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  • Hello once again.

    Part two is bringing you a little side project I have been helping with.

    Sons of the Bear God is a fan-made, homebrew Army Book. It is an attempt to encapsulate the old Kislev army.

    This book is in no way an official 9th Age Publication and has been put together by:

    @Erik Zorninsson

    Please feel free to give feedback on this thread or Kislev? [Read More]
  • Hello All!

    This is a very interesting, two part episode of How to Hobby!

    @StoffenDK @Eternal Flitter and I have been thinking about objectives and Narrative games. We thought that the games would be much more interesting if there was a narrative objective for each army.

    The basic idea behind this system is completely scrapping Victory points (VP's) so that army balance is not as important. How you win a game depends 100% on the objective.

    There are primary and secondary (Narrative) objectives. None of the objectives are determined by points but by either claiming an objective or destroying a select enemy unit, or units. This means that you can essentially always win the game even if armies are unbalanced. Primary objectives for example could include "Kill banners" or "assassinate character". They could also be gradated so that there is a range from 5-15 battle points for claiming the objective. For example 5 points for 1 banner or 33% of the wounds from a chosen character, 10 points for 2 banners or 66% of the wounds on the chosen character and 15 points for more than 3 banners or killing the chosen character.

    Here are some secondary objective ideas for the Sylvan Elves. Secondary objectives can award 0-3 points. Some are easier than others so are awarded less points.

    Sylvan Eves Scenario Pack

    1Protect the Glades
    2The Wild Hunt
    3Nurture the saplings
    4Cleanse the wildwood
    5Restore the waystone.

    1Protect the Glades
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves muster to protect their Glade from the invader. The forest must be protected.
    ObjectivesAt the end of the game if the opponent has no scoring units inside forest terrain features, the sylvan elf player wins 1 scenario point. At the end of the game, if the opponent has 1 or more scoring unit partially inside a forest terrain feature then this objective cannot be claimed.

    2The Wild Hunt
    OverviewThe Hunt is on! The Sylvan Elves ride out of their glade to bring back trophies and slaves for their halls. The archers compete for the best shots and the huntsmen boast who will bring down the largest foe.
    ObjectivesOpenly Nominate a Hunt Master. This must be a character model. After deployment, the opponent must reveal the largest unit (point value) in his army. This could be a character. This unit is Quarry. If this unit is destroyed the Sylvan Elf player gets 1 scenario point. If this unit is destroyed by the Hunt Master, then 2 points are awarded.

    3Nurture the Saplings
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves are attempting to re-grow an area of forest to block the advance of a marauding enemy.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elf player must successfully cast tree singing 3 times during the game to gain 1 scenario point. If they are able to cast the spell 6 times, they gain 2 scenario points.

    4Cleanse the Wildwood
    OverviewA wildwood is an area of forest tainted by corruption. The Elven expeditionary force seeks to rid the forest of the tainted copse, lest it should spread further.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of forest terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. To rid the taint of chaos from the forest, the Sylvan Elf player must accumulate Cosmos points on the forest. To gain cosmos points:
    Tree singing cast on the forest - 1 point.
    Wizard is within the forest when they cast tree singing - 2 points.
    Druidism attribute is targeted on a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    Any Cosmology Cosmos spell targets a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    A unit with the special rules "Forest Walker" AND "Otherworldly" finishes a player turn inside the forest - 1 point.
    The Sylvan Elf player must accumulate 5 Cosmos points to cure the forest to get 1 scenario point.

    5Restore the Waystone
    OverviewA Waystone has been toppled by Beastmen. The Sylvan Elves must restore the Waystone for the forest to be safe.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of impassable terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. If there is no impassable terrain, then place a 3" template in the centre of the board. The template counts as impassable terrain and the Waystone.
    At the end of the game, if the sylvan elf general has more scoring units than his opponent within 6" of the waystone, he wins the scenario and gains 1 point.

    OverviewA Sylvan Elf Army has caught an intruder unawares as they break camp. The Elves must make an example of the invaders in the most bloody manner.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elves must prevent the enemy army from escaping.
    If 0 enemy scoring units escape, the Sylvan Elf General Gains 3 points. If 1 scoring unit escapes, both players gain 1 point. If more than 1 scoring unit escapes, the opponent gains 3 points.
    Special RulesDeployment. This scenario replaces the primary scenario objective.
    The Sylvan Elf player deploys his whole army up to 18" from either short table edge. Units may be deployed on either side of the battlefield.
    The opponent then deploys his whole army. His army must be deployed at least 12" away
    [Read More]
  • Hello!

    Its the 30th of the month (give or take) and that means only 1 thing! Tale of many Gamers is back. This is what the Ammertime guys have been up to the month of December!


    Dread elf Fleet theme, corsairs assault from the sea!

    -ed- Rasmus has themed his Dread Elves to be assaulting from the sea as merciless raiding pirates. This unit filler shown above sits in the back of his corsairs and give his unit a lot of character. It is made from a GW Dark Eldar ship and the corsairs are jumping out of the ship onto the shore. The sea and waves are built up with white miliput.


    This month has been very busy for me. I have started a new job been back to the UK and had Christmas and New year. Nevertheless I have been a bit busy in the hobby.

    I have continued to work with my Warriors of the Dark Gods, Mono Wrath army. I was struggling for models in the last game so I made another "generic unit filler" for either Warrirors, warhounds, knights, crushers etc. It made from the "Dolmen" from (fantastic company by the way) and a lot of skulls and green stuff. It comes ready with the old Khorne symbol which fits perfectly with my theme. The skulls also fit in with my skull bases.

    I have also done some work on the Vampire army. You can find it on my army blog: The Von Karlsteins


    Not so frosty frost-cow in the african bush! Lowering enemy's initiative solely by it's coolness factor!


    Some stone trolls for my orc army!

    -ed- Ulrik has used the new GW Orc models for his stone trolls. They are large enough that they fit nicely onto 40mm bases.


    This month I have devoted my time to answer customer requests, which have resulted in two great products for my company:

    The first product is a movement tray for 5x2 (25x25mm) or 5x1 (25x50mm). The Chaos warriors you see in the picture is painted by Thomas Kyrsting.

    The second product is a set of two movement trays used for 5 skirmishers (20x20mm). It is a two part tray, so it is easy to change formation during a battle.

    This month I will try to finish my company website (future name:


    The holidays always mean plently of travel for me. As such I haven't been able to do any hobby at all. So I thought I would show you a picture of my colossus with scales. The base of the model is a kratos action figure with som warsphinx parts added on top. The model is quite tall but does look suitably imposing. The picture is from when it was nearly finished so there are some small details missing.

    [Read More]

  • Welcome back to Ammertime!

    This podcast is a bit of an amalgamation of last months events.

    We talk a bit about what we are doing in the hobby.

    Henry discusses his trip to England and the games at Pigmar Wargaming Club in Bath.

    Kristoffer has a wee rant about 1.2

    Henry interviews a coupe of Danish ETC guys to hear about their build up to the ETC next year.

    Danish ETC forum:

    Danish ETC hub:…f=message_bubble [Read More]
  • Hello All,

    This is a slow time of year in Denmark. The days are short, the nights are long and there is little motivation for gaming (1.2 has had mixed reviews in our gaming group....podcast coming soon).

    Nevertheless I bring to you the second iteration of our "Tale of Many Gamers."

    Kristoffer's Assassins Creed Project

    I've been working on 2 things: infantry and unit fillers. I'm making a unit of 50 pikemen out of the old riccos republican guard models from the dogs of war range.

    Another dogs of war unit is braganzas besiegers.. The pavise crossbowmen in case you were wondering! Keeping the assassins creed theme, a unit champion is about to fall prey to an assassin hidden in a heystack!

    In the same way, an assassin will be making his way through a unit with his three lovely companions distracting anyone looking. Haven't quite figured out which unit though.. Ideally it would be a unit standing at the ready..

    Also I've scrounged up a unit of early empire crossbow men. This unit will not have any fillers as there is always that fine line of not using too many fillers in an army.

    Henry's Wrath Warriors

    Now world champion of Denmark, I have taken to my hobby side of things. This means, not playing a whole lot and enjoying some of the project that have fallen to the wayside. My Mono Khorne/Wrath army has had a few new editions in the last few weeks but this one is the only one which was finished this month.

    The Wrath Priest (the reds look very orange on the photo. Not too sure why).

    Casimir's Undying Dynasties

    So this month I have a semi WIP picture of my first unit of Tomb reapers. It's a simple conversion blatantly stolen from @jouso , but I think it does feel egyptian enough. It's made out of the flying guys in the AoS starter set, very cheap on ebay, and some tomb guard parts. So far I've only done the highlights for one of the three.

    I also put the finishing touches on a unit of carrion.

    Oliver's Ogre Khans

    First unit almost done for my west-african themed ogre army. Lots of bright colors inspired by the dahomey culture of Benin.

    Not all units are african, such as a giant taken as a slave. Needless to say the giant is not acustomed to the climate. My first attempt at finding a way to create a sunburned look.

    Ulrik's Dwarves

    I been working on 30 of these ever since spear dwarfs came into the game. These are currently WIP.

    Lasse "The Master" Blichfeldt Andersen

    This month I have been working on my private project: Corrupted Sylvan Elves. Just finished my archers and Sentinals.

    For my company (, I have been working on movement trays that can help players to use 40k and AOS models for T9A.

    That's a wrap for this month. Give us some feedback on what you see here. You can write to us at or post here on the forum.
    The next podcast episode will be discussing the Danish ETC team (interview with Rasmus (player) and Dennis (coach)), tournament report from the Pigmar Wargaming club and also a bit of a rant about 1.2 from Kristoffer.

    All coming soon on the next episode of Ammertime Podcast (sorry about the delay).

    HPM [Read More]
  • Hello all,

    Here is a little tutorial with some tips regarding freehand. For those who don't know, freehand is simply painting something on a (usually flat) surface which doesn't have modelled detail. A lot of hobbyists use freehand to add a little extra detail to a model, unit or banner, to make it stand out.

    Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert free-hander. You can find some amazing examples of freehand on the internet. This tutorial is merely to inspire hobbyists who have never tried freehand, to give it a go and to show you all how I go about it.

    Firstly Planning and Concept.

    When I want to do freehand (I am mostly doing banners) I have a vision of what I want to have on the banner. Recently I wanted to re-do my forest guard banner and was inspired by the new Sylvan Elves artwork. When I am doing conversions (which tend to be a "freehand" of sorts) I like to collect a lot of pictures so I have something to work from. They help with getting the correct dimensions of shapes or objects. Freehand is no different.

    To begin with I always practice with pen and paper. This gives me some insight into how the shapes are interconnected and also makes it easier to visualise on something flat and roughly the same size. Ever started drawing something and then you have run out of space? If you draw things out first then you know how big the shapes need to be to fit.

    Taking the Plunge

    The next part is the hardest part. Actually putting brush to model. Its always a little worrying to paint on top of something you have taken time to get perfect because you are worried to make a mistake. Don't worry. Be Brave.

    The next step is to just start. Do your best to be accurate but it probably wont be right the first time. At least 100%.

    The process from this point is neatening up and re-painting, neatening up and re-painting.

    Above: Neaten

    Above: Repaint

    Above Neaten.

    The same process was repeated for the below image (finished banner).

    Below are a few more images of the freehand banners that I have done using this technique, along with the initial drawings where I have kept them.

    HBE Battle Standard.

    Zombie Standard Bearer

    Barrow Guard Banner

    Shields and Banner from my Heath Riders (this was more of a brainstorming than practice)

    Dragon Banner of Ryma

    Banner for the Wild Huntsmen (Symbol Of Orion from the GW fluff)

    Kristoffers freehand scrollwork on the halberd on his Palace Guard.

    Citizen Spears Banner

    Some Scrollwork on my Sylvan Elves Characters

    [Read More]
  • Hello All,

    Something a little different from Ammertime Podcast this week! Welcome to "The tale of Many Gamers!" We on the Ammertime team are going to bring to you a fabulous tale of hobby frivolity as we begin new projects, finish old ones and create a regular stream of hobby porn for your faces.

    The idea behind this "Tale of Many Gamers" comes from that "Old days of White Dwarf regualr article" which is much commended by us not so old neckbearded 9th-agers.
    Basically what we will (try to) do is bring you a hobby update from the land of Amager ('Ammer) on the 1st of every month! This will usually be in the form of some pictures of our finished or WIP models that we are working on. We have a group of around 10-12 regular guys so unlike the much celebrated article of old, it will lack a little continuity, but I hope in time, I can convince all the guys to give me some material every month.

    Do not fear, our regular broadcasts will continue shortly.

    November 2016:


    The thing that's always attracted me to the Undying Dynasties are the constructs. The idea of these cold emotionless statues coming to life and mechanically wreaking havoc on the battle field. Unfortunately in previous games' iterations of the Egyptian undead fielding a list with such a focus wasn't really possible. Now with the 9th age Shabti and Sphinxes are finally viable alternatives to Necropolis guard. So since previous times I have already amassed a substantial amount of skeletons, chariots and warmachines for my Undying Dynasties, now I plan to add more statues to the fray.

    For the first month I wanted to show the beginnings of the backbone of my army, the Shabtis. The theme I'm trying to go for with my constructs is a turquoise, black marble/stone look. I'm not sure how well its come through since there isn't a lot of room to do a lot of veining on these miniatures. The rest of my army follow a neon green and deep red colour scheme, this was shamelessly stolen from one of the sample armies in the 6th edition Tomb king book. I think the plating on the armour really benefits from the alternating colours, even though it's quite time consuming to paint.

    I also recently finished my first Sand Scorpion. This bugger was quite a beast to paint due to the whole thing being made of stone. I think the basic scorpion model can look quite wonky if just placed on a base so I converted it to seem like its climbing down a pillar. The pillar is a simple wedding cake plastic accessory and relatively easy to work with. I also never really liked the golden scorpion head, so I opted to simply make the whole thing in stone instead. Looking back on it perhaps it lacks a bit of contrast but I tried to make up for it by painting glowing eyes. I'm considering going back and adding those to all my constructs, but I haven't decided yet.


    Ive been working on mainly bases these past weeks. I think the base of the miniature amounts to 33% of the overall impression of how good a miniature looks. Which (to me) means that a miniature cannot get a higher rate than 66% on its paintjob. Always paint the edge of your base a dark tone. I usually go with black but a dark brown works well with models that are more earth-toned. The bases of the tower guards are actually green marble that are made for bathroom-tiles. They are 20x20mm so fit perfectly. I plan to add more details to them, probably flowers like on the angels below. Those flowers are from railway-model company Busch, and are H0 size poppies and H0 Roses. They are a pain to put together so be warned!


    I got the idea for these forge wardens from another guy. I made a mold of the flame cannon crewman and then used som resin to make the models. The irondrake guns was found in a bits webshop.


    Hi all,

    I'm currently working on a project I can use as a show piece for my company products. My friends told me, that I should make a blog about it, so here it is!

    The idea is to make a corrupted and dark Sylvan Elves army that isn't green nor brown, here you can see the results so far, please don't hesitate to let me know, if you have any comments or ideas!

    A lot of people ask me where the movement trays and bases are from, and they are from my company Magnetic. You can see more here:…1554361148188992/?fref=ts

    Thicket Beasts



    Kestrel Knights


    This is a little different from my usual Vampire project or Elf collection. This is a WIP of my first commission piece that I am building for Rasmus. Rasmus is working on a Warriors of the Dark Gods army that will be themed as a Pestilence force. He asked me to make him a model which can be used for all the monsters, including an Elder Dragon Centaur. The first problem here was the base size. Although it is not shown here, I have magnetised a cavalry base which attaches to the front of "Baxter" (named after the villain in the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles who is… [Read More]

  • Welcome to Episode 17.

    This is a quicky about the new KoE release. There has been a lot of negativity about the book so we thought we should share our slightly more positive angle with the community to get a balanced view out there.

    Hopefully this will give you a little more faith in the lady to keep you going while you test the new book.

    Ammertime team. [Read More]

  • Hey Guys, Welcome to the second part of our previews.

    In this episode we are going to talk a little about the changes that have been made in the new elf books.

    Kristoffer, Rasmus and Henry talk about a few of the changes to the rules, how their first game went with the new rules as well as discussing some of the changes in the three elven army books.

    Lastly they talk about Henry's new "Raging Fire" HBE list.

    Enjoy! [Read More]