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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • With more spice than an burrito rammed with jalapenos Team Scotland go Mano a Mano vs the might of Moctezuma's Revenge from the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City.
    Can Matt regain some momentum after the brick wall that was round 4? Can Kev keep the mino bus on the road for one more lap of the track? There's only one way to find out... buckle up and open your ear holes... we're heading South of the Border! Arriba!!!!
    In other news Kev paints some bases and moans about them even though they look amazing and Matt picks a list guaranteed to win no games at all in the Celtic Cup, then hides behind a weak and feeble excuse.

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  • Kev and Matt are back with short podcast to tide you over as Matt prepares the Herculean task of moving house with inevitable consequences for podding output. Hopefully we'll be right back in the swing by early July... hopefully...
    In other news the lads discuss their plans for a 'live commentary' podcast of the Celtic Cup final and Kev recounts his latest epic struggle on UB, including a long diatribe from Matt of the nature of UB dice and algorithms of which he clearly has little or no understanding.
    Also, we unveil a new feature - 'Kev's Box of Broken Cr*p' - a summary of all the legacy issues that we feel are too good. Of course this is little more than a shallow attempt to explain our gaming inadequacies but with customary vigour we pour our scorn, goaded on by our bruised pride, a consequence of many bitter defeats.
    Enjoy and we'll be back soon. Matt and Kev

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  • Episode 21 - Here's Johnny!!!!!! Johnny Crass Talks SE

    Mat and Kev are joined by Californian and US Masters Qualifier, Johnny Crass, ostensibly to discuss the SE but this quickly descends into a Ninth Free For All as we cover topics as incongruous as the location of Ohio, why Feldraks belong in Kev's Box of Broken Crap and the pain of broken minis. More commonly to be found pushing about VC, Johhny blows the lads minds with his fresh take on SE and adds a new term to our lexicon - 'blocks and bros.' We consider the USA meta and end up concluding that running a 1300 pt model is, in fact, entirely sensible.
    It's fair to say that the podcast has made a new friend...

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  • The lads are back with a heavy load of tales from the Lockdown Brawl, the UK's first UB ranking tournament. Some are tales of joy and rapture and others so dark that the Brothers Grimm would reject them as too scary.
    Matt bangs on about geese and other rubbish whilst Kev rails against the recent changes in local lockdowns, both though will hopefully bring a smile to your face in these testing times.
    In other news, Matt learns the hard way about doing your homework and Kev's Mr Mino goes on (another) massive killing spree.
    We hope that you enjoy this one - stay safe listener and may the UB Dice gods desert your enemies at the critical moment. [Read More]
  • The lads are back in front of their mics to be joined by the mercurial Shane Baxter of Team Northern Ireland ETC fame to discuss all things T9a. Shane's penchant for a list that's never been played before is well known (see his chariot heavy HE Lockdown list for example)and we push that to the extreme in this list building free for all. So, if you've ever wondered if an all Barbarian Great Weapon list might work, or thought that a flying circus Vampire Counts list might be just what the meta needs then this one's for you.
    In other news the lads discuss the ongoing UB tournaments and discuss ancient Greek Poetry with hilarious mispronunciations that would ensure Herodotus rushing to fetch his shotgun Enjoy!
    Warning - Kev's Gremlins are back for the fist 10 and it sounds as though he's trying to join in from the end of a long tunnel, it gets better after 10 mins and we apologise for this. Again

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  • The Paired Weapons Podcast requests and requires your listening holes...

    Kev's home from his holiday and the lads are back to talking about T9a. This episode they take on the mighty task of reviewing their progress in various ongoing UB tournaments (all three!) and then discuss magic as though they understand what they are talking about. Which is questionable.

    In a reversal of form from earlier in the year Matt hits an epic and unprecedented run of form whilst Kev is becalmed with both KoE and DL. Can Mr and Mrs Mino get him back to winning ways?
    Only one way to find out....

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  • Warning - Kev's technical Gremlins have rendered his mic super quiet - for this we apologise, a new mic is on it's way...

    The lads are joined by Jack Chapman from the Thundercocks Podcast to preview the UK and Rep of Ireland's First UB Ranking Tournament - The Lockdown Brawl. Selected lists and first round prediction goodness is joyously spread before like some sort of T9a Smorgasbord, much of which is ill informed gibberish but fun none-the -less.

    The guys also cover Jack's Thunderknock(out) UB tournament whilst Matt tries to recall his Shakespeare from many, many years ago. Jack derails the Paired Weapons podcast to talk about his HBE list all the while Kev tries to make himself heard with his dodgy mic. Just as well he couldn't get a word in edge-ways!


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  • Matt and Kev bring you another all-action pod covering the thrills and spills of the group stages in CC2. Can Matt get the Feldraks going? Can Kev rediscover the KOE after his Beast Herd escapades? All is revealed in the latest ear candy from the Paired Weapons Podcast.

    In other news the lads both put new microphones on their birthday lists as the sound-gremlins reemerge for which they are terribly sorry and hope it doesn't spoil your fun! Matt apologises for a mistake no one's noticed and Kev signs up for the Thundercocks Knock Out tournament with a surprising list...

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  • With the Celtic Cup 2 now fully underway the lads attempt to review all 16 armies in an hour, one from each faction in the Ninth Age. Having given themselves 60 minutes they then waste a bunch of time talking about other things such as book recommendations (Matt gets the author's name wrong), painting updates and Kev's unwarranted and irrational prejudice against bases.

    If you want to have a look at the lists then here they are in all their glory!…/edit?usp=sharing

    In other news Matt paints lots of walls and Kev is unfaithful to the Paired Weapons Podcast and listens to another pod, whose name we shall not deign to mention…

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  • Boom! We're back!

    Rumours of our demise are shown to have been much exaggerated as the Podcasting Paired Weapons burst back into the podoshpere and down your ear holes with Episode 20! Broadcast directly from Matt's new house (which nearly killed him and others moving into)Kev graces Matt with his presence and the lads record Face to Face, in a truly weird experience for all concerned.
    Covering the Final of Celtic Cup 1 and the newly set up Celtic Cup 2 (The Revenge of the Fras)the lads both look backwards and forwards to more UB Tournaments whilst pondering many-a-thing.In other news Matt and Kev battle it out for Paired Weapons supremacy on the UB field, Kev sells some things on eBay, Matt tells tales of fisticuffs and then gets the year of the American Revolution wrong by nearly 20 years! At least he got the right Century!

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