2.0 BETA Games- Buckeye Battles Game 2

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  • Game 2: Brandon’s Ogre Khans
    So, after a big win in Game 1, it was likely I’d be coming up against some stiff competition and Buckeye didn’t disappoint. I ended up paired against Brandon, who is sort of 9th age royalty as I believe he is Wargaming from the Balcony’s son.

    Brandon had a nasty Ogre Khan list, see below:
    Display Spoiler
    Shaman Master, Pyromancy, Crown of Autocracy, Magical Heirloom, Trolleater
    BSB Khan, Mammoth Hide Cloak, Talisman of Shielding, Cult Leader
    Mammoth Hunter, 2+ Fireborn(2+), Hunting Spear, Iron Fist, Spinesplitter, Lucky Charm, Wrestler’s Belt
    Mammoth Hunter, 3+, Fireborn(3+), Hunting Spear, Iron Fist
    9 Tribesmen, Iron Fist, FC Banner of Speed
    2x3 Bruisers (one with Champ)
    3x1 Sabretusks
    Rock Auroch
    8 Mercenary Veterans, FC Penant of the Great Grass Sky, Iron Fists, Plate Armor, Poisoned Attacks

    Thoughts on the match up:
    Display Spoiler
    A lot of scary stuff in this list, vanguarding mammoth hunters would help to put pressure on me early and I didn’t have a good answer for the Merc Vets as their damage output was insane.
    However, it wasn’t all bad, with virtually no shooting and with poor spell options (I had so much fireborn in my list that his magic missiles and flaming swords weren’t much use) I felt pretty good at range.
    If I could pick my match ups and contain the mammoth hunters/chaff the Vets I felt I could pick significant points off from this list without taking much damage. Additionally, I had a secret weapon for just this scenario (breakthrough), the lancers!

    As a reminder I had:
    Display Spoiler

    Order of the Fiery Heart Mage Adept on Young Dragon- Alchemy, Dragon Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection [General]
    Master of Canreig Tower Adept- Dragon Armor- Essence of Mithril, Great Weapon, Scepter of Power, Longbow [BSB]
    Royal Huntsmen Commander on Lion Chariot- Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Shield, Talisman of Shielding, Great Weapon, Potion of Speed
    29 Citizen Spears- FC- Flaming Standard
    2x 5 Reavers w Bows
    5 Lancers- Champ
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    3 Sea Guard Reapers

    Spell Selection:
    Display Spoiler
    I took:
    Dragon Mage: Word of Iron, Glory of Gold
    MoCT: Awaken the Beast, Hereditary, Ravenswing
    He took:
    Hereditary, Enveloping Embers, Flaming Sword, Pyro Flow

    Scenario/Objective and Deployment:
    Display Spoiler

    Refused Flank and Breakthrough

    Terrain (see pic below):
    From my left to right: field, hill at top, ruins, fence (looks like a hedge), forest at the top, field, hill bottom right
    I dropped everything for first turn as I wanted to prevent the mammoth hunters from getting into my back lines too quickly

    His deployment (from my left to right):
    Mammoth Hunter/Kitty, Mammoth Hunter/Kitty, Bruiser Dart, Tribesmen w BSB and Shaman, Rock Auroch, Merc Vets, Bruiser Dart

    My deployment (from my left to right):
    Three Bolters in the back, reavers, Flame Wardens, Spears w BSB, Dragon Mage, Flame Wardens, Chariot Commander, Reavers, Lancers

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:
    Display Spoiler

    I didn’t move much, shifted forward a few inches mainly and ensured I had firing lines.

    I got the hereditary up

    I managed to kill one of the dogs and do a wound on the mammoth hunter on the right

    Brandon’s Ogre Tribe- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    After some tentative vanguards by the Mammoth Hunters, they moved forward tentatively again trying to box in my Wardens on the left
    The ogre line made some moderate moves forward, taking advantage of their longer threat ranges to give me some tough decisions next turn

    Overall, he managed to kill one Warden from each unit, I focused on stopping enveloping embers on my spears

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    The Ogres had put me in an awkward position, backing up was no good, they would still have some feasible charges, especially the Merc Vets.
    After a bit of measuring, I saw that I could chaff his entire line with one unit of reavers, allowing me to position multiple counter charge opportunities at no risk:
    • I brought my wardens on the right along with the Dragon Mage and Chariot Commander out to the flank to threaten any advances in the center
    • Wardens on the left shifted to keep both Hunters in front arc
    • The lancers shot forward around the hill to position for breakthrough shenanigans
    • My other reaver unit pulled back to be ready for future chaffing

    Magic: He let me get off Oaken Throne and the Hereditary

    Shooting: My bolt throwers managed to kill the unwounded mammoth hunter and did a wound or two off the tribestar

    Brandon’s Ogre Tribe- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler

    The remaining mammoth hunter charges my flame wardens on the left
    The tribestar charges the chaffing reavers, causing them to do an awkward close the door move
    His remaining kitty chaffs up my wardens on the right and he positions his Mercs so that the dragon and chariot are front charges next turn
    His bruisers shuffle around on either flank positioning to threaten next turn

    Magic: With his caster in combat my opponent only had two options, I didn’t want his hereditary up so I let flaming swords on the tribestar go

    The tribestar wiped the reavers with impact hits and stayed roughly still
    The mammoth hunter came into the Wardens and through bad rolling on his part and good ward saves on mine he lost combat and fled, I failed to catch him

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler

    I thought about this a lot and my opponent had left me an interesting opportunity, in the picture above you can see that my chariot commander and Dragon Mage had a mid-range charge on the tribestar. With flaming swords up, I could go the first round of combat with fireborn ward saves up. I knew it would take a long time for the two characters to chew through the unit, but the Ogres didn’t have good countercharges in place to save the unit anytime soon.

    The Flame Wardens on the right charge the kitty.
    The Wardens on the left charge the bruisers in front of them.
    The Chariot Commander and Dragon Mage both made their charges on the Tribe star (these were like a 7 and 8 swifstride roll respectively)
    My remaining reaver unit chaffed up the rock auroch
    The Lancers swung around the hill and managed to march out of arc of the Bruisers protecting that flank
    The spears moved up, looking back I’m not sure why, but there they were

    My opponent let through Glory of Gold on the Royal Huntsmen, flammable went on the Tribestar

    Lacking good targets my bolters and reavers managed 3 wounds on the Rock Auroch

    In a major swing from last turn, the Flame Wardens on the left only do a single wound and take four in return from the Bruisers. The Wardens stick and the Bruisers reform to bring in one more stomp.
    The Wardens on the right kill the kitty and reform to face the Merc Vets and accept their fate
    In the Tribestar/Character combat, the champion challenges my Dragon Mage and gets ripped apart. The Chariot Commander kills a couple tribesmen and does a couple wounds to the Shaman. Tribestar sticks on steadfast.

    Brandon’s Ogre Tribe- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler
    The Rock Auroch charges the chaffing reavers
    The Merc Vets charge the Wardens, fortunately the chaffing reavers prevented them from getting half the unit into combat
    The Mammoth Hunter fails to rally and keeps running
    The bruisers on my right just turn around to threaten the Lancers

    With his caster engaged and flaming swords more of a liability than a help, dispel priority was easy and I just stopped the hereditary.

    Rock Auroch kills the reavers and reforms
    Merc Vets unload on the Flame Wardens, killing half of them taking little in return. The Wardens run and the Mercs don’t catch them
    In the tribestar/character combat, the BSB challenges and my Dragon Mage accepts. They fluff, generally. The chariot commander kills the Shaman, the Tribestar sticks on steadfast

    The Wardens on the left remember where they put their halberds and kill two Bruisers, the remaining one does little and flees, the Wardens pivot to face the flank of the Tribestar

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler
    We realized at the top of this turn that we were unlikely to have enough time for a Turn 5

    The left Wardens hit the flank of the TribeStar
    The fleeing Wardens rally and face the Merc Vets
    The Lancers move out of arc of the bruisers and solidly into his deployment zone

    I get off Awaken the Beast on the Wardens and Glory of Gold on the Chariot Commander and flammable on the tribe star

    Shooting: I kill the Mammoth Hunter

    I wipe out the TribeStar and the Wardens chase the BSB and catch him in his deployment zone.

    Brandon’s Ogre Tribe- Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler
    This turn went quick, his Rock Auroch thought better of his charges, if either my Dragon Mage or Chariot Commander survived the impact hits they had a real chance to kill the beast before it got to swing.

    The Merc Vets mop up the depleted Flame Wardens

    With that we were done, really fun game and a great opponent.

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:

    Display Spoiler
    It ended up being a 15-5 and I won the objective making it a 18-2, another big win for the Sea Dragon Host.

    A few things went my way this game (my bolters killing a mammoth hunter in one turn, some insane wards against the other mammoth hunter the following round), but the biggest swing in the game was my use of the Reavers. Blocking up virtually his entire line while I positioned and executed on counter charges was huge.

    Worth noting, I was more scared of some of the other OK lists that took the Mammoth hunter concept and dialed it up to 11 (3 mammoth hunters, 3 giants, etc), but I felt this was a fairly even match up overall aside from his magic being pretty useless.

    So with two big wins I was really interested to see who I ended up against in Round 3, and wouldn’t you know it I drew the worst match up of all…more to come!

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