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    Hey Everyone! We have two videos this week:

    In our first battle report this week, I start The Wicked GT with my first game against Ogre Khans! We also take a few minutes to discuss my list of the tournament, the skink gunline! It was a great battle and a great opponent, click the link to see how it ended up!

    In our second battle report this week, I enter round 2 of The Wicked GT against Warriors of the Dark Gods. Oh boy, this a bad matchup for the skink gunline but I do my best. Another amazing opponent. Check it out!

    See you next week!

    Your cold-blooded friend, SwampSwimmer

    PS I marked both of these as Universal Battle games but they are REAL LIFE games! [Read More]
  • Hey everyone! We have two videos this week:

    Ben and I found a few minutes to sit down and read through the brand new Infernal Dwarves Supplemental Book: Hobgoblins! Honestly, we both thought it was a very interesting book and we were particularly intrigued by the hereditary spell and the Sky Mountain Emissaries. We also had a small discussion about where these supplemental books should fit into our hobby and the tournament scene. Check it out!

    In our only battle report this week, Vespacian and I go over my new Saurian Ancients list in my practice game shortly before The Wicked GT 2021 in Wichita, KS. This is certainly a unique list but I am loving it! We also have a small discussion about what a master conman or thief would look like in the world of The 9th Age. Enjoy!

    See you next week!

    Your cold-blooded friend, SwampSwimmer [Read More]
  • Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like The 9th Age? Do you like watching nerdy people roll dice and act stupid? Do you hate when people ask you too many rhetorical questions?

    Well I have a show for YOU! Please check out Glory of Golden State Gaming presents: Binding Role! Binding Role is where my friends and I play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons in the world and lore of The 9th Age. Come watch our three adventurers Lanval, Sunset, and Caelynn explore the grand city of Cantemont in the Kingdom of Equitaine! We try to have a new episode weekly but sometimes we miss a week every once and awhile. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy the show and feel free to comment on the video if you have comments, concerns, compliments, or grievances.

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  • Hello and welcome to our Youtube channel, Glory of Golden State Gaming. My buddy Vespacian and I have been filming battle reports, book reviews, list reviews, and Dungeons and Dragons games here in the golden state of California and we wanted to share them with the community. While Vespacian is a shrewd battlefield tactician, I am finding mixed results using unique lists, but overall we both have a great time on the channel and I hope you enjoy the videos.

    Our bread and butter here at Glory of Golden State Gaming is battle reports. We both participate in online tournaments and leagues, but also travel to in-person tournaments all over the western United States. Check out the list of battle reports below and please like and subscribe to the channel if you enjoy what's there. Thanks!

    Youtube Playlist containing all of our battle reports:

    Some example reports:

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