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  • So it has been a while since I was able to download a battle report onto youtube and then post here on the site so I am making up for lost time. Here are some of latest games. The are bloody and fun. Hopefully you enjoy them.

    First up is @PrettyBoy 2nd game from Quest for the Grail. I still have 3 games myself to post. One of which is my own loss to a great ID player at the tourney, but in this episode Prettyboy's Dread Elves take on an enemy more sinister then them.... Daemons! It is a blood bath, or what ever daemons call blood.

    This episode is my own fight, SirMC2015 vs @Dan and the Fanciest Rats you will ever see. I always thought EoS looked too much like rats! Enjoy.

    This episode is the Dread Elves played by Chris vs my stubby dwarves.

    Prettyboy is trying out armies to see what he likes. I personally think he found a winner here. It is a GREAT game and heavy losses on both sides. Enjoy!

    And the Rats came back asking for more. There is bodies lying everywhere on the battle field in this blood bath. Who was the victor.... just watch and see.

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  • Hi everyone,

    Here is the latest from Green Dragons Gaming. It is a fight between 2 players as we get ready for Brawlers Bash in NC. Still lots of list building and designing, but its a good start. With that how do you make your list? Do you start small and build from there or do you consider how everything synergize at different point levels? Now my group is starting an escalation league next month starting at 2K and increasing 500pts each month so come July everyone will have 5K ready for game play. Where do you start with your list building? Do you take more risk on units success with smaller armies or larger armies where their loss doesn't mean as much?

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  • Green Dragon's Gaming discussing the function, purpose and styles of artillery. Grab your brushes for a 2&1/2 hour entertaining discussion.

    Quest for the Grail Turn 2 Empire of Sonnstahl vs Dwarven Holds

    Holy Minotaur Army vs Dwarven Holds Quest for the Grail Round 1

    Fancy Rats vs Dwarven Holds preparing for Quest for the Grail

    Battle Report between Beast Herds and Dread Elves at the Quest for the Grail Round 1

    Battle between Ogre Khans vs Dwarven Holds. Shows the power of the Organ Gun and importance of Runic Smiths
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  • So the other day I was playing a friend who is getting back into T9A after playing warmachine and a variety of other games. The problem is that after playing other systems it is very difficult to acclimate to movement, the thought process of charging, how they charge, the results of combat, where the units end up, what they are capable of doing with synergies, what does it mean to chaff, and the list keeps going on.

    I was listening to my friend, Dave, vent his frustration. He was playing Saurian Ancients, has a good list, and sound tactics. So why is he getting frustrated? I was personally having an issue of seeing from his perspective. His comment of "I just don't get it! No matter what I do I'm screwed!" Part is I am a good player, but mostly he is not seeing what is available. How do you handle this? How do you teach how to see the board? Please post what you have done to help your fellow players. Remember that we, the community, need to help players like this so we can grow the community. If we bring them more enjoyment with the game, they will bring others in and the game grows, but more importantly your own gaming group grows.

    Now, for Dave, Ive had this conversation with him several times. Obviously what I was doing wasn't working. To quote my old boss- "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result." I swapped armies. It was only turn 2 and I said "Lets swap". I was frustrated and upset and said "Fine". After taking a moment to gauge the field from his perspective I was able to stomp my own army. It helped me see tactically some mistakes I was making, but more importantly it opened his eyes. First thing I did was declare a charge that he didn't think possible because he is use to Warmachine. One of the hardest things to grasp is you can move and then wheel for the charge. That set the tone for the remainder of the game and what was possible. He had fun even though I out played him, and that is what is important. He also learned what was possible with his list, a different perspective, and opened his mind.

    I challenge you, what are you doing to help your community? What are you doing to teach your peers to make better gamers of them and improve your games? The point of what we do is not to have 20-0 victories. I prefer seeing bloody battles with marginal victories and secondary objective help determine the victor. Those are the game I remember. Please post your thoughts and suggestions you have for engaging new players and helping to develop them. [Read More]
  • Hello everyone,

    Our gaming group had our monthly gaming day, and we are getting old and new players involved with the 9th age. With having 10+ players, 6 where there with 9th age. Even more of the group are going to restart fantasy by starting an escalation league in January. We plan on starting in January with 2K points, increase by 500pts per month, and end in 6 months. At the end of 6 months all players should have a 5K point army. This is a great way to allow fluffy builds and competitive design. It will increase the friendly banter and create the support needed to get players into the game.

    Now here are two battle reports I had against 2 of our new players. These are experienced players, but 1 has not played in quite a while and still focusing on how best to play his list. The other is a tournament player trying to design a Dread Elf list for all comers. There are several things I enjoyed from both players that I do mention in the videos. I would like to take a moment to talk about fair play and etiquette. Brian, the new Sylvan Elf player who has joined our group was such an easy going fun player. This game is very complex with a lot of moving parts. A few times we both missed to do things, but noticed early in the following phase. Rather than saying tough luck it was go ahead. Both players helped each other make the game better and more enjoyable. Even in a tournament we should have such attitudes because there is so many parts to this game. On top of that, he has one of the best painted armies I have seen.

    The other player, Charles, also has a well painted army, but he is trying to create a balanced effective list optimizing his points. With this list, I felt was strong because it was represented in all aspects of the game. He had a Master with 3 spells, fast cavalry, monsters and a hammer unit. He had enough shooting to take care of chaff and make a dent in the larger units as well. He had more throw away units to chaff up the opponent- overall well designed list.

    Now the first scenario I played was against the SE and it was classic deployment and simply kill the enemy general and BSB and get to the other side. for extra victory points. The game against the DE there was a 6" radios from the center of the board. Any unit partially within 6' could not have anything done to them or do anything other than move with in that bubble until start of turn 3. At the end of every turn if you had a unit within 6" you gained a token for victory points. Turn 3 any unit within 6" took d6 S5 hits and gained frenzy and hatred. Start of turn 5 any unit within 6" gained poison. It is an interesting scenario. Please go to and look the rules for Quest for the Grail tournament in early December.

    Hope you enjoy the reports!

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  • Hi everyone,

    One thing I have been trying to get my old group back into fantasy battles after the torture they endured from GW and it has been slow. This time, one of my good friends and old time players contacted me about giving it a try. My first thought- GREAT! Now I did not make the mistake of making the game to large. Only 2k to start to allow for a force, not many toys, but just enough to get his teeth wet and have fun. I feel this is a great way to get people back into the game, having it competitive, and most importantly fun. Here is the report from the game. Tell me what you think. I would challenge any current T9A player that if you meet someone who is interested have them play 1K to 2K game to get them into the game. Don't power game them! Please give the video `10 seconds. It was my first time using the T9A into.

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  • Hi everyone and welcome to the start of the Green Dragon Gaming Club blog! We are a friendly group based out of West Chester PA and we have a history of fun open gaming. Many of us have been playing for years if not decades, and the most important thing is to have fun and play with our little toy soldiers. We have all manner of skill level and plan on starting an escalation league starting at 1000pts and working our way up. This will allow us to show tactics at a smaller level and how they change as the game increases. Here is our first conversation regarding the new lores of magic, what they mean to us, how we use them, and how we expect them to be used. Looking forward to posting!

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