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    We got invited to the @SmithF Inviational!
    Casimir and I discuss the tournament pack and our first thoughts on lists for the tournament.
    Part 1 of a multipart series!

    For those who want to read the tournament pack:

    The SmithF 2021 invitational

    To bring together creators of content from across the world for five fun games of T9A, in a relaxed atmosphere and to encourage the creation of youtube battle reports / podcasts. To also show that T9A can be played in many variations compared to the usual 4500 tournament list.

    The rules :
    Have fun, and produce content! I’d ask all of the participants to produce battle reports of their games, after all that’s the reason for this initiative! It can be written reports, videos, podcasts, anything you want.

    Participants :
    Ideally, keep the player pool around 16-strong, to make reporting easier and limit tournament handling effort while keeping everything centralized and engaging with the community. Feel free to suggest content creators that are ok with playing online!

    Tournament Pack:
    Army books: any T9A publication is allowed, including supplement books (Asklanders, Makhar, Cultists, Hobgoglins and the Giant Supplement)

    Armylists: overall “don’t be that guy” policy. You can play anything you want, just keep it interesting for everyone. Think of the battles more like White Dwarf battle reports and less like the top table at the ETC. I can’t enforce “bad” choices, but it would be nice to see some things that one doesn’t regularly take at a tournament. But more importantly, take something you'll genuinely have fun playing.

    Each player must submit a legal 3000 point list (A) and two 1500 point “side boards” (B and C). The following combinations must all give ‘legal’ lists:
    A + B (4500 point list)
    A + C (4500 point list)
    A + B + C (6000 point list)

    The games: UB, Warhall or even real life games if you’re as fortunate!

    Maps: use map pack A+B (so roll a D16 prior to each game). For the game on the shorter table, just “cut” 6” on either side of the long edge.

    Round duration: 2 weeks / round unless there's any objection. This is supposed to be more of a "slow burn" and allow you guys to create content! First round would start early October, allowing for a tournament finish before the holidays!

    Round 1: First skirmishes
    3000 point game using your “A” list. Game played on a 5’x4’ table . Deployment: Frontline clash. Scenario: Capture the Flag!

    Round 2: Assassination attempt!
    4500 point game using your “A” list and your choice of B or C. Game played on a 6’x4’ table.
    Deployment: random. Scenario: Assassination!
    Assassination: nominate a character in the enemy’s list: the player who kills the enemy’s character first wins the scenario, unless the opponent kills his chosen character too (in which case the scenario is a draw).

    Round 3: Treason!
    Army swap round. 4500 point game using the “A” list and the opponent’s choice of B or C (so each player picks the “detachment” for the army he will be using) . Game played on a 6’x4’ table
    Deployment: random. Scenario: Annihilate!
    Annihilate: for this round each player scores points based on how many casualties he deals: for each 225 points killed, 1 Battle Point is scored, up to a total of 20 (so each player can score 20 points if mutual annihilation is achieved!)

    Round 4: Fight for the high ground
    4500 point game using your “A” list and your choice of B or C. Game played on a 6’x4’ table.
    Deployment: random. Scenario: King of the Hill

    Round 5: The Grand Finale
    6000 point game using A+B+C. Played on a 6’x4’ table
    Deployment: Frontline Clash. Scenario: Hold the Ground

    The winner:
    This tournament will have two winners

    a) Overall best general: whoever scores the most points
    b) People’s choice: via open poll in the forum – anyone following the event on the forum will be able to vote based on the quality of the battle reports, list originality, or any other criterion they wish!

    Each winner will hopefully receive a custom forum tag (I’ll need to negotiate that with the powers that be) and a gift voucher for a GW Start Collecting box of their choice: I’ll be doing prize support and I selected the GW box for facility’s sake (can be done online and has a long validity date). Perfect for a christmas gift! [Read More]
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    Only a few weeks/months late... on this week's show the guys are joined by a crack-team of rodent experts, in the form of JT and Cas, to discuss the new Vermin Swarm book. As well as all the rat chat, the team discuss why airbrushes are a pain in the hoop, why sportsmanship is important, and why the Maus Cannon is the worst name in existence. Enjoy!

    The Scottish 9th Age Facebook page for updates and news about forthcoming tournaments and events here

    And the Scottish 9th Age Twitter for pictures from battle reports, events etc.

    To get in touch with the podcast team and to submit questions for the show you can email us at [Read More]
  • Hey Everyone! Three videos this week:

    In our first video this week, SwampSwimmer has his round 4 game of SoCal Joust 2021. Also, @SkavenInAZ and @Vespacian ROAST his game and point out how he messed up the whole game. It sucks to lose bets!

    In our second video, SwampSwimmer gives a quick update on the North American Team Championships (NATC). Get your teams signed up before we fill up!

    In our last video, Vespacian plays his round 4 game of SoCal Joust 2021. He gets paired into Pete, a great player, and a dwarf player, ugh.

    See you next week!

    Your cold-blooded friend, SwampSwimmer [Read More]
  • Hey Everyone! Only two videos this week:

    In our video this week, we have episode 10 of Binding Role, where we play 5e Dungeons and Dragons in the world of the 9th Age. This episode the adventurers head back to the catacombs to find the next sister of D'or and find an old friend.

    In our last video, SwampSwimmer heads into round 3 of SoCal Joust 2021. I get paired into a old friend, Darrell, and I have to play DWARVES, ugh.

    See you next week!

    Your cold-blooded friend, SwampSwimmer [Read More]
  • Thursday the Hotfix on Vermin Swarm Alpha 3 was published here:…s/1174-vs-alpha-3-hotfix/

    We take a look at the differences between Alpha and Beta phase and of course on what the current hotfix brings.

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    All episodes you can find in the Blog on T9A (…-list/100-t9a-in-bavaria/). There, we are also happy about every like.

    Please follow us on Twitter (, if you don't want to miss a single episode. [Read More]

  • Auf T9A wurde am Donnerstag spätabends hier:…s/1174-vs-alpha-3-hotfix/ das Hotfix für die Alpha 3 von Vermin Swarm veröffentlicht.

    Wir schauen uns an, was der Unterschied zwischen Alpha und Beta ist, wann meistens mit dem jeweiligen Hotfix zu rechnen ist und natürlich was uns allen der Hotfix zur Alpha 3 von VS bringt.

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