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  • This is a repost of a new announcement we did some time back:

    From the inception of The 9th Age (T9A) project, a central idea has been to create a balanced game system that players may use any or all of their existing models as good representatives of the units listed in the various Army Books. At this point, T9A is still in the early stages of balancing with the stabilization of the ruleset being the top priority. However, the question has been raised relating to characters: will T9A include special characters? Additionally, it has been asked, as T9A continues to grow, how will the project be kept new and fresh seeing as T9A is not a model company and does not have the ability to create new models?

    On the first issue, as was stated above, the primary focus of T9A right now is on reaching a stable rule set that achieves a well-balanced game. At some point in the future, the team will begin the introduction of special characters and their associated rules. Again, the focus will be to allow players to use their existing character models as good representations of the new special characters that are introduced into the game.

    On the second issue, in addition to the introduction of special characters as discussed above, at some point in the future, new units/characters/monsters will be contemplated to be included as updates to or new versions of the various Army Books. So how will players obtain models representative of the new units/characters/monsters seeing as T9A is a not for profit community project and not a model manufacturing company?

    Already at this very early stage of game development T9A has been contacted by a number of model manufacturing companies expressing interest in manufacturing models to support T9A. To this end, for those reputable companies that contact us and are interested in supplying models, we will create a list Cooperating Companies that will be supplied early release information relating to various new units/characters/monsters to be added. This information will be supplied at very early stages of design/development so as to allow the time needed to create the sculptures, generate the molds and produce the miniatures that will represent the new units/characters/monsters.
    To be clear, T9A is not a model manufacturing company and will not be affiliated with any of the Cooperating Companies. However, we will allow the various Cooperating Companies to advertise on T9A website to make it easy for players to see where they can buy models representative of the units/characters/monsters contained in the rules.

    We are very happy of the broad support that the community has provided thus far for T9A project. The greater the support for T9A, the more incentive model manufacturing companies have to support the future expansion of T9A. So we thank You, the community, for making T9A as successful has it has been so far and hope to see even more success in the future.

    Best Regards,
    T9A Team [Read More]