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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I've been painting lizards lately, so I thought I'd share some of my progress (in amongst various army commissions that have been taking up most of my time.) I'll have to take a big group photo of the whole army when it's done. I'll probably end up running a no-magic list primarily, because I love the chompy nature of the Alpha Carnosaur and the Rhamphodons. Saurian Warriors are pretty decent too, but boy do they take some time to paint up a block. So many scales! It'll be worth it in the end, though.

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  • Well, I suppose I can officially refer to Gabe of Thorns Studios as not only a painting company, but as a miniatures company as well now. I just completed the first casting, painting, and sale of my flagship model: the Great Green Idol, for Ninth Age. Here are the pictures, and I'll include the link to where I'm currently selling them on my ebay store, which is just a stop-gap until I get my website to where I'd like it to be (probably by the end of the week).

    This 12 part kit is made of high-quality resin and includes a 100x100mm detailed base (you could seriously just drybrush it and it would look good). Enjoy! [Read More]
  • Well, I did it (cue some overactive from Charleton Heston here). I finally sculpted my first miniature entirely for The Ninth Age. I've sculpted models before, but they've been just for my personal use and they've been rife with GW IP. But this one is a full up sculpt for T9A, built to be cast in resin. It's going to be a 10-piece resin kit for the Great Green Idol.
    The head is my favorite part: a giant open mouth with logs thrown in to stoke towering gouts of flame, and giant tusks jutting out the sides. He is suitably Orcy. It will be supplied on a 100x100mm base, with banner poles and plasticard to hang them if you want to make him your BsB.

    Here are some pics of the almost-complete prototype. I'll be heading to the casting shop tomorrow to work with our resident wizards to make sure we get the best quality mold and resin we can find. I plan on this being the first in a line of minis catering specifically to T9A, focusing mainly on units that don't have a lot of good alternatives readily available (so... Undying Dynasties is probably gonna get some love soon). [Read More]
  • I've had a picture in my mind of what an Orc Warlord on a Wyvern should look like for a really long time. This hulking brute up in the saddle bellowing at his army while the wyvern is skulking menacingly before taking flight is pretty much what I've always wanted, but it's been hard to find anything that really matches that.

    I've probably bought the GW Zombie Dragon kit 4 times now. I just love the kit. This thing was made from a few pieces of Zombie Dragon, the head from a Troglodon, some various bits I had lying around, and a whooooooooooooole lot of sculpting. I can't emphasize that enough. The Orc himself is, and this almost feels dirty to say, an Age of Sigmar Orruk (spelling?) Warchanter that just happened to be perfect for the role.

    Gameplay-wise he's a beast. T5, 4 wounds, flying killing machine with lots of attacks, 4+ Regen, 2+ vs flaming, etc... [Read More]
  • So I'm working on a custom Ark of Ages as a commission piece and as I'm trying to figure out how to build this thing (I was definitely going to have face melting) I went back to read the Undying Dynasties entry on it only to realize that it's supposed to be an Egyptian boat on wheels. Because the word "Ark" means vessel. And the entry for what used to be a Casket of Souls is on down the list. That had been confusing me, as the Ark is a chariot now, but I hadn't really bothered to dig too deeply into it and hadn't run up against UD too many times so it hadn't come up in games. I also hadn't gotten any guidance from my commissionee, other than "make it look cool", so he was about to get an Ark of the Covenant melting the faces off of some Imperial inquisitors on a small chariot. Now he's getting an Egyptian war barge. My how language is a funny thing. [Read More]
  • So I forgot to add the pictures of the WIP for the Dark Coach. I post them on my Facebook page, "Gabe of Thorns Studios", but I try to make sure I keep T9A updated too since, well, this is where the rubber meets the road and honestly this is where people are going to get the most use out of the knowledge.

    Also, here's a link to the "Royal Vintage Cinderella Horse and Carriage Coach Cake Topper" on ebay that I used as the base for the whole thing:…geName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

    So without further gilding the lily, here's the magical journey of the Dark Coach.

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  • So here's the idea: I wanted a Dark Coach, and I didn't want the GW Black Coach model. That's really how this whole things started. But then I found the "Royal Vintage Cinderella Horse and Carriage Coach Cake Topper" on ebay for like $5 and I couldn't help myself; I was gonna make a Bippity-Boppity Black Coach. So I did. It was startlingly easy. All I did was grab up some spirits from the Mortis Engine on ebay for a few bucks, rummage around in the bits box to find a suitable coachman, burn some flames from a couple of Skaven kits onto the wheels, and green stuff some drapes and a ceiling onto the coach and, well, "bippity-boppity-boo", I had an awesome Coach. Now the problem was that it was a bit larger than the chariot base, so I decided to go with a pretty tall clear acrylic pole to keep it able to get into base to base with most things in the game (I'll still have problems against big baddies, but we must sacrifice for coolness).

    The results are as follows:

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  • I've been working on the Dwarfs for a little while now that the insanity from the US Masters has died down. I'm finally able to throw myself into 9th Age full-force, which is a relief because I was really getting tired of having to switch back to 8th Edition rules for tournament games.

    Here is a little bit of what I've been working on. One thing I'd like to point out is that Scibor makes some excellent Dwarf models. Although I really like some of the things GW did with Dwarfs in their last release, I absolutely abhor other things they did with them (Gyrocopters and the Engineer with the smokestack coming out of his backpack come to mind). Luckily, there's no limit on what models one can use in 9th, so use what you like.

    I've never done an entire army with Objective Source Lighting (OSL), unless you count my High Elves which have more of an internal glow than anything, so I decided to go with a distinct subterranean look for my Dwarfs and have them being illuminated mostly by flaming braziers in the banners in each unit. This is largely accomplished by airbrush, and I cannot stress how much I use my airbrush for the overall effect of this army. [Read More]