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  • Undying Dinasties 1.2 Preview

    Hi guys,
    We have a new release coming soon, and I was given the chance to look at it early and comment how it affects our glorious Dynasties. There are a lot of changes in this new version, seeking to stop skewed list and make the background of the game more relevant., so lets start with some of the changes in the general rules.

    General rules:
    There have been some general changes to the game that will affect us directly, so I want to swiftly comment on them first.
    The first one is the Miscastrule. As you may have seen in other previews, miscast punish far more hardly the use of 4-5 dice than before and no longer rob you of PD. With this in mind, the game supports more and more the use of 2-3 dice when casting spells, something we already did a lot.

    Another change was to the general magic items. The most relevant to us are IMO the removal of the Book of arcane knowledge and that the discipline banner is now an expensive enchanted item that a character has to wear. Combined with a general leadership reduction for support characters, this may lead to lower leadership across the board. While our wizards/Royal characters did suffer this, the bright side is that swift reform is automatic if you have a musician.

    Another general change is how Warmachines work. They have only T4, but their wounds increase to 5 (5W). The catapult now affects a YxY number of models and use BS to hit, with the chance to roll a second chance in case of a miss for reduced area damage. Their direct damage is reduced against single models. All this means catapults are now focused on dealing with big infantry blocks instead of single targets.

    Another interesting change is that units that can score on scenario (scoring units) are predefinedand no longer ranked units with standards. For our army, these units are Skeletons, skeleton archers, Skeleton Cavalry, Necropolis Guard, Shabties and Cataphracts. Combined with standards adding CR based on the number of standards involved and standards no longer granting an extra 50VP, small/medium units of standard bearing unit seem like a more interesting choice now.

    Paths of Magic:
    As the preview showed, we have access to 3 lores (Cosmology, Divination and Evocation) and each one has a pretty different focus.

    This path focuses mostly on small augments/hex and low STR damage that ignore armor or special saves. Most spells have a low CV once you apply the Cosmos/Chaos effect, in fact five of the seven spells en up with CV7 or less, which can be easily 2 diced.There are some strong synergies with most of our units in this Path.

    The signature helps all our ranged units significantly, increasing ranged damage by a 50%, which includes catapults now. The -1 to WS hex can work well in conjunction with our royal-lead units and high WS units (constructs mostly).

    Healing 1 wound on a CV5 spell for monsters is pretty decent, basically the only reason I used desert wind before and the +1 leadership is mostly wasted in our army now, but the -1 ld hex now seems better than any other time. Truth of time is more list dependent, but the augment is a solid spell for combat oriented lists and the hex for shooty lists. Still, it’s probably a once per game hex with the cast distance.

    (A song of) Ice and fire is one of our best answers against armored characters and both versions can be used to deal with chaff units. Perception of strengths is the only way we now have to increase chariots STR, which makes it really appealing.

    Finally, the last spell is something we have never had before, a unit killing spell. While its only STR3 and allows all saves, it can be used to decimate tarpits. The ward is a useful last resort spell, but most of our combat units can have a 5+ regen, so this version of the spell is less interesting for us.

    This is a lore I would use with a +3 to cast and two dicing most spells, on a list with chariots, monsters and shooting. The Cosmos/Chaos counters will require some forethought on the order spells are cast.

    This lore comes with some of the best anti-monster/deathstars spell in all our paths and with strong (aura) augments. The range in most spells is rather short, so you can either play a close formation or have multiple Divination wizards to increase the range.

    The attribute of this spell is something that will have little use in our army, especially now that swift reforms are automatic, but the signature (hard target/distracting) works great with our high WS units or shield infantry. From experience, hitting an units that can resurrect on 5s is a pain in the a$$.

    Fate Judgment and Look to the west are both strong spells against monsters, bypassing high toughness and special saves. With some of the changes dealing with monsters may be harder now for us, so both spells in the same lore will cover one of our biggest weaknesses.

    The stars align grants divine attacks but more importantly rerolls to hit on CC and ranged attacks, which… [Read More]
  • Guys, the beta is over and we finally have our first UD book!

    For those that don’t know, Undying Dynasties is the army of the Napteshi Pharaohs, so proud that they just dismiss something as mundane as Death from stopping them and work on the restoration of their once mighty kingdom.They lead an army of loyal skeletons who follow them even after death, supported by powerful living statues build by their master artisans and infused with life by the clergy.

    On the battlefield the Dynasties (un)live and breathe thanks to magic, with a stable magic phase focused on augmentations and hexes. With a general lack of armor, their priests compensate this by resurrecting their fallen warriors. Their character focus on turning lowly troops into strong fighters. They are deceptively slow in general, with some unconventional ways to move thanks to Underground Ambush, Light troops and magical movement. Their blessed arrows blacken the sky, doubly so with the help of their gods. They excel at and require a good control of the board to engage one enemy at a time and ensure victory.

    If you are interested, this is probably the best time to start an Undying Dynasty army, as I think this is the best iteration of the book so far. So I want to give the whole book a review.

    I will start by commenting on the magic we can use, then our magic items and how I see them being used, continuing with the characters (whose use I will revisit on some units) and then finishing with the different units.

    Magic, the great equalizer.
    It not only enables our troops to live (or unlive?), but also turn our below average models into killing machines.
    We have access to three lores, Light, Deaths and Sands with our wizards. All UD armies have to include at least a wizard with the lore of Sands, named the Hierophant. This is the priest that sustains the army and you will want to keep him alive or your army will slowly start to fade away.

    Our unique Lore, Sands, offer great synergy with most of our units. The atribute lets us heal our troops while the spells augment our units or hex the enemy. Most spells have a low Casting Value and the option to cast them aura. The low casting value, combined with either the book of the dead or the Book of arcane power, it is pretty easy to cast most spells on two dice reliably.
    This enables the “gattling gun” casting style, where you throw a ton of spells on 2 dice and let your opponent dispel one or two of them. This style require having enough spells (6-8 spells IME) and can be complimented with Soul conduit, a special option for the Hierarch, to make the magic phase more reliable.
    The lore itself works at its best when used on Chariots and Necropolis Guard, who benefit the most from the healing and need the augments. It also has good synergy with our skeleton archers. Still, the lore has limited effects to use on the early turns if you don’t compliment it with said archer.
    Definitely an obligatory lore to use with UD (pun intended).

    One of the two battle magic lores we can use. Light magic has mostly good magic missiles and excellent augments.
    The signature is an excellent chaff* remover while the number 6 can be used to deal with a wide range of (ideally unarmored) targets. Having flaming and divine attacks in one or the other adds versatility to these projectiles.
    The augments have the advantage of a greater range over Sand, which in some list is really necessary. The spells also really help our constructs, by preventing hits against them (so less unlucky wounds) or adding CR (no risk of crumble in case of rubber lance syndrome). The offensive augments work well for all our combat units.
    Another solid lore, which works better with a construct list.

    The third lore we can access. This lore prefers to play close and aggressive with a lot of 18” hexes, something that our wizard dislike. The lore offers some limited options to snipe characters and affect leadership. We have a few leadership shenanigans we can use with this, but the combos are difficult to pull.
    There are some pretty good spells in the lore, like my favorite Curse of Mortality, but less than half the spells work reliably well IME.
    A lore to use in some niche builds, but I would pass on it in general.

    Vanquisher Eternal:
    The best weapon for a foot Pharaoh for those that like combat lords, who with S6 and MW 1d3 will be able to deal with almost any monstrousmodel. The option to hit multiple models instead makes this weapon good also against hordes or infantry.

    Scourge of Kings
    Another good weapon, which really only shines in the hands of a Pharaoh. It basically duplicates the number of attacks of a model, which for its price and considering it has AP(1) is a pretty good deal.

    Crown of the Pharaohs
    An utility item that lets you use UW on distant unit, but most importantly you can share BS. Right now UD shooting works at its best dealing with chaff, so taking a Royal character for the BS booar is too expensive… [Read More]
  • As the prophecies have foretold, the time has finally come to unlock the twelfth seal of the First Pyramid. Finally old object will be recovered and old techniques remembered. Our artisans will read the ancient manuscripts and learn how to make even bigger and stronger statues. Forgeries will be replaced by the true artifacts they imitate, like the book a misguided acolytes identified as the Book of the Dead, which will be revealed as a sham, burned and replaced by the True Book of the Dead, recovered from the depths of the First Pyramid.
    Only the inner chamber remains unlocked, and the acolytes will be chanting for a whole moon to reveal the last hidden treasures of old.

    Behold and be awed, as the first glimpses of the hidden treasures are revealed!

    [Read More]