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    Hi, we kick of the Campaign with playing 1 500 Point armies (Please create a thread for your armyist and post it here: The First scenario we play is Hidden Treasurea from here: T9A – Scenarios – 2.0.1 ( Please remember to use the Flux Cards for Warbands from here: T9A – Scenarios – 2.0.1 ( We all play on map B1 (The Mages Sancturum)

    The first round goes from the 1.04 to the 1.05. People who want to start early can do that. Please document each of your games with the lists used and a few words about the result (and if you are able a battle report here: Join or at least follow the babarian ehm bavarian campaign)

    So why do we fight and where and what do we fight about? Let me tell it to you by showing an intercepted Letter from a not so important Envoy from the Empire of Sonnstahl (and please be aware, that the diplomatic representation of all other nations and armies in Avras likely sent simular messages, too.

    My dear son,

    please make sure no one is looking over your shoulders, when you read this. This letter can held the founding stone of to your future carrier in the mitlitary or the reason for a long stay with the inquisition for both of us. So if you want you ambitions to be filled, read on but if you are afraid of your own courage, stopp reading now, burn this letter and bury its ashes in several different places.
    So my brave son, you haver decided to continue to read. That is good. Do you see the map on the back of this letter? The embassy was able to find it in some newly aquired old books from the time when Avras fell to the swarm. IT shows the area around an at that time old and manic Mages Sancturum. Somewhere there he should have burried some hints to his earthshakeing and ground breaking magical knowledge. As it is rumourd that his experiments were instrumental in creating the Vermins Swarm, his magical knowledge should be a real gamechanger for the imperial schools of wizardy. And as you know a happy wizard is a good (and paying) friend so they should be able and willing to support our rise to the top.

    So as you should be on a patrol near AVras anyway, grap your patrol and get the treasure and hints from there before my Superiors letter has reached your Superiors and the fat officiers usually sitting around a fire and some food get all the applouse for secureing the magical knowledge of that ancient mage.

    We will see us at court my son,

    Martin Müller

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    Greetings! We are happy to announce to you that one of the most anticipated T9A online leagues is returning with the 6th Season: The Fading Flame!

    Join over 190 players to play against some of the finest gamers from all around the world, and most importantly, to have fun!

    Finish your league in the top two, earn your position in the playoffs, and fight for the championship!

    Do you want to check out the rules? Visit our website:

    Do you want to join? Visit our discord channel:

    This is your chance to be THE FLAME!

    So you want to join, but don't know how? Just take a look at this video: [Read More]
  • A report of the five games we played at Tag Team 2023 at GoW in Västerås.

    This is the list we used:
    Vermin Swarm
    205 – House Prefect: General, Skorchit Alchemist, Deepfire Thrower, Orator’s Toga, Sacred Chalice
    285 – Swarm Priest: Adept (Witchcraft), Caelysian Pantheon, Rod of Battle, Book of Arcane Mastery
    125 – Duskblade Assassin
    125 – Duskblade Assassin
    579 – 48 Blackfur Veterans: FC, Legion Standard
    225 – 6 Experimental Weapon Teams: Jezails
    165 – 3 Experimental Weapon Teams: Rotary Guns
    190 – 1 Vermin Artillery: Mauss Rifle
    200 – 15 Shadowfur Stalkers: Throwing Weapons, Champion
    100 – 12 Giant Rats
    Total: 2199

    Kingdom of Equitaine
    560 – Equitan Lord on Revered Unicorn: General, Sainted, Secrets of the Doomblade, Shield, Honour
    260 – Damsel on Destrier: Wizard Adept (Shamanism)
    320 – 6 Feudal Knights: Standard Bearer, Bell of the Deep Roads
    312 – 7 Feudal Knights: Standard Bearer
    200 – 1 Sacred Reliquary
    545 – 7 Knights of the Quest: Champion, Standard Bearer, Relic Shroud
    Total: 2197

    These are the opponent's lists:

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  • English version :

    Hi plays from München, Regensburg, Nürnberg und Augsburg, we are organizing a Campaign. We will organize and track it here and on discord.

    • We will begin 2 weeks after the release of the balance patch (excluding hotfixes).
    • The entire campaign will take place in and around Avras where all races have a presence.
    • @FloriGressConsulting will sponsor the campaign by awarding special prizes for cool battle reports, interesting results, unlucky losers, at his discression. These prizes will include mugs with army logos, background books, army books, new dice or even just the printed rule book.
    • Because this is the first T9A Campaign, it is important to keep things simple and avoid things that are demotivating.
    • Each Season is one Month.
    • The size of the map and the magic phase each season are dictated by the increasing army size as described below:

    SeasonArmy SizeBattle Field Size
    11500Warband: 36"x48"
    22250Warband: 36"x48"
    33000Warband: 36"x48"
    43750Normal: 48"x72"
    54500Normal: 48"x72"

    • We will pose army lists each season here and in the discord.
    • The campaign will focus on hunting and exploration. We are searching for information and treasure, not fighting for territory.
    • Games can be played online (if both players agree) or in person.
    • Each player chooses a low level hero character to represent them on the battle field. This hero will grow stronger each month until it reaches the level of a high level hero. (For details see other post). Example: Vampire Courtier eventually becomes a Vampire Count.
    • Each month there will be a specific scenario chosen that makes use of the Flux and Lands (and scenario?) supplements.
    • Players can play as many times per month as they like (and as many opponents). We strongly encourage at least 1 game per month.
    • Each month when the army gets larger, the list remains the same but simply adds more things to it worth 750 points.
    • Each game after the first gives players the ability to remove a unit from their list. When removing a unit, the remaining points can buy other units or add to existing ones as the player sees fit. For example, you might remove a 600 point unit and add two 300 point units, or add a 400 point unit and increase another unit by 200 points.

    More about the Upgrades for Chars:
    05cc2afb-5b8f-455e-b092-80fd1000baa0.jpg How exactly they are done will come from me during this week.

    Ich und @Klexe werden die Szenarios und Aufstellungen und die Hintergrundgeschichte jede Runde festlegen. Am Anfang sehr viel oder fast alles ich und später dann immer mehr @Klexe.[/quote]
    Hi Spieler aus München, Regensburg, Nürnberg und Augsburg, halt Spieler aus Bayern haben sich zusammengetan eine Kampagne zu organisieren. Hier und auf diesem Discord wird das Ganze begleitet, dokumentiert und organisiert.

    Hier die groben Rahmenbedingungen:

    Der Start ist 2 Wochen nachdem das Balancing Patch komplett (ohne Hotfixes) released ist. Das Ganze Spielt im Großraum Avras und Umgebung, da dort alles Völker sowohl eine Präsenz als auch Interessen haben. @FloriGressConsulting wurde als Sponsor gewonnen. Er wird Sonderpreise für coole Schlachtberichte, geile Geschehnisse auf dem Spielfeld, unglückliche Verlierer, ... nach eigener Willkür vergeben. Dies werden Becher mit Armeelogos, Hintergrundbände, Armeebücher, neue Würfel oder auch einfach nur das Regelbuch sein.

    Da es unsere erste T9A Kampagne ist war es uns wichtig sie möglichst einfach und frei von demotivierenden Effekten zu halten. Hier kommen unsere Regeln:

    1 500 Punkte ist die Startarmee groß (wird nach den Regeln für Kriegsbanden erstellt) solange die Armeen <3 000 Punkte sind gilt auch die Tischgröße für Kriegsbanden (45"x45")

    Die Armeelisten werden jede Saison (eine Saison ist immer einen Monat lang, also zum Beispiel vom 24.03 bis zum 24.04) hier im Thread und im Discord (dort dann im Kanal des jeweiligen Spielers) gepostet.

    die Kampagne dreht sich um Expeditionen und der Jagd nach Informationen und Schätzen nicht um territoriale Gewinne

    es kann sowohl offline als auch online gespielt werden.

    ein vorher ausgewählter (Heldenlevel)Charakter aus der Armee repräsentiert den Spieler. Dieser Charakter wird von Monat zu Monat immer stärker, wobei das Maximum für ihn immer noch das normal erreichbare (Kommandantenlevel)Maximum aus der Armee bleibt. (Mehr und die Details dazu in einem späteren Post).

    Jeden Monat wird ein vorbestimmtes Szenario mit einem vorbestimmten Kartenlayout unter Nutzung der folgenden 3 Supplements ( und
    ) gespielt.

    Jeder Spieler darf jeden Monat so oft spielen wie er möchte (und halt auch Gegner findet).

    Bei jedem Spiel nach dem ersten in einem Monat darf der Spieler eine Einheit seiner Armee… [Read More]
  • The classic 2 Day 3 Player tourney in Regensburg is back. You all and your Teams are invited to test before the WTC.

    Prices will be cups, Background supplments and Army/ Rulebooks for your Armies.

    Join here:

    Of course one Army can't be dublicated.

    The Fantasy Battles the 9th Age Gold Balance Patch will be used. The Apha and Beta Books will use the most up to date rules for them. (= they will use the any update to them which comes out till 14 days before the tourney) Supplement Armies which are gold (= Asklanders, Cultists , Hobgoblin and Makhar) and the Giant Supplement are allowed.That means LEgion of Sins if not allowed.

    Gamesize: 4500 Points

    Pairing Procedure Team vs. Team:
    In the first round teams which challenged each other play against each other. All other teams are paired random but taking the place they come from in account. So for example 2 muinich teams or 2 polish teams won’t play each other first round. Starting second turn will be paired in swiss system, meaning first place plays second, third plays fourth and so on, but no one plays the same opponent twice.

    Pairing procedure Player vs. Player:
    Each team places an army hidden. After the hidden armies are revealed, the opposing team sets 2 armies against them. Out of those two armies the hidden armys team chooses it’s opponent. That procedure is continued until only one army on each side is left.
    The Team with the lower ranking in the tourney (first game according to T3 or if a foreign team is involved decided random) decide which hidden army plays which game before the hidden armies are chosen (game 1, 2,3). The other team decides after the revealing of the hidden armies on which map they play.
    Game 1 is always „hold the ground“, Game 2 is “breakthrough”, game 3 is always “capture the flag”.
    Maps used: I will use the maps 1-3 from the most up to date map Pack at the time of the tourney.
    Deployment: Map 1 = Frontline Clash, Map 2 = Dawn Assault, Map 3 = Refused Flank
    Hans, Max und Moritz play with KoE, EoS and DH against their national ETC Team with DL, ID and UD. Hans, Max and Moritz have a lower ranking (average T3 rank) than the ETC-Team. So they decide that their hidden army will play game 2 (breakthrough) and the opponents hidden army will play game 1 (hold the ground. HMM place KoE. The ETC Team place ID. ). The ETC-Team decides that the opponents KoE play on map 3(Deployment= Refused Flank) and their ID play on Map 1 (Deployment=Frontline Clash). ETC Team sets DL and UD as potential opponents for KoE. HMM set EoS and DH as potential opponents for the opponents ID. HMM now choose the opponent for their KoE. The ETC Team chooses the opponent for their ID. …

    Cap and ringer team
    The team results are capped at 45-15 in the last round the Cap is 45-0 Team Ringer always looses (20-40) and the opponents team get a free non-alcoholic drink from the orga.
    Awards: place 1 - 3, bestpainted 1 - 3
    Payment: through Newrecruit till 5 days before the tourney brings 2 softpoints. Recipent: Will be added soon.
    regard/subject: MAPM 3 Spieler TeamTurnier 2023 and the T3 Nickname.
    Armylists: Through
    Armylistpoints: 4 Softpoints for each of the following: the armylist arrives at least 5 days before the tourney starts, through and is correct before thecheck through the Newrecruit-bot.
    Armylistpublishing 4 days before the tourney I will publish the lists through So that the community can prepare themself. Mistakes spotted during the tourney will mean -2 tilll -20 Points per already played match. Of course one has to continue to play with a corrected list.
    Paintingpoints: one Point for each of the following: at least one Special succesfulland painted conversion or free Hand, army is full primed, army is full painted (min 3 colours, primed+painted = 2 Points), bases have sand, grass, stone, straw, ... glued on them, bases are painted (painted and something glued on = 2 points), Army was nominated for bestpainted, army won one of the three bestpainted trophies.

    To find cheap appartments, rooms or hotels in Regensburg I advice to use:, and
    I am sorry, sleeping at the tourney Location is not possible.

    Timetable: Always 3 hours and 30 minutes per game.

    Entrance starts: 9:00:
    Registration: 9:10-9:30 o'clock
    1. round: 9:35 - 13:15 o'clock
    Lunch: 13:15- 13:50
    2. round: 13:50 - 17:20 o'clock
    3. round 17:25 - 20:55 o'clock
    4. round: 9:00 - 12:15
    lunch 12:15 till 12:45
    5. round: 12:45 till 16:00The classic 2 Day 3 Player tourney in Regensburg. [Read More]


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