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  • Hello

    I am literally about to make the epic journey up to Scotland now but I’d thought I’d just do a quick post about how my list has changed from the BCB2 to now. So the BCB2 was 3500 and the Siege of Strivelyn III is your bog standard 4500. As I did a lot better at BCB2 thanwas expecting I’ve decided not to really change the list all that much and instead just add 1000 points on to it.

    There was somethings in my list I wasn’t overly happy with but not much. I didn’t think the Sacred Reliquary added a great deal to the Forlorn block. The +1 Armour in combat is nice but I just found that the Reliquary takes up too much space in the unit to be worth it. I know you still get fight in extra ranks but when you’re dealing with models with a small foot print like lone characters or monsters you need all the attacks you can get and having some waster by the Reliquary is annoying. So I’ve dropped that. I’ve also replaced the Rending Banner on the Forlorn for the Banner of Speed because they really need the speed boost I think.

    So for my extra points now I had to squeeze in another 250 points so for me it was a an easy decision, at that kind of cost a Knight of the Realm unit fits in perfectly (I dropped 1 peasant as well). It gives me a quick scoring unit that is pretty cheap but well armoured. I have been lacking speed so these guys might just provide that.

    With the rest of my points I decided I needed a unit of Pegasus Knights, again for their speed and for threatening the back lines of enemies as well. They are such a pain for people to deal with I think they are worth it just for that alone. If they are attracting fire then the rest of my army isn’t and that’s ok. I went with Vanguard only to try and rush behind my opponent if I can catch them messing up their deployment. I would have gone loose formation but I couldn’t afford it at the time (Now it has been reduced again I would have taken it and dropped the Lucky Charm on my Lord)

    Lastly I decided to try out a unit of 5 Grail Knights. There are 2 reasons for this, I’ve never used them before in ninth and with their guaranteed 5++ Aegis save it means I can still forego praying and get first turn. Only the Pegs and Realm would be affected by the loss of the prayer but it will be worth it in most match ups. I have really used the Grails in ninth before because I generally think they are over costed and die far too easily for such an expensive unit. They’re inability to flee can be absolutely devastating too if they are caught off guard. However, they have tremendous damage output and can pretty much beat most equivalent cavalry. I basically plan on run them on a flank and letting my opponent worry about them.

    I had some points left over so I bought the Talisman of the Void on the Shaman because channelling 2 is just so useful.

    So the list I’ll be taking:

    Duke (General), Halberd, Shield Breaker, Essence of Mithril, Lucky Charm, Virtue of Humility, Grail Oath =345

    Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Faith of Percival, Flaming Standard, Bastard Sword, Virtue of Piety, Bastard Sword and Questing Oath = 380

    Damsel, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Talisman of the Void = 395

    2x Castellan, Heavy Armour, Spear, Bannerman, Legion Standard = 95

    47 Peasant Levy, Spear, Full Command = 396

    6 Knights of the Realm = 260

    16 Peasant Bowmen, Crossbows, Musician = 237

    21 Peasant Bowmen, Musician = 234

    30 Knights Forlorn, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 785

    5 Knights of the Grail, Musician = 402

    2 x Trebuchet = 265

    3 Pegasus Knights, Vanguard = 346

    I’m off now, wish me luck and I’ll see you here for Game 1. [Read More]
  • Let's get back too it, It's late on a Saturday (6pm ish) and it's time for Game 4. (See the first Part for my list)

    Game 4
    Cuatl Lord - BSB - Pyromancy - 570
    Saurian warriors x18 - 318
    Saurian warriors x15 - 255
    Skink braves x16. - 142
    5 Raptor riders - 260
    3 Rhamphodon riders - 220
    3 Rhamphodon riders -220
    Skink hunters - vanguard & blowpipe x9 - 196
    Skink hunters - vanguard & blowpipe x9 - 196
    Chameleons x 9 - 207
    Taurosaur - 455
    Taurosaur - 455

    So by this time on Saturday I was rather drunk you might say so my memory is even foggier than in my last game. What I do remember is that the deployment was Marching Columns and the Secondary was Hold the Ground. Pretty happy with both the deployment and the secondary for this one. We both have 4 scoring each but my 2 big blocks are going to be much harder for my opponent to shift than his units so my plan going in is basically to sit both the Forlorn and the Peasants in the middle and maybe push out with one of them if needs be.
    Looking at my opponents list the Rhamphodons scare me quite a bit, they can really pack a punch and are so quick too. It’ll be difficult to protect my trebs in this game from these guys. I’m going to have to focus all my shooting into them in turn 1 and hopefully weaken them enough so that they’re ineffective. What I’m really worried about is if my opponent foregoes going after the trebs and puts both units into the Peasants, they murder so many of them that the Peasants would become useless.
    Other than the Rhamphodons there’s not much else I’m worried about, the Chameleons are annoying but the perfect target for Swarm of insects. 2 Taurosaurs are scary but I think the Forlorn can take them on, unless both charge in in one go, then I might struggle.
    I dropped for first and deployed all my units on the right of the board. Right to left; Xbows, trebuchet, Bowmen, Trebuchet, Forlorn and Peasants. My opponent put both Rhamphodons on the right, then going to the left was a Taurosaur, a Saurian unit, another Taurosaur, another Saurian unit and skinks spread around. The chameleons were on the left of the centre.
    The Rhamphodons were able to vanguard into a forest in front of my Crossbows giving them some protection from my shooting.
    In my first turn I pushed the Peasants and the Forloprn up towards the centre. The trebs managed to hit the Rhamphodons but only killed one. I managed to get a wound on another one with shooting. I got Swarm of Insects off on the Chameleons and killed 8 of them (wounding those little gits on 5s with Swarm of Insects is brilliant and the best use of that spell!), sadly the lone Chameleon passed his panic.
    The Rhamphodons surprised me by not charging the Crossbows but instead swung round my back line ready to kill the trebs next turn. The rest of the Saurians began to form a circle around the centre, ready to charge my units when they went in.
    I was able to treb 10 Saurians out of one unit before the trebs got killed by Rhamphodons, however one of the trebs held up a Rhamphodon for 3 rounds of combat before dying! I was able to kill one unit of Rhamphodons with Swarm of Insects and the other with Bows I think. The Raptor Riders charged my Crossbows and killed them.
    I made a long charge with the Knights Forlorn into a Taurosaur, with the +2” charge thanks to the Questing Oath it was a 9 on the dice or something. They didn’t kill it when they charged but did 4 wounds or so. The other Taurosaur charged the flank along with the depleted unit of Saurians in the front. The Forlorns took it like a pro, killed the original Taurosaur, killed some Saurians and did a wound or 2 tto the other Taurosaur, won combat despite being charged, the Saurians broke and fled but the Taurosaur stuck and then had to face the Knights Forlorn for another round of combat before getting murdered by them. The Knights Forlorn then killed the second unit of Saurians and finished off the depleted unit once they rallied.
    The Peasant horde did very little in this game, sat on the objective getting me points. They charged and killed the skink braves at one point. The Cuatl Lord was left running solo once the trebs had been taken care of. I was able to get 4 Totemic Beasts on the board by the end but I just couldn’t pin the slippery frog down. He was running interference with the Skink Hunters and the Raptor riders by this point. I managed to the Frog in combat inn turn 6 and got it down to one wound but just couldn’t kill it, he made a 4+ Aegis save on the last turn to keep him alive! I could have netted 900 points if I killed him but instead I got half points for 285.
    In the end I scored the objective and murdered most of the Saurian Army but lost my back line. Ended with a 15 – 5 victory to the Kingdom of Equitaine. It was a very good game and the Knights Forlorn were the star of the show again, just fighting everything that came their way and taking it all off. Really impressed with their ability to take a hit and dish it out.
    I deployed badly… [Read More]
  • So after the ETC I’ve decided to shelve the Warriors for a while and get back to my first love, the Kingdom of Equitaine. I went to tournament in September and took all knight list and finished middle of pack, it did alright but was a bit dull. I found Druidism to be a very effective Lore for an all mounted army but an incredibly boring lore too. The 12” range of the magic means that everything has to stay close together, which kind of nullifies the point of an all cavalry army. I know you can use the Scenery for some spells but that really depends what’s on the table.
    My next tournament wasn’t until November and it was a 3500 point tournament in November. I initially wanted to take Beast Herds to it but there was no way I was getting that painted in time so instead I had to take the KoE. The lists had to be submitted after the latest update so I thought I’d try something a bit off the wall I only set myself two stipulations; no boring Druidism magic and no horses! Not a horse in sight anymore, just loads of bodies and 2 big old Trebuchets!
    My awesome list
    Paladin, Piety, Questing Oath and Bastard Sword, Battle Standard Bearer(Aether Icon), Shield (Faith of Percival),Bastard Sword, 355
    Duke (General), Humility, Grail Oath, Essence of Mithril, Halberd (Shield Breaker), Lucky Charm, 345
    Damsel, Shamanism, Wizard Master 345
    2 x Castellan, Bannerman (Legion Standard), Heavy Armour, Spear, 95 (190)
    48 Peasant Levy, Spear, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, 404
    16 Peasant Bowmen, Replace Longbow and Braziers with Crossbow, Musician, 237
    21 Peasant Bowmen, Longbow and Braziers, Musician, 234
    27 Knights Forlorn, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Musician, Champion, 710
    Trebuchet, 265
    Trebuchet, 265
    Sacred Reliquary, 150

    So I essentially have 2 big blocks with some shooting support. The Grail Lord and the Castellans go into the Peasant Levy and that block now has a nice static combat res of 8! The Sacred Reliquary, BSB and Damsel all go into the Knights Forlorn. Shamanism attribute will keep the Damsel alive whilst the Knights bring the pain!
    Basic plan going into this tournament was to always try and snatch first turn, as I don’t need to pray thanks to the virtue of peity, fire the Trebuchets at the enemy, smash apart their blocks or take down monsters. Deploy with the Peasants, Trebs, Crossbows and Bowmen all together at one end and run the Knights Forlorn on their own. Use the 10” march of the peasants to run at objectives and catch people off guard.
    The rounds were only 2 hours due to the decrease in points but that would still make some of the games run tight to the limit. 4 games on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday, so the late Saturday finished sucked but the early Sunday finish was great and made up for it. As the rounds were so short I didn’t have time to do my full bat rep for these so I’m just doing a brief summary of each game plus a tally of what the Trebuchets kill because I want to know if they’re worth it or not.
    Game 1 vs Empire of Sonnstahl
    His list:
    Prelate, General, Plate Armour, Great Weapon, Imperial Seal 300
    Marshal, BSB, Great Tactician, Shield, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330
    Inquisitor, Blessed Steel, Horse & Light Troops, Shield, Hammer of Witches, Dusk Forged 350
    Wizard, Adept, Pyromancy 200
    Wizard, Adept, Cosmology 200
    11x Electoral Cavalry, Full Command, Shield, Lance 465
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    5xReiters, brace of pistols 175
    27x Imperial Guard, Full Command, Rending Banner 520
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190

    So basically a gun line but I think I’ve got him outmatched here, I can just stay out of range of those Volley guns and treb him to death if I want. The Imperial Guard vs Knights Forlorn would be an interesting match but I think the Prelate and BSB with Death Warrant edge it for him. I’m not overly worried about the cavalry block, they can’t go into either of my big blocks, they have to go for my shooting so I’ll leave the Peasants back with them to keep them safe.
    The deployment was Counterthrust and the secondary was King of the Hill, my opponent picked a hill in the middle of the table and I picked a wall near his deployment zone. I dropped everything for first turn. I deployed all the peasants (Peasant Levy, Bowmen, Crossbows and trebs) on the left side and the Knights Forlorn on the right to cover the hill objective. My opponent put everything in the middle with 2 units of rangers on the right to try and shoot trebs and chaff up the knights.

    (The Giant in the Forlorn is my unit filler, i'll talk about why KoE should have Giants one day)

    I shot the Trebs at the Imperial Guard all game and killed 20 of them by the end of the game, taking them out of the fight. The Electoral Cavalry tried to threaten my back lines but they got a bit to close and I was able to use the 10” march to get in front of the cavalry so they couldn’t get away. In the end they just charged… [Read More]
  • Hello!

    Welcome to the last of my battle reports for the ESC 2019! (Sad times, I know) It is ridiculous that it has taken me this long to write up just 5 games but I like to take my time writing them up and I think it is worth the wait.

    Anyway, after that annoying loss in Game 4 I move on to the last game of the tournament, Game 5 and I was drawn against the Empire of Sonnstahl that were being pushed around by one of the French ETC team, Julien Villeroux. If someone knows him please feel free to tag him if he’s on the forum. His list:

    210 – Marshal, General, Crown of the Wizard King

    570 – Prelate, Altar of Battle, Plate Armour, Shield, Alchemist alloy

    265 – Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Death warrant, Blacksteel

    200 – Wizard, Alchemy, Wizard Adept

    405 – Wizard, Divination, Binding Scroll, Wizard Master

    135 - Artificier, Long Riffle

    447 – 37x Heavy Infantry, Spears, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard

    235 – 21x Heavy Infantry, Standard Bearer, Musician, Household Standard

    174 – 13x light Infantry, Crossbows

    135 – 2 x 10x Light Infantry, Crossbows

    532 – 28x Imperial Guards, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Rending Banner

    250 – Cannon

    475 – Steam Tank

    150 – 5x Reiters

    90 – 2 x 5x Imperial Rangers

    My List can be found here.

    So, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s an Empire gun line. There’s a fair amount of small arms fire, 33 Crossbows, 10 Bows, 5 Reiters and an Artificer with a Long rifle. All that shooting alone is going to put a dent in my army and then there’s the Cannon and the Steam tank that will absolutely finish me off!

    Magic wise the I’m glad that it is just an adept of Alchemy so I don’t have to worry about Corruption of Tin but he can still take Quicksilver Lash and Molten Copper to make a real dent in my army. The Master of Divination doesn’t really concern too much, his offensive spells still give me an Armour Save against them, but it does scare my Exalted Herald (I think he has enough things to worry about in this list though).

    If I can weather the storm of fire and actually get into the Empire lines then I still have to contend with a super tough block of Imperial Guard but at least they’re just AP2 rather than the Great Weapon variety. Even the big unit of spears gives me some concern, it’s not the unit itself but the buffs that it can get from the Altar of Battle. The Rerolls to wound, 5+ Aegis Save, flaming attacks combined with the Alchemy hereditary can all make combats incredibly tough for me.

    As I was looking through the list at the time I came to the decision that I had two plans; either sit back, hide in a corner and try and dodge cannon balls like Neo or run at the puny man things and smash them off the battlefield. I’ll let you decide what option I went with.

    Deployment type for this game was Dawn Assault and the Secondary Objective for this round was Secure Target. Dawn Assault was not a great deployment type for me as it allows my opponent to castle up more rather than spread him out like I would have wanted. My Opponent won the roll for which table side and which corner he wanted and that left me with a side with no cover for my Exalted Herald or Feldrak Elder. My Opponent placed his objective marker on the left of the table, right in the middle between our deployment zones. I decided to place my marker near to his deployment zone to force myself to rush at him and claim that objective. The alternative was that I place an objective far away and waste a scoring unit sitting on it all game and as my scoring units are all big combat units I was going to need them to do some fighting.

    Spell wise with my Exalted Herald I picked Hellfire and Wrath of God (because it is great against shooting armies), I took Sorcerer Immortal as my first manifestation and took the Grave Calls for my final spell. I also took Abiding Spirit as my second manifestation on the Herald to give him Hard Target against shooting. For my Alchemy Adept I picked Word of Iron for that sweet Armour boost and Quicksilver Lash to try and get some wounds off of that Steam Tank.

    My opponent picked Quicksilver Lash and Molten Copper on his Alchemy Adept. The Divination Master took Know Thy Enemy, Scrying, Stars Align and Unerring Strike. The Crown of the Wizard king rolled Thaumaturgy as it’s lore so the Marshall knows Hand of Heaven. There was also all the bound spells that the Prelate brings plus an extra Unerring Strike from the Altar itself. A ridiculous number of spells, I’m sure you agree.

    I foolishly decided to let my opponent drop first to see whereabouts he was going to place his army, he obviously leapt at the chance and dropped his whole army as shown below.

    The Alchemy and Divination wizards are in the Spear Infantry unit. The General is in the Heavy Infantry block at the back. The BSB is in with Imperial Guard and the Artificer is in the Crossbow 1 unit.

    I deployed as close to the left flank as I could. The Chosen Knights closest to the left with… [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome back to my battle reports from the ESC. We’re now onto Day 2 and Game 4. Despite a heavy day of drinking on Day 1 I had somehow managed to avoid the dreaded hangover so I was feeling pretty fresh and raring to go! For this game I was drawn against one of the Ukrainian ETC Team, Mark, and he’s using the Warriors of the Dark Gods. His List:

    655 -Chosen Lord Army General, Favour of Kuulima, Goddess of Envy, Idol of Spite, Trophy Rack, War Dais, Burning Portent, Potion of Swiftness, Dusk Forged

    545 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Veil Walker, Wizard Master, Ledger of Souls

    275 - Sorcerer, Evocation, Wizard Adept, Binding Scroll

    430 - 29x Barbarians, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, Spear and Shield, Banner of Speed

    162 - 16x Barbarian, Musician

    204 - 8x Fallen

    120 - 8x Warhound

    825 - 10x Chosen, Favour of Kuulima, Goddess of Envy, Favoured Champion, Halberd, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Speed

    279 - 2 x 3x Forsworn, Damnation, Musician, Spiked Shield

    379 - 6x Warrior Knight, Favour of Sugulag, God of Greed, Favoured Champion, Musician

    345 - Hellmaw, 1 Ominous Gateway

    Total: 4498

    So a very different list to what I am using (My list can be found here in my earlier post). We both have the almost obligatory Chosen Lord on a War Dais with the Burning Portent and a 1+ rerollable Armour Save but his is kitted out slightly better than mine with the Idol of Spite and the Potion of Swiftness, which would make all the difference if it came to a head to head fight.

    Apart from the Chosen Lord our lists are very different, he’s got 6 scoring units compared to my 3 and he’s got the Hellmaw, which I’ve never taken myself and have only fought against once before, so no matter what objective it is I am going to struggle to win it. The Hellmaw just makes all those scoring units so mobile, they can just jump about the table and be wherever they want. The objective for this game is Hold The Ground so that should make for an interesting scenario for the Hellmaw. I have three big scoring units that I’m hoping I can just sit in the middle for most of the game but in the end the points for holding the centre go to the person with the most scoring units within 6” of the centre. My opponent can just flood the centre with all his scoring units if he needs to.

    The main unit in my opponents army that frightens me is the big block of 10 Chosen, that unit of just 10 guys will churn out a ridiculous number of attacks and with a 4+ Armour Save and 2 wounds each they can be a pain to shift and the Mark of Envy with the Banner of Speed is just going to make them super fast. The Warrior Knights could be a problem but it means that at least I have a target for my Alchemy Sorcerer.

    If I can take care of the Chosen and the Warrior knights I think I’m doing ok. I’m hoping to throw my Feldrak Elder or the Feldraks at the Chosen Lord, with their unburnt rule he will struggle to kill them fast and hopefully they can grind him down.

    For my Manifestations on my Exalted Herald I pick Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon (I’ve taken this for almost every game so far but that’s because it is a winning combination). So spellwise the Herald has The Grave Calls (Obviously, it’s amazing), Marked for Doom (good for killing Chosen and the Chosen Lord if I’m able to) and Breath of Corruption (always useful when there’s so much armour about). For my Alchemy sorcerer I pick Quicksilver Lash and Word of Iron.

    My opponent’s Alchemy Sorcerer takes Quicksilver Lash, Word of Iron, Molten Copper and Hellfire (not sure I would have taken Hellfire but I’m sure there’s method in his madness). The Evocation Adept takes Spectral Blades and Whispers of the Veil (really hate this spell when it’s used against me)

    Deployment type is just Frontline Clash, my opponent wins the roll for sides and I get stuck with a giant piece of impassable in the middle and some ruins in my deployment zone. I think we drop a couple each and then my opponent drops everything and takes first turn. Most of his army is castled up in the right hand corner with the Hellmaw tucked right up in the right hand corner so that is going to be a tough target to get with my short ranged magic missiles. The Knights are in front of the Hellmaw and even though there’s only 6 of them they still worry me a bit. Both Sorcerers are in the small Barbarian unit with the Fallen in front of them. The Chosen Lord is in the big unit of Barbarians and he can stay there as far as I’m concerned. The Warhounds are next to them followed by the Chosen and then the 2 units of Forsworn.

    I deploy with the Exalted Herald on the left flank, hoping to swing him round the back of the lines to get that Hellmaw, it’s a long way to go though. He’s joined by the Chosen Knights and the Feldraks on the other side of the impassable, ready to dominate that flank. The Fallen and the Warhounds are in front of my Warrior block, for chaff duties. The Feldrak Elder is on the right flank on his own, I’m… [Read More]
  • Hello!

    So after that crushing defeat in Game 2 it saw me slip down the tables. For Game 3 I was drawn against another British player, Luke Tranter, who this year was a Mercenary for Team Slovenia. Luke has been playing tournaments longer than me I believe, I started back in 2012 and I remember Luke being around then in the days of 8th edition. Despite Luke and me playing at several of the same tournaments over the years we have never played against each in 7 years, so at least this is a new opponent for me. Luke is the king of the Beast Herds and I never known him to play any other army so he is going to know exactly what he’s doing with this army and will make for a tough match up, I’m hoping I’ve learnt from the mistakes I made in Game 2 but I’m gonna be honest, I was pretty drunk by Game 3 and I only really have vague recollections of this game, luckily I was making notes and taking pictures so I’ve been able to piece it all back together.

    Anyway, Luke’s list:

    575 - Beast Lord, General, Razortusk Chariot, Heavy Armour, Shield, Beast Axe, Fatal Folly, Death Cheater, Crown of Horns, Eye of Dominance

    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Battle Standard, Greater Totem Bearer, Great Weapon, Aaghor’s Affliction

    520 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Druidism, Dark Rain, Seed of the Dark Forest

    104 - 8x Feral Hounds

    115 - 10x Mongrel Raiders, Scout & Ambush

    330 - 3x Raiding Chariot

    378 - 36x Mongrel Herd, Standard, Musician, Champion, Spears, Banner of the Wild Herd

    150 - 5x Gargoyles, Scout

    165 - 10x Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberds

    560 - 6x Minotaurs, Champion, Musician, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Shields

    465 - 10x Centaurs, Champion, Musician, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Lances, Throwing Weapons

    330 - Beast Giant, Giant Club

    330 - Beast Giant, Giant Club

    You can see my list in my pre ESC write up here

    So after a quick glance at his list there’s 2 things that scare me. The first is the unit of 10 Centaurs and the second is the Minotaurs. The Centaurs are crazy fast and will be difficult to pin down, they have 2 attacks each with Strength 7 on the charge (If drunk, which they were all game), that unit can pack a serious punch and if I let them get around me then they can smash off any of my units. They are definitely going to be the number one target for the spells of my Exalted Herald.

    The Minotaurs are Minotaurs and after Game 2 they need no further explanation. All of my units are sh!tting themselves at the idea of having to fight those guys again!

    Giants don’t particularly scare me that me that much. With my high defensive skill on all my units they are only hitting me on 4s so it definitely limits there damage output. The only really pose a threat to the Warriors and that’s if they can get a flank or rear charge on them.

    I like the Core set up that Luke is using. The Chariot block is a good choice and 3D6 impact hits at Strength 5 is enough to make any unit think twice. Once they are in though if they haven’t broken me they are going to die!

    I know everyone is loving the big Mongrel blocks over the Wildhorn, and I totally get the reasons why, but for me that big unit of Mongrels is just easy combat res. Any of my units is going to chew them up if it comes to a 1 on 1 fight.

    Character wise, the Shaman is nothing unusual, Druidism is a good lore for Beasts that have big blocks, so will be key to keeping the Minos, Centaurs and Mongrels in the fight. There’s the obligatory Seed of the Dark Forest which is to be expected and Dark Rain too, which is wasted against me. Shaman is tagged onto the end of the Mongrel block.

    The Minotaur BSB is a good build. Res 6, 4+ Fortitude and a Great Weapon, can take a beating and dish it out too. He is sat in the Mongrel block to give them some damage output. He’s a scary beast but I’m hoping my Chosen Lord can get at him and kill him quickly with the Burning Portent.

    The Beast Lord on the Chariot is a good choice if you ask me. “+ Armour Save and a 4+ Fortitude save makes him very survivable and he’s got a decent damage output too, nothing compared to the Minotaur Warlord from the last game but it’s still a good build. The Beast Lord goes in with the other Chariots to make a big unit of 4 (nothing compared to UD)

    The rest of the army is chaff really. The ambushing Longhorn don’t worry me too much as I’ve had 10 of them flank charge my Warriors before and just bounce off so I think I’m good.

    For this game the deployment is Frontline Clash (the perfect deployment when you’re drunk!) and the scenario is Capture the Flags which is an excellent scenario for me. I’m never going to get those Longhorns so I have to kill the Centaurs, Minotaurs and Mongrels and try and keep all my units alive.

    For my manifestations I take the Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon because I absolutely need to be darting behind his units and blasting them off with magic, especially those Centaurs. For his spells I take The Grave Calls, Marked for Doom and Hellfire. Marked for… [Read More]
  • Hello again!

    Let’s get started with Game 2 of the ESC shall we? So after a nice win in Game 1 I was climbing up the tables and for this round I was Drawn against the Captain of Montenegro (Aleksander Vilotic, no idea what’s his handle on here is though) and his Beast Herds. Alek’s list:

    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Great Weapon, Blessed Inscriptions, Trickster’s Cunning, Crown of

    Horns, Talisman of Shielding

    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Aaghor’s Affliction, Greater Totem Bearer

    440 - Soothsayer, Druidism, Seed of the Dark Forest, Wizard Master

    165 - Soothsayer, The Shamanism, Potion of Strength, Wizard Apprentice

    150 - 2x 15x Wildhorn Herd

    220 - 2x 15x Wildhorn Herd, Throwing Weapons, Musician, Ambush

    170 - 17x Wildhorn Herd

    783 - 8x Minotaurs, Shield, Standard bearer, Musician, Champion, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Flaming Standard

    748 - 8x Minotaurs, Shield, Standard bearer, Musician, Champion, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem

    135 – 2x 5x Gargoyles

    The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw the list was the 2 great big units of Minotaurs, ouch! I’ve fought against Minotaurs before but never 2 units that size along with 2 tooled up Minotaur characters. I’m not sure I have an answer to both of them, one of them I could kill with magic and combat, but two is going to be difficult. I’ve never fought them with Shields before either, it limits their damage output which is good with me but giving them parry makes them much more annoying for my army, especially my Chosen Lord who is perfect for killing Minotaurs. I would be hoping to get some flank charges on the Minos but then the second thing about the list jumped out at me, 5 units of Wildhorns! Although they are garbage, that is a lot of garbage to get through. Combined with the 2 units of Gargoyles, this list is packing a lot of chaff which should help keep the Minotaurs safe from any unwanted charges.

    Character wise both Mino characters are not to be sniffed at, the BSB is the weaker of the two but they’re both wielding Great Weapons so they are incredibly high strength with a lot of attacks. The General is giving every one in 12” re rolls to hit every turn thanks to the Crown of Horns so that just makes the Minos even more deadly.

    With a Wizard Master, a Wizard Adept, a Greater Totem and two Black Wing Totems there is a ridiculous number of spells that this army has access to, I’m going to find it difficult to know what spells to prioritise dispelling.

    The Deployment type was Dawn Assault and the secondary Objective was Spoils of War, not a great objective for me in this battle as my opponent has 7 scoring units and I have 3 so it’s going to be diffciult to stop all those units from getting two of the objectives.

    I win the roll for sides and I make my opponent take the side with the building in the deployment zone and make him take the ¾ with the building in so that his army is bunched up together. I wanted them contained so that I knew where they were.

    For my Manifestations on my Exalted Herald I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon so that I had Veil Walker for those increased ranges and the other benefits and the Exalted Herald could now fly. As the Beast Herds have no shooting and will be limited on Magic Missiles my Exalted Herald will basically have free range to do what he wants here. For his spells I picked The Grave Calls, Marked for Doom and Hellfire for some truly offensive magic, I don’t plan on getting him near combat with those Minotaurs so I’m happy for him to just fly around blasting magic at beasts.

    The Sorcerer on Alchemy picked Word of Iron and Glory of Gold as the damage spells from alchemy are useless against Beast Herds.

    My opponents Druidism Shaman picked Oaken Throne, Healing Waters, Entwining Roots, Summer Growth and Stone Skin. The Shamanism Shaman took Awaken the Beast and Swarm of Insects. Some excellent defensive buffs and a good offensive buff with Awaken the Beast, add all the totems in and it’s a dangerous magic phase the Beasts have.

    The Beast Herds put their Dark Forest slap bang in the middle of the table.

    Onto deployment and we took it in turns dropping our units but with my opponent deciding not to ambush his Wildhorn on, and instead deploying them as normal, it meant he had 7 chaff drops before the Minos went down. So after a couple of initial drops I decided to drop everything and go for the first turn.

    The Chosen Knights were on the left with the aim of getting one of the objectives. The Feldrak Elder was next to them. Warriors and Feldraks in the centre alongside the Warhounds and Fallen whop are there to do their chaffing duties and the Herald was on the right flank.

    My opponent dropped it all in the centre, the Minos each hiding behind a unit of Wildhorn whilst the other units of Wildhorn were on the left to cover that side. The Minotaur Warlord was in the 1st Mino unit (Flaming Standard) nearest the centre to make optimum use of his… [Read More]
  • Hello!

    Welcome to my first Bat Rep from the European Singles Championship 2019. I’ve never competed at any ETC or ESC before so I went into this feeling very apprehensive and pessimistic. These guys are some of the best in the world and I’m just some chump who likes charging and rolling dice, so I was prepared for a beating. My aim going into this tournament was to get at least 1 win, don’t get 20’d and to win best painted (no small feat, I know).

    Going into this tournament there were no lists available beforehand, except the ETC lists which most people there were using anyway, and there was no draw for opponents until the day of the event. I described my list in a previous post here, but here it is again:

    585 - Chosen Lord, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack, Shield, Dusk forged, Hell Forged Armour, Burning Portent (Hand Weapon), Envy
    850 - Exalted Herald
    320 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Alchemist’s Alloy, Lucky Charm, Wizard Adept
    635 - 20x Warriors, Envy, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard
    150 - 5x Fallen
    120 - 8x Warhounds
    747 - 6x Feldraks, Halberds, Musician
    629 - 4x Chosen Knights, Envy, Standard Bearer, Champion
    460 - Feldrak Elder, Paired Weapons

    So I rock up on the Wednesday after a big Tuesday of Go Karting, I came 5th out of 9 of Team Scotland, I was robbed in the last race thanks to a Mad Git ramming me off the road. I was a little bit hungover and nervous but excited to get playing. So I looked at the draw and I was drawn against a fellow Englishman but someone I’d never played before, the one and only @Henrypmiller I was glad I was drawn against such a gent for the first game so I was hoping for a nice friendly game with neither of us taking it too seriously. I’d listened to a couple of eps of the Ammertime podcast before and knew a little bit about his list but the Highborn Elves aren’t an army I’ve had a lot of experience against, they’re certainly a rare choice here in the UK. Henry’s list:

    405 - Commander, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Master of Canreig Tower, Book of Arcane Mastery

    485 - High Prince, General, Light Armour, Longbow, Spear, Queen's Companion, Moonlight Arrows, Destiny's Call, Sliver of the Blazing Dawn

    910 - Mage, Cosmology, Wizard Master, Dragon, Obsidian Rock, Talisman of the Void

    280- 20x Citizen Spears, Musician, Champion

    180 - 5x Elein Reavers

    627 - 27x Sea Guard, Standard, Musician, War Banner of Ryma

    100 - Giant Eagle

    380 - 5x Knights of Ryma, Champion, Musician

    423 - 16x Sword Masters, Champion, Musician

    485 - 12x Queen's Guard, Spear, Champion, Standard, Musician, Banner of Becalming

    180 - Sea Guard Reaper

    First impressions of the list was that I have no answer to that Dragon at all except by trying to get it in combat, but that would never be allowed to happen, or with some good Magic casting but the Magic Res on the Dragon certainly makes that a bit trickier. The High Prince scared me a bit too, AP5 and every hit equals another hit! He could single handedly tear down my whole army. Normally I would welcome a Lord on Lord challenge but not with this guy as I’m fairly sure he would spear my Chosen Lord to death before he can strike.

    Other than that there’s a lot of shooting, but it’s quite low strength and the Queens Guard can’t shoot at the Feldraks with their Flaming shots so they are limited. Only one Bolt Thrower is nice too, if there’s 3 it is a different story but I can take 1.

    The deployment type for this tournament was written on each table and the secondary was rolled separately for each game so for this game it was Counterthrust and the secondary was Capture the Flags (the best one for me!).

    For Magic spells I had some decisions to make for the Exalted Herald but as I was playing a shooty elf army there was one obvious choice, Wrath of God! With my Manifestations I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Abiding Spirit. I chose Sorcerer Immortal so I could pick the Grave Calls (2D6 S5/6 damage would ruin those tiny elf blocks) and Marked For Doom (1 S10 D3 wounds hit to try and pick out those characters or even the Dragon), it also gave me Veil Walker which is always useful. Abiding Spirit is good for the Hard target and gives the Exalted Herald a little bit more protection.

    On the Alchemy Sorcerer I picked Quicksilver Lash, good against the Dragon and could keep the characters honest, and Word of Iron because who doesn’t want +2 to their Armour Save.

    My Opponent picked Ice & Fire, Touch the Heart, Perception of Strength and the High Elf Hereditary spell – Favour of Meladis, for his Cosmology Master. The BSB picked Ravenwing, Quicksilver Lash, Awaken the Beast, Oaken Throne and Fountain of Youth. A lot of magic and no end of shenanigans I’m sure.

    I picked sides and let Henry drop first. We did a couple of the chaff drops, with Henry dropping the Reavers right in the middle and as far forward as possible, pushing me back for my drops, I dropped the dogs, we drop a couple… [Read More]
  • Hello

    Well, i can't believe how quickly time has gone recently, the ESC is next week now and although i haven't been having as many practice games as i'd like i think i'm as ready as i'll ever be. After several iterations of my list i have settled on one now. My list choice is, as always, limited by what i have painted and what i have been able to paint in the run up to the event. Real life keeps getting in the way so i've had to keep my painting commitments small, just a single Chosen Knight is all i've been able to paint in the last month.

    So, my list that i'll be taking:

    585 - Chosen Lord, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack, Shield, Dusk forged, Hell Forged Armour, Burning Portent (Hand Weapon), Envy
    850 - Exalted Herald
    320 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Alchemist’s Alloy, Lucky Charm, Wizard Adept
    635 - 20x Warriors, Envy, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard
    150 - 5x Fallen
    120 - 8x Warhounds
    747 - 6x Feldraks, Halberds, Musician
    629 - 4x Chosen Knights, Envy, Standard Bearer, Champion
    460 - Feldrak Elder, Paired Weapons

    It's not too drastic a change from what i used at the TEC, i wanted to be more adventurous and try out the Chimeras but i was never going to be able to paint two of them in time. I'm happy with the list and the practice games have gone well.

    After looking over all the Warrior lists for the ETC i have taken some obvious choices and some rarely seen ones too. I was surprised to see that not too many lists were packing the Feldraks, a unit i absolutely love, mostly for the fear factor that they bring when your opponent sees a big ol' unit of 6 of the guys, scary indeed i think. I understand why people at the ETC aren't taking them though, with no reroll to their discipline tests they can be a liability but when coupled with the Exalted Herald's Guiding Light attribute they can be a bit braver.
    Not as many Chosen Knights running around as i expected either, especially after last year when that was all anyone took. There are better choices in the book now though so i understand why they aren't being taken as much but i've been impressed with them recently. 4 of them is tough nut to crack unless you flank charge them, they melt if that happens.
    Not a lot of the big monsters running around at the ETC either (except Australias Warrior list, that's how it should be done!) so the Feldrak Elder is a pretty rare beast to find on the battle field. I've always had my issues with its ability to kill enough to get past the static combat res of big units but if there's the right target for it then it's going to have a great time. Pretty good at zoning too if that's all i need him to do and he will be a missile sponge to take some of the flak away from the Exalted Herald.
    The Exalted Herald is a different choice from the sea of Chosen Lords and Doom Lords and i completely understand why people aren't taking the Exalted Herald, he's very expensive and a massive liability. He can be taken down by a round of good shooting or a good magic phase but i've been pretty good at using him lately so he sticks. I find his manifestation ability such a versatile tool to take, although i often just go for Sorcerer Immortal and then mix it up with the last one.

    Now onto the obvious choices.
    Ah, the obligatory Chosen Lord on a War Dais with a big flaming sword of multi wounding. I like to think i was being original with the Chosen Lord on the War Dais but i probably stole the idea from someone else and didn't realise it. this guy is everywhere and it's easy to see why. 1+ Armour Save, maybe with a reroll, in a unit of Warriors for protection, what's not to like? This guy is invaluable at the moment with so many Undying Dynasties running/rolling about, his multiple wounds can carve right through those unimaginative mummy lovers! I was taking him with the Dark Prelate but i didn't feel like it brought enough to game to justify the 60 points price tag, so i dropped it. I did want to give him the Idol of Spite but i needed points elsewhere.
    The Sorcerer is the one who is bringing the magic to most of the Warrior lists out there, lots of Wizard Masters with a nice mix of the lores too. For me he is there for some magic support, the Exalted Herald on his own can't quite cut it i find. I'm hoping with the book on Alchemy i should be able to 2 dice a boosted Word of Iron fairly reliably and give my opponent some tough dispel choices to make. It's all about Word of Iron and the Alchemical Fire attribute. I imagine i'll take Quicksilver Lash in most games but if not needed maybe Hellfire or Glory of Gold. He's also packing some armour boosts to stop him being punked out in the first round of fighting.
    A nice large block of Warriors, you can't beat them for core choice in the warrior book i find. I planned on making these guys as tanky as possible with Spiked Shields and going 5 wide they should be able to take most hits and grind it out, especially with the Lord in there.… [Read More]
  • Hello!

    Let’s finish this tournament write up shall we? So we go onto the last game of the tournament, Game 5, and this time I was drawn against Infernal Dwarves. Infernal Dwarves are an army I’ve had quite a bit of experience playing against lately thanks to @DrDanT using them for the last year. So my opponents list:

    Prophet: General, Wizard Master, Alchemy, Death Cheater, Blunderbuss, Shield, 550
    Overlord on Great Bull of Shamut: Crown of the Wizard King, Onyx Core, Potion of Swiftness, 860
    Vizier: BSB, Banner of the Relentless Company, Flaming Standard, Blunderbuss, Shield, 270
    30 Infernal Warriors: FCG, Blunderbusses, Shields, 695
    2 x 24 Orc Slaves: Musician, Shields, 430
    5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders: 130
    5 Taurukh: Musician, Infernal Weapons, Shields, 205
    3 Taurukh Anointed: Musician, Standard Bearer, Infernal Weapons, Shields, 459
    Armoured Giant: Slavemaster’s Whip, 325
    Kadim Titan: 575

    Some things in the list that I would have expected and some I haven’t seen before. The Kadim Titan is something I am very familiar with and absolutely hate, that thing can lay waste to whole armies on it’s own so that’s my top priority for magic missiles. I’ve also got the Feldraks and Feldrak Elder to throw at him if I need to, their unburnt rule meaning that flaming attacks having to reroll successful wounds can be very useful. I must say though my opponent’s Kadim is phenomenal, such a great conversion and good paint job that goes well with the whole army.

    (terrible picture though, doesn't do it justice)

    The Prophet on Alchemy always synergises nicely with the Infernal Dwarf units so he will give me a lot of problems. The Alchemical Fire attribute for the Alchemy spells can greatly increase the damage output of the General and the Kadim and it’s almost impossible to stop it going off at least once a turn.

    The Overlord on the Great Bull isn’t something I’ve fought against regularly so I’m interested to see what it can do. The Onyx Core doing multiple wounds against flaming can be problematic as I have a lot of multi wound models in my army. Again, I need the Feldraks and their unburnt to fight this guy.

    I’ve seen the old Blunderbuss unit with the Triple March banner before but they don’t worry me too much. The strength on the Blunderbuss shots are high but with AP 0 I can save most of those with most of my army.

    The Orc Slaves and the Armoured Giant are new things for me to fight, never seen them taken in an Infernal Dwarf list before. I’m not going to just disregard the Orcs as cheap throw away units, there’s quite a few bodies in those units and if I let one of them get a flank charge on me that could lose me the game.

    The Taurukh Anointed don’t phase me too much, just a lesser version of Chosen Knights, I think any of my big units beat them in a 1 on 1 fight. The rest is chaff that I’m sure will annoy me at some point but I’m not going to let it stop the Warrior steam roller.

    The deployment for this Game was just Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Hold The Ground.

    Manifestation wise I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon, not really interested in the Breath Weapon that Brand gives me but being able to fly when there is no war machines about is nice. Swift Movement combined with Sorcerer Immortal is good combo I think. Spell wise I took Hellfire, The Grave Calls and Marked for Doom. I’m hoping to use Marked for Doom on the Prophet knowing that my opponent will usually want to stop that, then I can focus on the Kadim Titan, but if I can snipe the big hatted fool, all the better.

    My Opponent went for Haze of Magnesia, Silver Spike, Corruption of Tin and Word of Iron. The Wizard Hat on the Overlord turned out to be Evocation so he knew Spectral Blades, a pretty good spell if you ask me. Some good spells but I’m not sure that Haze of Magnesia is all that good to be honest. Having to take an extra D3 S4 AP 0 hits doesn’t really worry me all that much.

    Going into this match my basic plan was to rush forward and try and get into combat as fast as possible. Try and get the Feldraks into the Great Bull or the Kadim if it comes down to it but I want to kill the Kadim with magic hopefully.

    We take turns deploying, I have no desire to go first as my opponents range is so small I have nothing to worry about turn 1 so I was happy to let my opponent go first. In the end he does drop everything and takes first turn. We end up deployed as shown below. The Prophet and Vizier are both in the Infernal Warriors.

    I plan on taking out the Orcs with my Warriors and Feldrak Elder and then running them behind the lines of my enemy. The Feldraks are going to run up and sit on the objective, daring my opponent to come and get them. The Crusher Knights are there to zone the Kadim from trying to get down the left flank, I think in a one on one fight the Kadim wins easily so I need my Exalted Herald to pop a few wounds off before it gets too close to my lines.

    Infernal Dwarves 1

    Warriors 1

    Infernal[Read More]