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  • Hi team

    Well I know I promised battle reports... and I haven't delivered...
    A brief run down,
    • I got half way through my first game and then realised I hadn't taken any photos.
    • I was the umpire, and with it being the first tournament using 2.0 - well i was very busy.
    • I realised early on, I didn't understand VC as well as I thought and had to do a lot of rules checking. I sadly played a few rules incorrectly too, this rather spoiled one game.
    • I had 3 kids and the wife playing as well. This kept me rather busy...
    All up sorry folks, the tournament was crazy and i didn't record anything to make battle reports.

    A quick run down based on what I can remember
    Game 1 vs BH
    He ran a fast and heavy hitting list, he pushed too hard and bounced off my VC. i got lucky with some terror checks late in the game to scare off his scoring units and won comfortably in the end 17-3 (i think)

    Game 2 vs Dwarves
    He ran an army entirely of combat blocks that vanguarded and tripled marched onto my side of the board turn 1. So I combo charged and ground him down. MVP was the wraiths which managed to sweep attack an entire unit of slayers dead. End result 20-0

    Game 3 vs WotDG
    A tense stand off kind of a game, little really happened until turn 5. Then it got brutal with us both giving up some soft points, he out played me throughout the game but made a careless error on turn 6 failing to move into the deployment area for breakthrough, handing me an 11-9 win

    Game 4 vs HBE
    He brought the entire reason HBE got hit so hard with the nerf bat. This was the list I wanted to avoid, infantry blocks all tooled up with the banners, nasty characters and magic. He surprisingly was stand offish and we basically stood and looked at each other all game. he ground down a block of skeletons, my dark coach caused a spearmen unit to flee and ran them down, and that was about all that happened. I ended up losing 9-11 which I was more than happy with. If he had pushed at me I was expecting a huge loss.

    Game 5 vs SA
    Well this was vs my Team NZ etc co-captain, I only had 2 raise spells and turn one I miscast and lost 1 of those spells. Some more bad luck on his turn 1 with my wraiths being slaughtered (he rolled high for damage, I failed a lot of 3+ saves). I took a punt and charged my vampire and barrow guard into his temple guard. I slaughtered all but 2, but that was enough as I was stuck and his alpha carno flanked charged me and it was over fast with me conceeding on turn 3.

    Despite going reasonably well in the tournament I didn't really enjoy the experience of VC as much as the previous event. This co-incided with the hotfix and well I have to say I love what has been done to my beloved SE. While in my opinion there is a lot more to be done, things are on the right track. I am for the first time in several years excited about building SE lists, and feel I have almost an overwhelming range of builds available and can't wait to try them out.

    So hopefully starting very, very soon you will start to see a flood of battle reports of me trying to figure out how SE play - I am excited and really looking forward to giving you some new content from the forests - and just quietly I am releaved to not need to paint the several hundred VC models sitting beside me just yet.

    See you on the battlefield
    Cas [Read More]
  • So as those of you who follow me on Facebook will have noted - I have switched to playing VC in recent times. I had a great start winning my first 1 day event - a carnage system where I achieved nearly 11,000 points out of a maximum 12,000 for the day. I then finished second in the next 1 day event, scoring 46 battle points from 60. So thus far the change of armies has gone relatively smoothly, and I have been suprised how much I am enjoying VC, as previously I had only ever played SE.

    Over the past week or so I have been intently practising up on my VC 2.0 rules. Next weekend 3 kids, the wife and I are all competing in the Tauranga Grand Tournament. Looks like we will have a great field of competitors, with quite possibly the most tightly fought tournament in recent times, should be a great weekend.
    Battle reports will resume soon after the tournament with 5 games to share - sorry they won't feature any SE games, as far as I am aware, no one is coming with my beloved SE.

    Looking forward to sharing the tournament with you in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to seeing how the hot fix affects SE, and hope to get some games in with them over the coming months as well.

    For now here is my list;
    4500 Pts - Vampire Covenant Roster
    Total Roster Cost: 4498
    Vampire Count (1#, 1095 pts)
    1 Vampire Count, 495 pts = (base cost 325 + Wizard Adept 75 + Heavy Armour 15 + Shield 5 + Lamia 50 + The Dead Arise 25)
    1 Lamia Bloodline, 0 pts
    1 Commandment, 70 pts
    1 True Thirst, 75 pts
    1 Basalt Infusion, 35 pts
    1 Court, 420 pts = (base cost 320 + Aegis (4+) 100)
    Necromancer (1#, 280 pts)
    1 Necromancer, 200 pts = (base cost 125 + Wizard Adept 75)
    1 Talisman of the Void, 40 pts
    1 Magical Heirloom, 40 pts
    Skeletons (45#, 530 pts)
    45 Skeletons, 505 pts = 45 * 11 (base cost 10 + Spear 1) + Base Cost Adjustment -50 + Champion Sarge 20 + Musician Mus 20 + Standard Bearer Std 20
    1 Legion Standard, 25 pts
    Bat Swarm (2#, 110 pts)
    2 Bat Swarm, 110 pts = 2 * 35 (base cost 35) + Base Cost Adjustment 40
    Bat Swarm (2#, 110 pts)
    2 Bat Swarm, 110 pts = 2 * 35 (base cost 35) + Base Cost Adjustment 40
    Zombies (23#, 150 pts)
    23 Zombies, 150 pts = 23 * 5 (base cost 5) + Base Cost Adjustment 15 + Musician Mus 20
    Dark Coach (1#, 405 pts)
    1 Dark Coach, 405 pts = (base cost 400 + Extended Chassis 5)
    Winged Reapers (4#, 713 pts)
    4 Winged Reapers, 713 pts = 4 * 172 (base cost 160 + Paired Weapons 12) + Base Cost Adjustment 25
    Wraiths (10#, 360 pts)
    10 Wraiths, 360 pts = 10 * 36
    Barrow Guard (31#, 745 pts)
    31 Barrow Guard, 710 pts = 31 * 25 (base cost 21 + Halberd 4) + Base Cost Adjustment -125 + Champion Sarge 20 + Musician Mus 20 + Standard Bearer Std 20
    1 Flaming Standard, 35 pts [Read More]
  • Another game - another HBE opponent, sorry folks there are a lot of them around these parts. I possibly play HBE as often as one third of my games. This time it is a Christmas Day battle against my eldest son Curtis. I've tried out a bunch of new ideas in this game - looking forward to your thoughts and feedback.

    Click on the links in my signature to view my videos. [Read More]
  • So after much soul searching I have started a new wave of play testing SE, endeavoring to try some new ideas out and hope to find some combinations that work. I have a few ideas, but would love to hear people's ideas and recommendations to try out in the feature. So idea one - full avoidance, I did apologize in advance to my opponent, avoidance is really not a fun style in my opinion for either player, but sacrifices must be made! [Read More]
  • Hi folks, most of you have probably seen my latest video to show case the new rules for 2.0 on the news feed. Pretty much most of my time lately has been taken up with play testing 2.0, i would dearly love to have been able to share battle reports from those games, so I jumped at the chance to produce this one. A shame the lighting was a little poor, played this game late at night at home. Might have to invest in a good camera for Christmas... Well if you haven't seen the battle check it out!

    Also a big shout out to a good friend of mine @Blamethedice who made all the terrain you see in the battle report - I now have a lovely looking table set up in the lounge 24/7, so no excuses not to get even more content out for you guys!

    2 0 Release
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