2.0 BETA Games- Buckeye Battles Game 3

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  • So after a big first two games I was sitting on 38 points and the gods of Buckeye Battles felt it was time to bring me back down to earth, I drew the one match up that I knew going into Buckeye was going to be RPS for my list…Infernal Dwarves.

    As you can tell from its construction my list relies heavily on flaming/flammable combo and 90% of my opponents army had wards against flaming attacks, great! This was a tough game and I didn’t get many pictures, unfortunately. Fortunately Max was a great guy and he had a mean list, see below:

    Max’s Infernal Dwarf Fireborn Bonanza:
    Display Spoiler

    Max had a beautiful army with a very striking colors scheme:

    Alchemy Prophet Master, Steals one veil token from me per turn
    BSB, don’t remember what he got
    Overlord on Great Bull, very killy

    Kadim Titan
    Infernal Engine with D3 wound guns
    3x10ish Dwarves w Flintlock Axes (Prophet and BSB go in one of these)
    25ish Orc Slaves
    4 Taurukh Annointed, Banner of Shamut

    As a reminder, I had:

    Display Spoiler

    Order of the Fiery Heart Mage Adept on Young Dragon- Alchemy, Dragon Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection [General]
    Master of Canreig Tower Adept- Dragon Armor- Essence of Mithril, Great Weapon, Scepter of Power, Longbow [BSB]
    Royal Huntsmen Commander on Lion Chariot- Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Shield, Talisman of Shielding, Great Weapon, Potion of Speed
    29 Citizen Spears- FC- Flaming Standard
    2x 5 Reavers w Bows
    5 Lancers- Champ
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standa

    Thoughts on the match up:
    Display Spoiler

    Obviously, this was not great, I had no good answers for the Titan or the Bull other than my chariot commander, who could do some damage but was unlikely to win either match up over the grind.

    After looking at his list and the objective I felt my best bet was to play for a 10-10, I don’t typically like to play this way but at the largest GT of the year, I felt it was the right move.

    Spell Selection:
    Display Spoiler
    I took:
    Word of Iron and Glory of Gold
    Awaken the Beast, Hereditary and Lash

    He took:
    Silver Spike, Hereditary, Corruption of Tin and I’m not sure what else

    Display Spoiler

    Marching Columns/Capture the Flags

    Terrain (left to right, see below):
    Forest, water feature, hill on his side, central field, forest, ruins upper right

    I dropped everything to go first as I wanted to start chipping away at his scoring units

    After my turn 1 movement

    My deployment (my left to right): Reavers, Chariot Commander, Flame Wardens, RBT, Spears/BSB, RBT, Flame Wardens, Dragon Mage, RBT, Reavers, Lancers

    His deployment (my left to right): Orcs screening Annointed and Core Dwarves, Core Dwarves on hill w BSB/Prophet, Bull, Infernal Engine and Titan behind the hill, core dwarves on hill

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:
    Display Spoiler

    Frankly, I was a bit perplexed by his deployment, I really saw him as having the distinct advantage in this match up and if I’d been him I would have deployed on the line to rush me with his monsters.

    I moved up cautiously, ensuring I was out of max shooting range of the infernal engine

    Magic/Shooting: Combined I managed to kill one dwarf from the bunker unit…

    Infernal Dwarves Turn 1:
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent moved aggressively forward with his orcs and brought all three of his monsters out to play

    Magic: I let my opponent get off a few magic missiles saving all my dice to stop silver spike on my dragon. I fail to dispel with a 6 dice to 4 advantage. It wounds, I fail my ward and he makes max wounds…great.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    I realize that having my Wardens behind the water is not a good place as I considered charging the orcs with the Wardens and the chariot commander but didn’t want to risk the DTs or failing and ending up in the water.
    I just tweak my positioning and move the dragon centrally to ensure it can be healed by the MoCT

    Magic: I manage to get lash off on the infernal engine, healing a wound on the Dragon Mage and doing one wound to the Engine.

    Shooting: After the awful first round of shooting I decide to start taking single shots at the engine, failing to do any damage.

    Infernal Dwarves Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent doesn’t move much

    I once again save all my dice to stop spike, fail a 5 dice to 4 dispel, he wounds, I fail my ward and he does max wounds killing my Dragon Mage.

    Mid-game (Turns 3 & 4):
    Display Spoiler

    So I found myself at the bottom of 2 down 900+ points and half my magic phase. Having done a total of 2 wounds in 2 turns I had a big decision to make, do I:

    • Pull back, spend 4 turns shooting at a single scoring unit and hope that I can hold off the Titan/Bull long enough and try to eke out a small win if I can get the objective or more likely a small loss
    • Push forward and try to get my opponent to make a mistake

    So I went for b and looking back it was absolutely the wrong decision.

    To make matters worse my dice completely let me down, here are some features:
    • My wardens on the right lure the titan into a charge, goal being to hold as my spears were positioned for a flank charge. I figured 40-50 attacks over 2 rounds, I’d roll enough 6s to finish the thing off. Titan charges in, The Wardens barely maintained their steadfast after a terrible round of ward saves and then failed their re-rollable 9 break test and flee.
    • Spears are now out of position with the Kadim in their flank and the Bull in their front
    • My opponent makes a mistake and left me a charge into his infernal engine from my Chariot Commander with an overrun into his bunker. I make the charge, get awaken the beast up and then proceed to do…2 wounds in the next 3 rounds of combat, that’s 26 high strength attacks all hitting automatically or on 3s and wounding on 3s or 4s
    • I successfully chaff his titan with my reavers, but he gets his Bull into my spears and proceeds to wipe the unit out in a couple rounds along with the BSB
    • Due to line of sight issues I end up shooting at his kadim with single bolts for two turns and do two wounds in total (6 shots hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s)
    So, my questionable decision was punished with some really awful luck. Had either of these two strategies paid off I would have been well-positioned to recover the game. As it was it was bottom of four and we were getting tight on time, we agreed to at least play Turn 5.

    End of Game:
    Display Spoiler

    Either because he was greedy, or because he felt bad for me and wasn’t paying enough attention, my opponent gave me a medium charge with my wardens on his Annointed who had been moving up along the flank
    • I got the charge, my Wardens rolled out of the box and broke the Annointed and ran them off the board.
    • The Bull chased down my depleted Wardens, seeing them fleeing at the end of the game, but just barely above 25% giving him only 50% points
    • The Titan charged my Chariot [lexicon]Commander Apparently the Titan’s flank charge woke him up and he managed to do a few wounds to the Titan bringing it below 25% and giving me 50% points for the beast

    Results/Thoughts on the Game:

    Display Spoiler

    Turns 1-4 had been an unmitigated disaster, but Turn 5 had salvaged something and I’d managed to tie the objective and take some meaningful points off my opponent. It ended up a 14-6 to my opponent on points.

    My opponent told me that he’d never seen worse dice than mine, I’ll admit I got a bit frustrated, kudos to my opponent for being a real gentleman about it. Had my dice showed up even slightly below average (rather than terrible) at one of four instances (both silver spikes, the warden break test and the chariot commander infernal engine combat) the game could have been substantively different.

    As it was, this was a terrible match up to begin with, I probably should have had the discipline to play for the draw but the Dragon Mage’s unlikely demise early really forced my hand.

    This game really made me rethink my list, there were at least 5 ID at this tournament, having a list with such a hard counter is asking for trouble in a GT.

    So after 3 games I was sitting at 44 points, still fairly strong, and looking forward to Day 2…

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Comments 2

  • Vespacian -

    Agreed it’s not a great match up for the Wardens, all I needed them to do was not lose steadfast and hold. They managed the first part, even did a wound.

    Next turn the spears would have come into the flank, with a combined total of around 35 attacks between the two units and a static res of 8 I felt fairly confident I could take it down.

    But it was not to be.

  • Cealyne -

    Yeah, that’s a terrible match up for sure. Your dice start d to act like mine this round. I think flame wardens against the titan are a bad match up. Your unit is too small to tank it. 7 attacks, battle focus, with higher weapon skill, thunder stomp and burning body... yuck.