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  • 32. the joyfully diverse Greenhides

    well said, LJ!
    i tend to abbreviate "Orcs and Goblins" into "Orcs" only, and that's a bad habit - the Greenhide races are so much more than that! that's why i am happy to announce that we will consider not only orcs and goblin of different races, but also some new and unusual (homebrew) characters: "The Trollest" and a "Huge Green Idol". do you want an Arena only with sanctioned book-compatible characters, or do you want to allow funky creations from the community (wink wink @infamousme)? join our Patreon campaign to cast your vote.

    the vote will be open for one day only, to our supporters at the Aesthete and Ambassador level. we'll probably shortlist two winners, and run another poll on Facebook (just like we did with the choice of the faction). once we know the nature of the final gladiator, i'll open a thread here on the forum to collect suggestions for builds. let's keep busy and entertained - join the fun!
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  • For the fifth and final game of the weekend we were going to face the second Swiss team, made up by past ETC members mixed with new prospects. Given our catastrophic fourth round, we’d need a very solid performance with maximum points gained if we were to get a decent placing. So we decided to go for it, and the general order was: go get points.

    For my part, I was once again thrust against Vermin Swarm, albeit a different type of list than the previous one:

    Michael wrote:

    So mostly a shooting/magic heavy list with a couple of big combat blocks and decent chaff. Thanks to the fact that I had no big monsters, I was not very afraid of the Naphtha launchers, but the overall magic and the presence of the lightning cannon meant that I’d still need to respect the rats. This time we drew Refused Flank as a deployment, and the secondary objective was Secure Target.

    I won the roll for sides, and gave my opponent the side with the Hill and Water feature. The reason for that was that I anticipated the Vermin castling in a corner and shooting me, so I figured that it would benefit me if the fight took place close to terrain pieces that could boost my Druidism ranges. That meant picking the side with two impassable terrain bottlenecking the Beasts, but thankfully the footprint of my units is smaller than it used to be, and if everything went ok I’d be able to move past them quite fast. I put my Secure Target token close to the upper left corner (the Vermin “weak” side), a move that usually guarantees a draw in the objective since the enemy cannot bring enough scoring units to bear on that side. Then my adversary surprised me by placing his token near the center of the board and exactly 24” from mine. After a few alternating drops, he dropped his army for the first turn, and in another surprising move he went for a central/aggressive deployment!

    For spells, I picked Healing Waters, Master of Stone, Summer Growth and Stoneskin. The magister went for Awaken the Swarm, Wrath of God, Smite the Unbeliever and Trial of Faith, while the Patriarch picked Hand of Glory and the Pentagram of Pain.

    My counter-deployment was based on the following thoughts: I didn’t want to face the Pendulum with my general’s block, nor with the BSB’s centaurs, but I also wanted to make it more difficult for the Vermin to claim battlefield space in the center of the board. I also needed my general’s unit to be relatively intact in order to threaten the Vemin Guard block.

    So I paired up my Minotaurs, Centaurs with Lances and the Chariots in the center, making sure that if the Naphtha throwers wanted to shoot at my Minotaurs they’d be exposed to charges by the faster elements. I then placed the GW centaurs along with my Wildhorn unit on the left flank, and scouted my Gargoyles near the unprotected lightning cannon.

    TURN 1 – Vermin Swarm

    I had vanguarded my Centaurs near the Abomination, giving it a 13” charge on purpose: due to its positioning, it would have to either take it or risk getting charged by the Centaurs on my turn. It fell an inch short, stopping right in front of the beasts. The rest of the units moved slightly forward, with only the Pendulum pushing aggressively forward.

    The magic phase started with a high roll on the Awakened Swarm on my leftmost centaur Lancers, that I had to let through: 11 hits later, my unit evaporated, causing the mongrel raiders to panic. Thankfully, my feral hounds passed their discipline test. The magister then attempted to cast Wrath of God on 4 dice. He got it off with triple 6’s, so I let it through and watched as the ensuing miscast took the Vermin caster into the void!

    Shooting was largely ineffective due to the Dark Rain and my units’ positioning, with the leftmost minotaurs just suffering a single wound from the Naphtha thrower.

    TURN 1 – Beast Herds

    My leftmost minotaurs failed their frenzy check and had to charge: thankfully a weapon team was within range, so I opted for the long charge instead of the shorter one into the Pendulum: they failed and stumbled a bit forward. The GW centaurs fell upon the Abomination. The… [Read More]
  • 31. the Arena is here, and ready to grow!

    dear all,
    after much effort, the Arena has arrived, as punctual as (sthe tipulated convention of) the beginning of Spring.
    click on this link to download the first free T9A-inspired mod for the videogame Tabletop Simulator on the Steam Workshop:

    if you haven't one already, create an account on Steam, buy a copy of Tabletop Simulator, and download our free expansion.
    you'll find a Beginners' Path, which contains all you need to teach T9A to a new friend. then you'll find 6 gladiators, from 5 official and 1 homebrew faction, each around 500pts. and since the month is almost over, our Patreon supporters have shortlisted the two factions to be considered for next month's gladiator. you can vote for the final choice in the Facebook poll below (you can also find the poll on Instagram).


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  • Okay, onto Round 2 and I was up against none other than my good friend Omer and his Beast Herds. Omer and I regularly bounce list ideas and after action reports off each other so he knew my list inside and out, should present a unique challenge.

    As a reminder the Sea Dragon Host had:

    And Omer had:

    Deployment/Objective: Counterthrust/King of the Hill

    Thoughts on the list/match up:
    Not great…he’s got one of the few single models that I don’t want the AD into due to Eye of Dominance and another single model I don’t want the AD into bc he’s just likely to hold me up all game (Scarification plus trickster’s cunning is a nasty combo, he even had the nerve to give him a potion of strength!). The GW minos and centaurs are also a huge threat to the AD, between all this, that model’s movement and targets were relatively constrained.

    Top that off with ambushers presenting a serious threat to my squishy 700 pt bunker and I didn’t like the list on list match up at all.

    The deployment and objective just meant that it was almost impossible for me to win the scenario (as there’s no way I’d be advancing across the field) and he’d be to my lines even sooner than usual due to the closer deployment.

    It wasn’t all stormclouds, my shooting should have a field day with minos and centaurs and lions are quite solid at back line protection. I had this rated as an orange, so I’d be happy with 4-8 points.

    MoCT: Awaken, Ravenswing, Lash
    Cosmo: Perception, Touch, Hereditary, Altered Sight

    Druidism Master: Master of Earth, Stone Skin, Healing Waters, Summer Growth
    Shamanism Master: Swarm of Insects, Awaken the Beast

    I won the roll for deployment and hemmed and hawed quite a lot as I tried to puzzle out the implications of the side and which terrain piece I picked to defend. Take a look at the picture below, both sides were split by large impassable but the top had such a small area to the left of the impassable, there was no way to deploy a force of credible size there. I also didn’t want to give him the hill on the bottom in his deployment zone as he could just take long bomb rerollable charges into my lines until they connected.

    So I chose the bottom and picked the forest on the left as my terrain and tried for a bit of subterfuge. He chose the ruins on the top as his objective. The obvious deployment would be for me to corner up around the forest, which is what I wanted to do, but I wanted him to draw off resources so after dropping the two Geagles to push him back on either side, I dropped an SGR toed up on the hill. I was hoping he’d think I was deploying there. Unfortunately it didn’t work and my opponent dropped as you can see below (after vanguards):

    BH (from left to right): Centaurs, Shaman on Chariot, Shield Minos w BSB, warhounds, GW minos, Mongrels/Druidism Master, Beast Lord (Gortach model), Warhounds, Warhounds, Centaurs

    Sea Dragon Host (left to right):SGR (bottom left out of shot), Lions, QG/Cosmo Mage, GE (in forest, just the base), Spears w MOCT, AD, Lancers, Geagle, SGR
    I wanted the QG/SGR on the left to focus on the Centaurs, the Shield Minos or ambushers while the AD and Lancers threatened the advance in the center.

    BH Turn 1:

    The beasts came full steam ahead chaffing the Lancers and Spears and setting up turn 2 charges.

    Magic: My opponent focused swarm and master of earth on the eagle on the left but I dispelled one and he failed to cast the other

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    I backed up with everything on the left and pulled the right Geagle over behind the impassable.
    I chaffed the shield minos with the left Geagle, I’m assuming because they had a longish charge into my infantry line, looking at it now it doesn’t seem that close, not sure why I did that if so.
    I shifted the lions to face backward and defend against him coming in directly behind my lines.

    Magic: I knew my opponent would be focused on Altered Sight to mitigate my shooting and I managed to get off Hereditary and then Quicksilver Lash on his Beast Lord. I got 3 wounds through.

    I managed to take off the centaurs on my left and killed 4 warhounds from the rightmost unit which left them out of general/BSB bubble! Unfortunately, they passed their breaktest.

    BH Turn 2:

    The extremely brave warhounds on the right charged my Geagle sheltering behind the impassable. This was a miss on my part, he had the movement to get out of their arc and I just didn’t pay attention. This would come back to haunt me.
    The centaurs on my right made the middling charge into the SGR on the hill
    The two ambushers came on bracketing the QG on my left.
    The warhounds in the center rechaffed my spears and the GW minos came in tight behind them
    Everything else moved up more modestly

    Magic: My opponent got stone skin off on the shield minos and regrew all the wounds on the Beast Lord (I tried to stop this but he rolled high and I rolled like crap)

    Shooting: Thanks to Favor… [Read More]
  • 30. the day has come!

    despite all the craziness in this world, spring is still arriving in our skies. to celebrate, tonight we will open the doors of the Arena to all TabletopSimulator players. people in my Steam Friends list can already download and play the game. all the others will get a chance to do so after our introductory livestream - scheduled for tonight, 8:30pm (GMT).

    more infos available on
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  • So one side benefit of quarantine is that I have more time for battle reporting! So buckle up, it’s time for Round 1 of March to War!

    As a quick reminder, my list is here:

    And his list is here:

    Deployment and Scenario: Encircle and Spoils

    MoCT: Awaken, Healing, Ravenswing
    Cosmo: Touch, Hered, Altered, InF
    Anvil: Hard Target Distracting, -1 to wound, Revocation

    I chose big middle and the side with the hill so I could use this for my shooting base. My opponent chose to deploy for first turn and set up as you see below:

    DH Deployment (top to bottom):
    Vengeance Seeker, Deep watch w King and BSB, Cannon, Seekers, GW Warriors, Grudge Buster, Anvil, Longbeards, Catapult, Vengeance Seeker (in front of catapult), Hold Guardians (cool bear cav models!), Seekers
    My goal with deployment was to use the Lancers to threaten his forces if he tried to shift towards my fire base. Ideal scenario was to at least draw the objective by holding him off the center and grabbing the objective on my left with the lions.

    Sea Dragon Host (top to bottom):
    Lionguard, Ancient Dragon (hiding from artillery), GE, Spears on hill with both characters, QG behind on hill, bolt throwers spaced out on back line (last one is out of sight in bottom right of my side), Lancers

    DH Turn 1:

    My opponent moved forward pretty aggressively with his Hold Guardians and Longbeards, clearly unafraid of my Lancer block. He moved forward much more cautiously in the center with his Deep Watch and Warriors block.

    Shooting/Magic: Did very little

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    I back the Lancers up and shuffle my troops on the hill to ensure I have range for spells and shots on the cannon. Lions move up to claim the token next turn.

    Magic/Shooting: I manage to down the cannon and the SGRs start whittling away at the longbeards killing a handful

    DH Turn 2:

    Movement: My opponent moved up across the board, keeping his left flank (my right) roughly in line around the tower and fully marching forward with his deep watch and warriors

    Magic/Shooting: Fairly ineffective, I think he managed to plink off a QG

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Lions pick up their token and back up
    I debated this move heavily as my opponent had given me a lot of options all revolving on what I did with the Lancers. The unit was boxed in, so it made sense to use them on either the Hold Guardians or Longbeards. I could chaff any countercharges so either charge had some merits/risks:
    ·Hold Guardians: I was leaning towards this charge, if the lancers could eventually beat the HG then they could easily threaten the catapult/pick up the spoils token. Unfortunately, I was out of Awaken the Beast range, meaning my opponent could easily ensure they stayed at st 5/3. Wish I’d taken Perception…
    ·Longbeards: I had good spell range on this combat so I could easily get up 1-2 spells. If I could hold two rounds against the long beards then I could get the AD in to support
    Ultimately, I decided to charge the lancers into the longbeards and they made it. I’ll talk a little about the decision here in the wrap up.
    With the cannon down I decided to bring the AD out of hiding and positioned him for a charge into the long beards next turn.
    I chaffed the GW Warriors with an eagle so that they couldn’t countercharge the lancers.

    My opponent elects to stop Healing Waters on the Lancers so I get Awaken the Beast St and Hereditary off.

    I get a little lucky and manage to bring down the grudge buster with the QG/SGR.

    The Lancers do pretty well, taking off about 10 Long beards and lose 4 for their trouble. The Long beards stick on steadfast.

    DH Turn 3:

    The Hold Guardians charge the SGR in the corner and make it. The GW warriors charge the Geagle who holds. The vengeance seeker failed a charge into the lions needing an 11 and stumbles forward a few inches.
    The Deep Watch push up a bit and wheel to cover both my shooting base and the long beard combat with their arc. Vengeance seeker and seeker unit on the right turn to face the center of the field.

    Magic: I bound revocation, because I needed the Lancers to hold and was able to dispel all the magic.

    Shooting: He hits my spears and peels off about 8-10

    The lancers continued a strong showing killing another handful thanks to Awaken and not taking too many casualties in return. The long beards held on steadfast.
    The Hold Guardians kill the SGR and reform. The GW warriors kill the GE.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    The AD charges the long beards.
    The lions, spears and QG back up and the geagle comes out to chaff the deep watch unit.

    Magic: Knowing the AD will take some charges next turn I focus on defensive buffs for him and get up healing waters only in a bad phase. I’ll take it though.

    I start whittling down the GW warriors killing 5-10 w QG and one SGR
    The SGR that can’t see the warriors due to the AD plinks a wound off the vengeance[Read More]