’s 10 st 5 attacks and 4 st 6 MW 2 attacks (all hitting on 3s) with just a 5+ ward save)
    My wardens against the crushers activated their flaming standard and raised the performance, but my opponent had some great saves, I think I got 1 or two wounds through and took another couple in return
    With the Wardens/Lancers/Horror combat the horrors got wiped out leaving only the Harbinger in combat with the Wardens. The lancers overran as far as they could to lengthen the charge for the hounds in their rear.

    Blue Demon Legions- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    My opponent decided to go for a hail mary and bring his hounds into the flank of the dragon mage. With a large volume of st 5 attacks hitting on 3s, some bad saves could see a big points swing in his direction.
    The demon engine hit the flank of my Wardens engaged with crushers.
    The hounds on my right hit the chaffing reavers.

    With only one spell, my opponent tried 5 dicing smite the unbeliever and I dispelled it.

    The reavers died
    The harbinger died
    The pestilent beasts died and the hounds hung around but didn’t manage to kill the dragon mage.
    My Wardens on the right finally did their job and put a few more wounds on the crushers. Combined with poor rolls on the demon engine the wardens actually managed to hold, not give up any points themselves and get the crushers below 25% to grab some points from them.
    Lastly, my heroic Wardens who had held the line in the center and contested the objective all game had finally wiped out all the scoring enemies in range and won me the objective at the bottom of the turn.

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    Display Spoiler

    I had managed to take the pestilent beasts, DP, Harbinger (general), Horrors, Slaughterers, Blazing Chariot and 50% of the Crushers
    He had managed to take one unit of reavers…that was it
    Combined with the objective, it was a decisive 20-0 for the Sea Dragon Host!

    This game all boiled back to my opponent’s charge on my left Wardens with the Slaughterers/Blazing Chariot. Running the math, with the buffs I had up I think I’d have to roll poorly and he’d have to roll well to have a decisive combat there and break the Wardens. Even if he had, I had the spears and the dragon mage in position for a countercharge.

    Beyond that, a little extra luck killing the DP turned what was already a solid victory into a massacre.
    I don’t think I made any mistakes and my opponent made a few minor ones, this would not be the first time my opponent would make a decisive move and completely forget about my reavers chaffing.

    I was sure after a big win in Round 1 that I’d be facing a very high quality opponent in Round 2, and I was not to be disappointed…more to come!

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  • Swordthain -

    Wow!! Thanks for the battle report! It was a really fun read. I’m very much looking forward to more!

    Also, I think you’ve inspired me with your 2x20 FW units. I’m going to have to add a couple units to my own collection!

    • Vespacian -

      Thanks, there’s four more coming so stay tuned!

      The FW were my MVPs in almost every game this tournament, they have their weaknesses, but if played right can be a great asset.