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  • Dear T9A enthusiast!

    This year's ETC is taking place under special circumstances. But first things first - what is the ETC to begin with? The abbreviation stands for European Team Championship and has over the years become the de facto world championship for various gaming systems including Fantasy Battles: The Ninth Age, Warhammer 40k, Flames of War and others. The structure of the tournament is based on the ETC charter which is governed by the Council of national team captains. For T9A national teams of 8 players (plus potential supporting staff like non-playing captains who handle timeouts, judge calls and organisational to-dos) are battling for the trophy to crown themselves as best national team on the planet. The ETC takes places once per year and is hosted this year by Vladimir Curcic and his team in Novi Sad, Serbia.

    The ETC has a special relationship with the beginnings of the Ninth Age project - when Games Workshop discontinued Warhammer Fantasy it was a group of ETC veterans and friends who took it upon themselves to not only provide a comp system (like the famous SWE comp designed by @fjugin and @lagge) but an entire game. Thus the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy was born, adopted by the ETC as official Warhammer Fantasy replacement via Captain’s Council vote and gained world wide recognition. Of course the project grew fast and came a long way in the many years of its existence but this brief historic recap should set the stage why the ETC has always been more than “just a tournament” vor many players.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this years the ETC is very special considering the additional health security measures and thus organisational burdens for the organisers. Even though severe travel restrictions are currently in place, over 100 T9A enthusiasts are gathering this year at Novi Sad to play their beloved game.

    In the next days Fabian and I will try to convey to you the excitement, drama and good spirit of this year‘s ETC including a boatload of pictures and interviews :D

    Stay tuned for more content to come.

    Best regards,
    Philip / Sir_Joker & Fabian / Kathal [Read More]